Sunday, 25 June 2017

More houses????

We are all well aware of the mass house building that is now been passed by Wigan Council and the Tory's Planning Inspector.

Original we had none. Then the Council said they would restrict it to 1000 That soon went up to 1400. We always said that they would get to 2000 and the council said "O no we will restrict it to 1000". The total figure to date is approx 1800. So you would think that is enough.

Well, I can exclusively say that Bloor homes - the site on Pepper Lane - is going to put another planning application in for their Pepper Lane site to increase it from 300 to 351. WE know that Labour and Tory Cllrs have voted in the past for houses in Standish but rest assured that Standish Independents have called this application in before the Planning Committee so the public can see the whole process and let's start putting those Cllrs on the spot when they say they will vote.

If passed it will see a further increase in traffic in Standish but will Labour and the Tories care? I doubt it.

For more please see their site

Standish Independents fighting for you!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Grenfall Tower

So many people would have seen the horrible scene on the Grenfall Tower when it was on Fire. Man what a horrible tragedy. Thoughts and prays must go to those, and their families, who lost their lives Also all the other residents in the block that were effected by it.  You just can't imagine the thoughts.

Many have raised concerns over tower blocks and I know the high rise flats in Wigan are no exception. There used to be one very vocal man - Sid Hall - who was always talking for the residents and getting things better.  

One thing locally is that the high rise flats in Wigan DO NOT have sprinkler systems in them. Apparently this is not uncommon and going forward this must be a must for me. No one ever thought that the scene that we saw at Grenfall could happen. Unfortunately it did and therefore the rule book must now get better. Planners, designers and others simply cannot say we don't believe it will happen. These flats where designed in the 60's and one must ask if they are still for purpose and if we should either seriously upgrade them or just re house people in them and bring them down before they do any more damage.


One thing that I am seriously annoyed at is the idiots that have seemed to hijack the devastation that has occurred to these people and now protesting over this and that and causing damage. More worryingly is the irresponsible media that are giving these idiots air time. In a number of interviews I have witnessed I heard one man discuss how his windows face the tower and he has been asking to be re housed and now he has to see the tower. The people that have lost their homes need rehousing first. Then another idiot saying that this country can bomb and kill innocent kids in foreign countries and then they can't save these people.  Seriously! Then finally another saying that all officials where hiding in their offices shredding all the evidence to prove that they are all guilty of corporate manslaughter.

Then you see footage of them shouting we want an inquiry. Well there is to be one the Prime Minister has said and ordered one already. They say they want justice. Well until the inquiry has concluded we don't know who or what went wrong. Footage shouting at the Fire fighters and Police - seriously these are the very people that risked their lives and it must have been bad when I hear things like the Fire fighters where told to write their names on their helmets  So shame on them!


But if these idiots want to try and hijack this horrible tragedy for their own political end then why on earth do the likes of Sky News and BBC give them airtime. When the kind of comments like what i have shared above get put out there it is just them trying to whip up needless anger for their ratings. Also because the likes of Sky backed the Tories and when they ended with egg on their face they now are using this to try and get the Prime Minister out. The irresponsible media think they can tell us what we want when they are trying to push their agenda on us.


For me we need the independent inquiry to get a judge,remit and start as soon as possible so that lessons can be learnt and yes if there is any evidence of wrong doing then those people need to be brought to book. Then we need sprinklers in ALL high rise flats. Cost should not be an issue. You simply can't put a price on people's lives.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Corbyn shows Traits of May

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn accused Theresa May throughout the General Election that she put her Party before the Country by calling for the General election. This was because it was expected that the country would overwhelmingly return a massive Tory majority. Labour claim that she should have put the Country first by continuing, although yet they complained that she haven't been to the Country to get her own mandate.

Now after the General Election Labour are walking round like they won the Election, yes they did a lot better than what he was expected to do. Jeremy Corbyn and his buddies are parading around the TV Studios saying they are ready to serve. Sorry hasn't someone told them they still lost?

However the arrogance that Corbyn is showing is the same arrogance May showed when she called the election. Howe so? Well he is touring the TV stations saying he is ready to serve and wants another election sooner rather than later.

I think it is safe to say that no member of the public is wanting to have another election any time soon. So with Corbyn saying he wants another election and ready to form a Government then he thinks that he would win should there be another election. The same arrogance May showed. The public do not like being taken for granted

So people are saying that they are all the same again and just out for themselves rather than the Country.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Where did it go wrong for the Tories?

