Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Standing up to Bullies and trolls. Also issue over pictures.

Many that follow me on social media or on the Council at times I am not afraid to speak my mind nor attack bullies or trolls.


I will first address Trolls and bullies

Currently we are in election mode and yes you expect more of an interest from the General Public because they want to make an informed choice on who to vote for. Also when you get that increase you also get an increase from nutters, fruit cakes and trolls. Many famous people or politicians get abuse from random people and some may say don't respond, ignore it or they will go away. That is fine if that works for them. For me these trolls or fruit cakes and nutters who just want to name call for the sake of it or in my case they are political opponents and their supporters trying to make me or the members in the party I belong to bad. My response is I am not going to shy away from these idiots. I take it to them and in a lot of cases after a while they shut up and go and do what ever they do but I make no apology for attacking back. These people are bullies and we always teach people to stand up to bullies and that is what I do.

Recently a political opponent who has said we have lied on an election leaflet, which is a criminal offence. Rather than trying to ignore it I took it to the Police to see if we have broke the law. Police response is that it is fine and a political statement. Now they will find themselves in trouble with the law for their offences and that is not for me to comment on as their is a police investigation on going against them now.


We also have to accept that when ever you stand for what ever party you get attacked it goes with the job, rightly or wrongly. However we have been asked why I, and now other members of my party, don't have our pictures on the Website of the Council. Back in 2006 Labour's Cllr at the time Joe Shaw, who was later found to be guilty of child porn offences and gun offences, got hold of my picture from the Council and then manipulated it. I believe this was with the help of the Council. Once I showed the picture and what Labour did the then head of Legal Services helped to work with us. What she did on behalf of the Council was transfer all the copyright of all pictures of me that are in the ownership to myself. In hindsight we should all have done that but we didn't. Now this election Labour have gotten hold of an electronic pic from the council of Cllr GA Fairhurst to manipulate that for their election leaflets. So we have taken all pics of and in dialogue with the Council about the matter and hopefully, just like in 2006 we can resolve it without going to court or legal action. I can't see why the Council and our members can't do that to be fair.

After the election we will supply the Council of pictures that have a watermark and cannot be manipulated and then also ones that we own the copyright too. That way should any one try to reproduce the pics we will sue them directly. It is a shame that simple things have to be protected this way but when you are dealing with Labour you can see why you have to do this when they do what they do.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Meeting cancelled

It saddens me that I have to cancel the meeting I was holding this Friday at the Community Centre, Standish.

For those that wanted to ask questions please email me at and I will do a video session on answering them. If you want to ask them in a video clip I will add that, should you want.

I am sorry for this.



Thursday, 23 April 2015

My Parliamentary Hustings

It has been asked many times if I will organise what is called a Hustings. This is a chance to come and listen to myself why I am standing and what I am standing and fighting for. Then there will be a chance to ask question too.

The event will be held at Standish Community Centre on Friday 1 May 2015 at 7.30pm. The centre has a large room but it may be as well as well to email me and confirm your attendance so I can get a feel for numbers and also you secure you space.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Although the event is in Standish everyone that lives in the Wigan Constituency can attend.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Foreign interventions and issues.

