Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Labour flooding Standish whilst their candidate ducks out of debate.

For the sixth straight day Labour and their former MP, Lisa Nandy, have been out trying to gain votes in Standish. In their polls they realise that they will win ever ward, with the exception of Standish and now Labour Cllr's have been told to get out of their wards, even those that are up for re-election and get up to Standish. One resident rang and said we should be flattered by all the attention Labour are giving us. I asked one Cllr from Worsley Mesnes why he was in Standish and not trying to get re-elected in his own ward, his reply was I 'll walk in there! If the people of Worsley Mesnes take that that is shocking. I believe that they could deliver a bloody nose and good luck to all the other active candidates in Worsley Mesnes and when you are out on the streets ask them have they seen their Labour candidate? When they say no tell them he's up Standish trying to win that Ward because he thinks he will walk in here.

Whilst it is humbling to see them trying it just goes to show that they know Standish is backing Standish independent Cllr  George Fairhurst.

Residents are phoning us with some funny tales of what they are saying on the doorsteps. The Labour Candidate said to one lady, I am the Labour Candidate and will you be backing me at the Local electins? answer came back as no. Normally you would thank the person and move on to the next door. The Labour Candidate said, why you not backing me? Answer I'm backing George. Again you would have thought that would be a thank you and enjoy your evening. But no Labour Candidate well when I get elected...Lady interrupts. Who on earth said you are going to be elected? We're all backing George round here no get off my doorstep.

Whilst it is funny and some credit for the Labour Candidate for persistent, although some may say she went passed that and got annoying to the lady who kept saying no, but any way at least Labour are hoping that people in Standish  forget about Ashfield or the 1500 houses coming to Standish, although Labour keep saying it is only 1000. Again numerous independent and A Political websites now confirm the number of houses and people can see the truth.

What is also interesting is that there was a hustings for tomorrow night in Pemberton. This was for all the parliamentary candidates to be grilled by the public. Labour and their candidate found out that I had been invited and was attending and guess what? They backed out. Then they told the organisers that they should not go ahead without the Labour Candidate, even though they would not attend. The organisers then have bowed down to Labours request and cancelled the event. No what did Ed Milliband say for ducking out of the TV debates? Chicken I do recall. On that premise that would make the Labour Candidate a Chicken by their own standards.

The people of Pemerbton should not miss out and I will try and organise my own meeting for people to attend they should get a chance to grill candidates.

Back to Standish and I would like to thank all the support that we have out there. It is clear that Labour are trying, which is fair enough, and it goes to show that on May 7th to keep Labour out you need to Vote for George Fairhurst.

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