Thursday, 9 April 2015

Conservative try to trick you, that or lie...

The Standish Local Candidate Leaflet shows a graph that shows them second in last years local election. Then it says only them can beat us and not Labour or UKIP.

Below is their graph.

How this graph is illegal in Election Law because it is not representative. If you saw this you would think that they well beat Labour and UKIP. At a rough guess you would think that they beat UKIP by at 3 times what they got. But that is not true. If someone wants to use a graph that is not to scale you should tell people and/ or put the figures on each one to demonstrate the true numbers. But the Tory Party doesn't want to do that. they want to try and trick you or lie, I will let you pick.

Below is a True Graph

As you can see they only just beat Labour and UKIP and were well short of catching us. In fact they are less than 50 % of our vote but if you didn't know and just saw their graph you might think that they were close. In fact there were only 111 votes between them and UKIP and just 55 in front of Labour. They put on can't win here. I guess UKIP and Labour might have other views on that and their lies with this graph.

With their vile leaflet that follows the theme from the National Party it is just name calling and has no substance. I would suspect they might even come 4th now. They also fail to say why their last Cllr for Standish claimed mileage when she didn't even drive. In fact she even claimed for meetings that she didn't even go too. Shocking and shameful!

It is also pleasant to see that both Labour and Conservative just name calling. This is because they have no substance to attack us as hard working Cllrs for Standish.

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  1. Surely they have to put the figures on if they are not going to have a chart to scale. If you look at the two charts they are completely different. At least your chart Gareth shows the figures as well. It just goes to show they are desperate and weak.


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