When it comes to Foreign Issues, if elected, one thing that you will be able to rely on me to do is not vote to go into a War just for Oil. I would support any action to protect the shores of this Land. Also should that vote be asked, then I would want to see an exit strategy too. These are important.
As many will have seen on the news over the weekend,thousands of migrants are trying to cross from Libya to Italy to come to Europe. Hundreds are dying in trying. These people will be made up of both migrants, that want to come here to work or claim benefits, another issue for another day, the other people will be Asylum Seekers, who are fleeing war torn countries.
If we look at Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, was not a nice guy and had many crimes against him. However, he was coming in from the cold and being less of a threat. The change for me was to move them in a progressive, word of the moment if you listen to all the rhetoric from the main stream parties, way. But we went in with France guns ho and brought him down. Did that make the people of Libya better off? Have we seen things move forward for the region? No not at all, we went in with a purpose of getting rid of him but yet we had no plan once we had done the job. This was the same for Iraq. In we went with Bush’s lot and got rid of him. Is the region safer? Are people’s lives better? Again no! Turmoil and chaos is what we have brought to the people in those countries. Afghanistan was one area where we did need to go into. Whilst not pretty there was some kind of plan to try and move the Country back to some kind of stability.
Now we have EU leaders falling out how to tackle the issue of 0000’s of people in boats coming from Libya to Italy. All what I have heard is just trying to react to the symptoms and not driving at the cause, which are the traffickers back in Libya. With no stable Government in either the East or West then these people are free to exploit them. And all this is possible because we went in with no exit plan.
It needs tough measures on the people that are exploiting the situation and these people and then also when we see boats in the sea coming to Italy they should do what they do down under, which I accept is controversial, and turn the boats back. If people know this, they may think twice. If they think that the coast guard will pick them up and take them to Italy then we all know what will happen, more will come because it just got safer for them.

Labour Lisa Nandy wants to talk to the SNP. Why this is wrong!

Labour Candidate for the General Election for has said on 5 Live that they will need to talk to the SNP. The SNP has said unless Labour scrap Trident they will mess with the army's budget and block things. Our defence's are too important to be messed about with.

See my latest clip on the subject.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shevington Parish Council

Not many people know or realise that should you live in Shevington Moor, Appley Bridge or Shevington that you have a Parish Council. Not many will know that you pay extra. And never have you been asked if you want either or both.

The Parish Council is split into 3 Wards which are North Ward, which is Shevington Moor and down to just past the first Mini Roundabout on Old Lane. Then after that it is the South Ward. The third Ward is West Ward which is Appley Bridge.

People are finding out that they pay extra and don't know what for. The feel angry that they are not consulted on things and issues.

The Shevington Independents are fielding 8 candidates for the 9 places on the Parish Council. Each ward has 3 PC Cllrs. Should they get 5 Parish Councillors, or more, then they promise to hold a referendum on whether people want a parish council or not. They will also get a say in issues that concern them, like the land at Orica, which the Parish Council bought. One thing that the other candidates and their supporters say that should the Shevington independents win they will sell the land. That will not happen, guaranteed. We aim to, should the people want too, keep it like it is for the residents to enjoy. Should they want to turn it into a sports complex and they can draw a plan up where by they run it and it doesn't cost the people any money and residents are happy with that, that will be another option for them. The key to this is the Shevington Independents will return the power back to the people.

The other candidates in Shevington are refusing to allow people the choice on whether they keep this. Even the Labour Leader on Wigan Council, which is normally unheard off, agreed with myself saying that Parish councils are bureaucratic and shouldn't be in place.

It's time for the people of Shevington to take the control back and their decide their future.

When you vote for the Parish Councillors it is important that you know that you have 3 votes on that ballot paper
For the North Ward our candidates are Angie Bland, Joe Whitter and Ken Shaw. Please vote for all three.
For the South Ward we have just 2 candidates, Roy Bridge and Joe Calderbank. Please vote for these two only.
Finally for the West Ward you have Jean Fletcher, Debbie Fairhurst and myself. Please vote for all three on your ballot paper.

If you want to ask a question on the issue please either email me at or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pledge to support the arts.......(Can he play the trumpet he's holding I hear you say?)

Today I pledge my support to the arts. I believe the arts are invaluable to people's lives. They make a big different to the obvious to also helping with mental issues, which is a growing concern.

Have a listen to today's clip and see what you think. I know what most people will think. Can he play that damn trumpet he's holding? Let's see :-)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Jobs have reduced...what do you think???

Earlier today the unemployment figures were released and for the last quarter the figures show a reduction. However, do you feel more confident that there are more jobs? Are you more secure in your jobs?

