Sunday, 25 June 2017

More houses????

We are all well aware of the mass house building that is now been passed by Wigan Council and the Tory's Planning Inspector.

Original we had none. Then the Council said they would restrict it to 1000 That soon went up to 1400. We always said that they would get to 2000 and the council said "O no we will restrict it to 1000". The total figure to date is approx 1800. So you would think that is enough.

Well, I can exclusively say that Bloor homes - the site on Pepper Lane - is going to put another planning application in for their Pepper Lane site to increase it from 300 to 351. WE know that Labour and Tory Cllrs have voted in the past for houses in Standish but rest assured that Standish Independents have called this application in before the Planning Committee so the public can see the whole process and let's start putting those Cllrs on the spot when they say they will vote.

If passed it will see a further increase in traffic in Standish but will Labour and the Tories care? I doubt it.

For more please see their site

Standish Independents fighting for you!

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