Monday, 3 May 2021

Letter to Prime Minister to lift numbers on funerals now

 Letter to Prime minister sent on 3 May

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you with regards the number of people at funerals. It is currently capped at 30, regardless of the size of the church.

Your Government has said that from 17th May 2021 there will be no cap on numbers, so long that social distance rules are adhered to.

Sadly, my sister and I lost our father suddenly on the 16th of April and his funeral is in a very large church – St. Wilfrid's C of E Church Standish. I have no doubt there will be others in incredibly sad situations similar to ours.

Given that your Government has said that it will be acceptable to adjust and to open up numbers on the 17th May I urge you to bring the lifting of the restrictions in now, so family’s up and down the country can send off our loved ones in a better way.

If the Government had not announced the lifting of these restrictions, then I may not be sending this letter, but given that you have announced this lifting, I plea and beg you to lift the restrictions now and allow families and friends to say their goodbyes to their loved ones as waiting makes no sense if your Government has decided to relax rules in a few days.

Please review this decision on funerals and I hope you can agree and lift them immediately. We would love to send our father off in a better way, as many others up and down the land would too.

Kind Regards

Gareth Fairhurst

Gareth Fairhurst

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Sad News for Former Standish Cllr George Fairhurst and my dad.


It is with heavy, and ripped apart, hearts that Angela Bland and Gareth Fairhurst have to announce that their dad – George Fairhurst – passed away yesterday. Many of you will have known George, whether it was him from walking around the village with Holly, his trusted and much loved Border Collie or as a former Cllr for Standish.

 It was unexpected, and both Angela and Gareth, are grateful that they were able to be with their dad and share some final words with him before he passed away peacefully.

As anyone that has experienced a similar event knows, it leaves a huge void.

He will be missed dearly by his children and respected spouses, grandchildren, family and friends.

George Fairhurst

26 June 1941 – 16 April 2021

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Standish Voice fails to stop houses being built, but blames someone else

Yesterday (Wednesday 25th March) the Conservative appointed planning inspector passed yet another 119 houses for Standish, on top of the 2,000 houses that have already been passed.

A few years ago Standish Voice said for residents to vote in their neighbourhood plan, as it would stop more houses from being built. As we saw yesterday, it hasn't, this is because their neighbourhood plan isn't worth the paper it is written on. 

I have not been a Cllr now for 5 yrs, so the decision that was taken yesterday is over 5 yrs since I was a Cllr and yet Standish Voice have come out saying it is all my It is laughable. Here is how Standish Voice fail to take ownership of their own failings.

Residents will see the facts - I have not been a Cllr for 5 yrs. The decision was taken 5 yrs after I left office and even the Labour Controlled had turned this decision down, so on earth does Standish Voce founder _ Paul Ogden ( more on him in a min) think residents will believe that when the Council turned it down I could pass it? It shows the desperation that Standish Vice founder will go to.

In another piece of evidence, many will have seen Standish Voice recently begging, yes begging, for Wigan Council not to pass any more houses in Standish. Why would they need to go hands and knees begging for no more houses if their neighbourhood plan stoped houses?

Also, Standish Voice says they are not political but yet continue to attach Standish Independents if they are not political? Many residents are now questioning this as it is so blatant. A few years ago a Labour Cllr left an internal document on a photocopier that says how Labour must infiltrate and run community groups. This is clear as day for Standish Voice.

I did say more on Standish Voice Paul Ogden earlier in the blog post. A staunch Labour Support ( which is absolutely fine each and everyone should be able to support who they wish - no concerns there). But Mr paul Ogden DIDNOT oppose any of the thousands of houses that have been passed until - wait for it - till the link road came out at the side of his house and then he was incensed that the value of his property would go down. Then he set up Standish Voice to try and disguise trick and use it as a vehicle to stop the link road coming out of the side of his house and move it - wait for it - to another street, so these residents got all the traffic and hot him. 

But it gets better Standish Voice founder Paul Ogden fails to tell and inform the good people of Standish how he has personally financially gained from the houses coming to Standish. Here is a blog post that I wrote about that

As for the 119 houses that were passed yesterday, it is sad that Standish keeps getting dumped on only with all these houses and it is now more than ever need that we have a by-pass that we have been calling for, for years. But Standish Voice does not support this call that many residents are asking for

Please sign the petition calling for a by-pass here.