Listen to another reason why I am standing for MP.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Hustings arranged

After the farce that happened tonight, a new hustings has been arranged.  Tonight there should have been a hustings, were candidates are asked questions by the public, in Pemberton but as a previous post on here confirmed Labour ducked out of it and forced to get the event cancelled. People in Pemberton were outraged that Labour hold them in so little disregard.

Tonight the UKIP Parliamentary candidate has booked the Newtown Workings Men Club. this will be for next Tuesday 21 April at 7.30pm. Myself, the UKIP candidate and the Green candidate were all outraged that Labour can cancel an event, hence agreeing to put out differences to one side for the purpose of democracy agree to hold our own event.

All candidates will be invited to attend and should any one chicken out they will be empty chaired.

The format has now been agreed. The candidates will have a set number of minutes to have their say. I think that it will work out to be about 8 mins each, depending on the number of candidates that agree to attend. Then the second part will be were the chair will table written questions to the candidates. Why written questions? This will be so that the same question is not repeated to allow a more range of questions, issues and topics to be asked about.

People will be able to write their questions either before they attend or at the start of the meeting.

Craft Fair in Standish

I have been asked if i would post the even of a Craft Fair at the Beeches on Sunday 26th April 2015. All the details are on the poster and please go along and support it.

If you have an event and want it publishing on here please let me know.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Labour flooding Standish whilst their candidate ducks out of debate.

For the sixth straight day Labour and their former MP, Lisa Nandy, have been out trying to gain votes in Standish. In their polls they realise that they will win ever ward, with the exception of Standish and now Labour Cllr's have been told to get out of their wards, even those that are up for re-election and get up to Standish. One resident rang and said we should be flattered by all the attention Labour are giving us. I asked one Cllr from Worsley Mesnes why he was in Standish and not trying to get re-elected in his own ward, his reply was I 'll walk in there! If the people of Worsley Mesnes take that that is shocking. I believe that they could deliver a bloody nose and good luck to all the other active candidates in Worsley Mesnes and when you are out on the streets ask them have they seen their Labour candidate? When they say no tell them he's up Standish trying to win that Ward because he thinks he will walk in here.

Whilst it is humbling to see them trying it just goes to show that they know Standish is backing Standish independent Cllr  George Fairhurst.

Residents are phoning us with some funny tales of what they are saying on the doorsteps. The Labour Candidate said to one lady, I am the Labour Candidate and will you be backing me at the Local electins? answer came back as no. Normally you would thank the person and move on to the next door. The Labour Candidate said, why you not backing me? Answer I'm backing George. Again you would have thought that would be a thank you and enjoy your evening. But no Labour Candidate well when I get elected...Lady interrupts. Who on earth said you are going to be elected? We're all backing George round here no get off my doorstep.

Whilst it is funny and some credit for the Labour Candidate for persistent, although some may say she went passed that and got annoying to the lady who kept saying no, but any way at least Labour are hoping that people in Standish  forget about Ashfield or the 1500 houses coming to Standish, although Labour keep saying it is only 1000. Again numerous independent and A Political websites now confirm the number of houses and people can see the truth.

What is also interesting is that there was a hustings for tomorrow night in Pemberton. This was for all the parliamentary candidates to be grilled by the public. Labour and their candidate found out that I had been invited and was attending and guess what? They backed out. Then they told the organisers that they should not go ahead without the Labour Candidate, even though they would not attend. The organisers then have bowed down to Labours request and cancelled the event. No what did Ed Milliband say for ducking out of the TV debates? Chicken I do recall. On that premise that would make the Labour Candidate a Chicken by their own standards.

The people of Pemerbton should not miss out and I will try and organise my own meeting for people to attend they should get a chance to grill candidates.

Back to Standish and I would like to thank all the support that we have out there. It is clear that Labour are trying, which is fair enough, and it goes to show that on May 7th to keep Labour out you need to Vote for George Fairhurst.

