Thursday, 23 September 2010

Parish Council said that I can't vote on my own motion!

I have sent two resolutions into for the next Council meeting.

The first is to say we should reverse the 46.5% increase in the Parish Council Tax.

The second is that the Parish Council should ask Wigan Council to hold a referendum.

However he Parish Council have said because I have said what my opinion is I have to leave the room and I can not vote on my own motion.

Anyone who puts a motion or resolution saying this or that will obviously vote for their motion, as only an idiot will vote against their own motion.

Also they have come up with that I will need a seconder for my resolution, so I guess I will not get heard after all that. But it is clear they have put out their stall and this might be a tough ride for them.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shevington Parish Council By Election.

Last Thursday was the by election for the West Ward of Shevington Parish Council. The results were

Jim Dewey - independent - 97
Gareth Fairhurst - Shevington Independent Conservative - 211 - elected.
Spoilt papers - 2.

It was a great result not only for me but the residents of Appley Bridge (West Ward) and Shevington as a whole as the clear message of having a referendum is growing louder.

A Big Thank you for all those that helped.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fortnightly Rubbish Collection

Wigan Council are looking to introduce another Wheelie Bin, a Blue Bin. This will be to hold papers, card, magazines etc. Residents used to have just one Wheelie Bin, which was 240 Litres in capacity. However with now Green Bins, Brown Bins and now Blue Bins coming that will been each household can hold 960 rather than the original 240 Litres.

With all the bins being collected fortnightly with the exception of the black bins as soon as the bins are in place the Council will soon think that we have accepted fortnightly collection and just say that they are bring the black bins in line with all the other bins.

Unless we stop this soon fortnightly or even monthly collections will be in place.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Labour and the Tories refused residents of Shevington to have a referendum.

At Wednesday night Full Council meeting of Wigan Council there was a vote whether to let residents of Shevington have a referendum, but both the Labour and the Tories voted against this. With that in mind that means that they both must agree with the massive hike in Parish Council Tax of 46.5% increase in this year increase.

Wigan Independent Councillor Debbie Fairhurst is continuing to fight for the resident to have their voice heard and to have a referendum.

I have made it a commitment too, if elected on to the Parish Council that I will fight and call for the Parish Council themselves to have a referendum.

Monday, 6 September 2010

How can the Cllrs of Shevington Parish Council justify themselves?

The Shevington Parish Councillors have increased the parish council tax by more than 46%. They have not said why they need to increase this by so much and they said they will not as they do not need to justify themselves. I disagree.

But what is a worry is the Parish Council has over £140 000 in their bank account. Why do they need this massive increase with so much money in their bank account?

I think they need to come clean with their hidden agenda and if elected I will make sure they are held to account and more open and transparent.

A vote for me is a vote for open, transparent and accountable representation.