(Picture of Standish Voice Founder Paul Ogden).

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Petition for Standish to have a By-Pass

In recent days the labour Controlled Council have come up with ridiculous ideas for Widening School Lane. 

Over the years myself and the other Standish Independents have called for a By-Pass and both the Labour and Conservative Cllrs have voted against this idea some years ago. 

Now as more and more houses are built because again the Labour-controlled council approved 2,000 houses instead of the 1,000 houses that they said they would. We all know why? More money for Wigan Council.   

But as one of the consequences is that more traffic is now in the village and Labour have said they want to widen School lane to bring more traffic through. What we need is what I and others have called for years - a bypass!

On the current so-called consultation by Labour-controlled wigan council, it has emerged in the media that Standish Voice and the current Cllrs knew of this and said nothing. Not that that surprises me. In fact, the founder of Standish Voice - Paul Ogden - has come out and attacked me and petition. Why? Because they say I did it before they did it. Well answer to that is some lead and others follow like sheep and he is a sheep. 

If you agree with what we have been calling for, for years, a bypass for Standish. In fact, I even found this blog post to show that we have been calling or this since 2015. See proof here

Please if you agree that Wigan Council should not widen School Lane and think it is time for a By-Pass please sign and share the petition.


Saturday, 20 February 2021

Does your vote count?

With the Trump mantra, that people are stealing elections. I can say I have seen it but not on the scale trump says. If someone beats another candidate by 7 votes is easy to lose them? Hell yes! Can someone make millions of votes disappear like Trump says? Well, I am not sure about that.

But that has raised a couple of gentlemen in Wigan to talk in a pub - when they were open - about the issue. One gentleman said to the other that they voted via the post so it was ok. The other agreed they did the same. Then one of them said the funny thing is I got a letter out of the blue in August saying I need to update my details at the Town Hall. The other said they had the same. Both gentlemen were staunch anti-Labour voters and apparently it is well known in their ward. One of them had called the Town Hall and they were told their ballot paper in the previous election had been rejected and the letter they had received months later was saying they needed to update their signatures at the Town Hall. He was outraged that why was he not told during the election and he could have rectified it? The response we do not need to tell you in the election period. 

The other gentleman said he too had had one of these letters but thought nothing of it. They spoke with their Cllr and asked if this was correct. That said Cllr knowing how I am a strong supporter of democracy said they would find out. When I heard about this I was shocked as surely they would need to write to them in the election period, so long as there was enough time, and let the wrong be rectified. 

I checked with Wigan Town Hall and they said no they do not need to tell people that their vote has not been counted until after the election, I checked with the Electoral Commission and they confirmed the town hall is correct. 

My issue with this is I have learnt via a source in the Town Hall that there are hundreds of postal votes rejected each yr from wards and these people never know or allowed to get a new vote in if their first one has been rejected. They are therefore excluded from participating in the democracy that we live by in this country, 

I have asked under the FOI to Wigan Town Hall how many postal ballots papers are rejected each year at the local elections to confirm if it is true that hundreds are rejected from wards each year? Guess what their response is? We are not telling you! They try and claim that the returning officer runs the elections in a personal capacity -which is not true. A returning officer is a statutory role that is appointed to oversee the elections by the Council and they then use Wigan Council to run the administration of the election. The same person does the roles of returning officer and Chief Executive and given the Steve Jones case, you would have thought that Wigan Council would have learnt this rule when they tried to argue this and the judge gave their thoughts and views on this. So with Wigan Council hiding, the figures of rejected postal votes, people should worry if their vote is even counted.

 What I would strongly say is if anyone has had a letter out of the blue asking them to update their details I would say this would indicate they have rejected your vote and I would update your details at the Town Hall if you cannot vote in person. 

It seems that Wigan Council and Labour will try and do anything to win and the only way to know if your vote is in the ballot box is if you go in person.  

The Government is redoing a bill for elections and making it mandatory that you will have to show ID in 2023 elections to be able to vote. What they have not said is how they will stop any mass fraud that happens with postal votes, which is where evidence suggests that any fraud is done.

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Is Keir Starmr a Hypocrite?

So in the wake of the Equality and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) report into Labour antisemitism where the Labour Party was found to have discriminated and harassed Jewish people. 