Devo Manc

Here is a clip about the important of Devo Manc

Labour are falling out publically on this issue and they have not said what they would do, should they win the General Election and/ or form the next Government. The Labour leader on Wigan Council, has publically called Wigan's MP and said she should keep her nose out and she has said that it is wrong that the people have not had their say. I agree. If a Labour MP has no influence in the Labour Party locally why should she be the MP?

This is an important issue and the people must have their voice allowed to speak and also heard.

If elected i would ask the Government to allow the people of Wigan and Greater Manchester their say. Also I would say before any more powers are transferred to an unelected Mayor the people should be consulted and have their say.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

General Election 2015 announcement.

With the closure of the nominations paper for the General and Local elections the lists of candidates. On the General Election list for the Wigan Parliamentary Seat is my name. Why have I decided to stand? What is the strategy? Have a look at the video below and then once you have seen that have a look at the figures for the Labour votes Vs the non Labour votes at the last General Election 5 years ago.

Here is the labour Vs Non Labour Votes last time.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Candidates for Standish Local Elections.

The names of the candidates for Standish have now been released by Wigan Council..

Here is the list.


FAIRHURST - Standish Independents
George Allan

HOLDEN - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

PARKINSON - Labour Party

WHITTINGHAM - The Conservative Party Candidate

No surprises here but possible the Trade Union party is a bit strange. Last yr they got 56 votes, not really worth it.

It is interesting that the last Conservative Cllr has been out trying to canvas for the Tory Candidate. As one resident said to us. She has some brass neck. First she rips us off by claiming expenses she was entitled to and then comes round asking to vote Tory. We told her to sling her hook. Obviously the Tory's not going down well after their vile leaflet that they put out. As another resident said the Tory's are ripping up green belt and green open spaces all over the place and still they ask for our vote. They have lost touch and just in it for themselves. Interesting comment.

On a positive note Cllr George Fairhurst has gone down well that he is standing again and the people just love him all over Standish. One resident said today that he has helped us enormously and that's why I am telling everyone to vote for him.

It is obvious that the Tory's and Labour are hoping that our voters stay at home thinking that we always win but with a General Election as well every vote matters.

As a reminder here is a true representative chart that shows the result last yr and it is only Standish Independents that can keep Labour out.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Conservative try to trick you, that or lie...

The Standish Local Candidate Leaflet shows a graph that shows them second in last years local election. Then it says only them can beat us and not Labour or UKIP.

Below is their graph.

How this graph is illegal in Election Law because it is not representative. If you saw this you would think that they well beat Labour and UKIP. At a rough guess you would think that they beat UKIP by at 3 times what they got. But that is not true. If someone wants to use a graph that is not to scale you should tell people and/ or put the figures on each one to demonstrate the true numbers. But the Tory Party doesn't want to do that. they want to try and trick you or lie, I will let you pick.

Below is a True Graph

As you can see they only just beat Labour and UKIP and were well short of catching us. In fact they are less than 50 % of our vote but if you didn't know and just saw their graph you might think that they were close. In fact there were only 111 votes between them and UKIP and just 55 in front of Labour. They put on can't win here. I guess UKIP and Labour might have other views on that and their lies with this graph.

With their vile leaflet that follows the theme from the National Party it is just name calling and has no substance. I would suspect they might even come 4th now. They also fail to say why their last Cllr for Standish claimed mileage when she didn't even drive. In fact she even claimed for meetings that she didn't even go too. Shocking and shameful!

It is also pleasant to see that both Labour and Conservative just name calling. This is because they have no substance to attack us as hard working Cllrs for Standish.

Donate to Campaign Funds?

The Conservatives get large business and Non Dom, people that pay little tax, to fund their political campaigns. Labour get the Trade Unions to pay for theirs. This makes them answerable to their donors respectively. This should not be the case.

For my campaign I will be funding, in the main, my own campaign. Should you wish to and you want to donate to my General Election Campaign then you can do so via my paypal account. Should you not have a paypal account don't worry you can use cards here too.