Now that it is settling into peoples mind's what has happened over the last 24 hours questions are being asked where did it go wrong?

Some are saying that it is all down to Brexit? Yes, Theresa May did say when she launched this General Election that it was about Brexit and now some people, especially the other political parties, are saying it now has to be a soft Brexit? Why? Brexit did not lose her this election.

The Tories did not lose this election because of Brexit! Yes it may have played a part of it but not as significant as some may try and claim.

Many Tories loved Margaret Thatcher for being strong and knew her own mind. She very rarely, if ever, changed her mind. On the other hand Theresa May launched the Tories Manifesto. What a shambles. First the tax that became to be known as the Dementia Tax was a huge mistake. Her ministers where saying one thing then the PM said others. Then when it became a liability she did a massive U-Turn and tried to call it not a U-Turn. Voters saw her as weak. When you look over the polls Labour made big gains into the massive Tory Lead after that. That tax hit the blue rinse brigade. What a stupid mistake! This, for me, is the biggest thing that changed and the opinion polls changed then too. Just to try and flip it it would be like Jeremy Corbyn saying if elected I will get rid of all the benefits.

Then there was the winter fuel allowance. to keep the Scottish happy. Theresa May said that Scottish pensioners had it worse because it was colder in Scotland than England and that is how she tried to spin it. How stupid again? If you are right at the top of England and then someone else was at the bottom Scotland there is not much, if any, different in temp.

Then the killer blow she ruled out that there would not be tax rises. Anyone in politics knows the Conservatives are meant to low taxes and here is a Tory PM saying she is not ruling out tax hikes. That was it. Game over - the true Blues where never going to go for that . Theresa May had abandoned them - so they abandoned her.

Then with Communist Jeremy Corbyn promising everything was free because the top 5% where going to pay for the 95% bills. It was just like the Lib Dems in 2010 promising Free tuition. It was never going to happen. Well, not without bankrupting the country. Mind you Labour does a good job of that.

So what now?

The Tories are ruthless at getting rid of leaders and they will know that there is a strong chance there will be another election in the next 12 months, poss as early as October 2017 and they want to keep their seats there will be plans to get rid of her that you can bet on! Question who will it be Boris or David Davis?

What does the 2017 General Election result mean?

So people are waking up to turmoil. Theresa May called the General election so she could get more Tories MP's in. That way she could have got more things through easier.

However, Plan A didn't go to plan. She actually lost seat and I have seen people on Social Media saying what does all this mean? S o I will explain jargon free.

There are 650 seats in Parliament so to win a General Election outright you need 326 MP's. But the Tories did not get this and fell short. They got 318 MP's That meant that they didn't have the power to get through things what they wanted without others helping out.

So what the Tories have done is a deal with the DUP, a political party in Northern Ireland. They had 10 MP's.

So the two groups of MP's total 328 MP's, which is higher than the 326 that they needed to control the Government.

The problem with this agreement is if there are any Tories MP's that vote against the Government, which happens, then Theresa May will lose the vote. So just because she has the DUP helping her out now if they, or some Tories back benches voted against her then she will lose. That would probably mean too many of those and we are back to the ballot box. If that happens the Tories wouldn't want Theresa May in charge so I guess it will get interesting in that sense but for us on a day to day basis we could be in political turmoil.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Terrorist threat what should be done - for me!

So we are hearing from our Prime Minister enough is enough. The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to talk with these people. Nothing is happening. The security services say there are about 3000 on that list and there are more less important people of interest, but the 3000 are hard line.

So yes they cannot watch each of these people secretly but they now cannot watch people like this. So the answer, in my opinion, is to round ALL of the people on that list and place them somewhere where they can be assessed whether they are truly  are a threat and which case if they are not from UK then get rid. If they are from UK then they go to jail. That way we know they are not on our streets and the threat to us and our way of life is lower.

At the same time we need to tighten our borders and if there is any one that is suspect of being a terrorist =, inc those that are UK cozens and coming back we simply refuse entry. If they are from UK take their passport of them thank you very much now go on your way somewhere else.

So if the 3000 most hardliners are locked up whilst they are being assessed makes it easier to keep an eye on them.

Then whilst that is going on anyone that is a lower threat but could become a problem the services can try and make them back on the right path. Local communities can help in that too. If they become a threat then they go in jail too. Simply allowing these people to keep walking our streets.

Enough is truly enough but that in itself is not good enough now real action is needed NOW!