Now, this was a tight lip issue every newspaper and media outlet reported it and also 9 Labour MP's quit the party in protest of the treatment from the Labour hierarchy. So it was not a secret nor not known. But yet we all know the failings of Jeremy Corbyn but the report doesn't name a single person responsible but the leadership hierarchy.  That surely includes the shadow cabinet. Keir Starmer was the Director of Public Prosecutions when Labour was in power. So a well-qualified lawyer and mind yet when he served in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow cabinet he said not a single word against it, knowing had he would have been kicked out of the shadow cabinet. An example - to me- that he puts his own interest before others. He did not speak out in support for those that were being treated disgracefully. Yet as a well qualified and highly experienced lawyer, so he would surely have been able to see what was happening with what people were saying and quitting the party for. But yet nothing! Instead, he was telling people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be the Prime Minister. 

Now the EHRC report is out and it is damning Keir Starmer kicks out the Labour former leader - Jeremy Corbyn. Keir should share some responsibility surely as whilst acting now after the report he did nothing whilst it was happening and carrying on. For me that makes him a hypocrite! Shame on him for letting the Jewish people and community down while it was going on. As a highly experienced lawyer who surely could see what was happening, being reported and others acted on, he did nothing! Well, he did he told people to make Jeremy Corbyn the next Prime Minister. Shocking. 

This kind of flip-flopping is a characteristic that is coming more and more from  Keir Starmer. Time after time he flips flops from one side to the other. In fact, he is more of a liberal than a socialist for me.  Another example would be when he said he was in favour of a National lockdown and when Parliament was voting for tightening up some restrictions - but not proposing a full lockdown - Keir Starmer didn't even turn up to Parliament to vote. Boris Johnson even made reference to this by saying he (Keir Starmer) says one thing at 5pm and then fails to turn up to vote. I have said there are a number of home goals Boris has done but Keir Starmer did a massive home goal on that occasion and it shows he flip flops over decisions time and time again. So for me, Keir Starmer has flipped the socialist party to a liberal fence-sitting party who will tell you one answer at 5pmand a different one at 10pm. 

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Government and free food for Kids in school holidays

There has been a lot of media over the Government refusing to give children free school meals over the school holidays. There has also been some disagreeing with this saying that it is the responsibility of the parents to do this. 

The left are going to new lengths of vandalising Conservative MP's offices if they voted to not do this. Some Tory MP's and councils broke ranks and voted to pay for this and obviously Marcus Rashfird has taken a role in this campaign as well.

I do believe it is the responsibility of the parents to feed their children but then there are cases where parents work so hard and struggle on low-pay work and paying the bills etc. I know people that work, and have worked in schools, that tell me about how sometimes it is obvious kids are hungry and they try and get them food and larger portions. So I don't believe that any right-minded person should, or would, want to see children going hungry and I am shocked that given the large bill the Government is running up over the Covid pandemic they couldn't find the money, especially as they found money to give themselves a pay rise. That is not only despicable in my book but downright inconceivable that they would do that, plus giving themselves an extra £10K for working from home in the Covid lockdown. 

But on the other side of the argument, I can see why some people are against this as I saw on Sky News today a lady who was collecting packed lunches from a food charity and she said it was a lifeline as she couldn't afford to feed her kids. This lady had a large number of tattoos all over inc her neck. Whilst I do not have any myself, I understand that these can cost thousands, and you think with the number and size of them you think how can she not feed her kids but can find the money for all those tattoos? But that is not the best bit she had - wait for it...... 9 kids. That is ridiculous that as how did she think she could afford 9 kids. I know how much 3 can cost and whilst we all may love having children we stop at where the line crosses. If you were a multi-millionaire then fair enough but if you are a single parent and live on benefits how can you think it is ok to have 9 kids. Then she thinks it is only right the Government pay for them. What about her and the dad(s) pay for them? Hang on no it is all the other people that are working that are paying for them and I am sure no one minds helping those that need it in terms of benefits or other help but I am quite sure we all would agree with people like this take the Michael out of the system and I can see why some take issue with people like this. 

The issue with the example above is that the kids may go hungry because she can't afford to feed them and uses money on herself but we can't blame the children or let them go hungry but there has to be a way that people cannot misuse the money they get from benefits for themselves and not their children?