Should anyone want to give more than £50 then the law is it has to be declared on my register so please just get in touch at For small donations I thank you too as every little helps, as they say.

Here is the link, should you wish to donate and

Election 2015 Special

The time is 4pm on Thursday 9 April 2015 and this is also the time that nominations close for people standing in all elections in the UK this May.

In the coming days the returning officer from all council's will release the names of those standing in the elections. In Wigan we have obviously the General Election, the Local elections - this is a 3rd of the Council - which is 25 seats, and then we have Parish Elections too for Shevington and Haigh. Just these two areas have these additional Councils.

I am please to announce all our candidates for the Elections. These are:-

Local Elections

Standish with Langtree Ward - Cllr George Fairhurst 
Standish Independents

Lowton East

Sandy Franzen 

Lowton and Golborne Independents

General Election 

Wigan Constituency - Cllr Gareth Fairhurst 
Wigan Independents

Shevington Parish Elections

North Ward

Cllr Angie Bland

Cllr Ken Shaw

Joe Shaw

South Ward

Roy Bridge

Joe Calderbank

West Ward

Cllr Debbie Fairhurst

Jean Fletcher

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst

Why are we not fielding a candidate in Shevington in the Local Elections?

At last year's local  Election in Shevington we cam e 2nd and just missed out with only 200 votes. Ukip did equally as well and it seemed that Labour liked the idea that UKIP split our vote and allowed them in. With this year being a General Election year we have decided to not stand just this year and this will now create a stronger voice for an Anti Labour Vote. Also as a party it is important that we retain the Parish Council seats and gain the additional 2 seats as this will be a bigger importance for the people of Shevington. We will be back next year regardless of the result. So please support our candidates in the parish Elections, where you have 3 votes. Vote for all Shevington Independents . If we get the 5 or more Cllrs we promise to deliver the referendum to give you a choice of reducing you Council Tax. The only Party to promise this.

Please keep visiting this site for more news over the election period. We will also run an article on each of the elections.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne had previously signed a letter that appeared in the FT, Financial Times. This was backing the Conservative's economic plan. Today he has tweeted that he likes a Labour Non Dom policy.

Some media outlets were going a bit mad thinking that he has now switched side but for me he was agreeing with individual policy's. So I merely tweeted him as some media was saying we must get him on Camera, like they were on a witch hunt for him.

Here is my tweet.

@DuncanBannatyne U signed Business page in @FT for @Conservatives . Now @UKLabour #nondom policy. R u a floating voter who will u back as PM
— cllrgarethfairhurst(@cllrgwfairhurst) April 8, 2015

He later tweeted back and cleared it up and stopped the media hysteria.

@cllrgwfairhurst @FT @Conservatives @UKLabour still floating mate. Still floating
— Duncan Bannatyne(@DuncanBannatyne) April 8, 2015

I guess it proves that people haven't made their minds up how they are voting for. Also demonstrates no one party has all the answers.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wigan Council now write what staff think on the Council

After I revealed last month Wigan Council's Chief Executive telling staff that they are Vampires, Sleep Walkers or Cheer Leaders I can also now reveal more shocking news how staff are treated.

Now if you are told that if you are a sleep walker or Vampire go and work for St Helens Council then asked to fill out how you rate the Council you wouldn't be shocked that most people would put a positive comments down, fearing for your job.

Recently Wigan Council has been voted somewhere as the best Council to work for. In the press release from the Press dept there were comments from staff and how Wigan Council. Now you wouldn't expect if someone asked you to write your comments down for a press release praising the Council you would write anything but a positive spin on it. However not even that is good enough for the Council.

Because of the Vampire Story here I have now been contacted by staff who are telling me that the Council are now getting the press office to write how great the Council is and then going to Staff member asking them to sign them. Yet more bullying of staff! Shocking but not surprising.