Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tory Councillor back after nearly 5 mths away from meetings - WITH PAY!

Tory Councillor Peter Thomspon as hit the headlines recently for his business failing. I feel that that is a personal matter, although I am concerned about staff not being paid. But what a number of resident s have asked me is if he has been picking up his money from the Council for these months that he has not been doing anything? If this is the case it is deeply worrying that he has been getting paid and not paying staff and doing nothing for the Council as a local representative.

I do not want to jump to conclusions as he might not have collected his money so I have asked him the questions on behalf of the residents and will report back once he has informed us.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Whats happening at the moment.

No mayor things to report today. The Mesnes Field is a major ongoing issue and I guess this will continue to run for some time yet.

There have been some burglary's in the Danesway area with people stealing lead of people's roof's and I have asked the police for comments on this, waiting their response.

I have been also helping some people with Council Tax issue and also a drainage problem too.

If you do have any questions or queries please feel free to email me as some people have done now via the link on this blog.


Friday, 22 January 2010

Bus Route 640 /641

I have had a number of residents asking for a new bus route that would travel from the cherry gardens, that might not be the starting point but travel to there, and then down Spencer Road to Robin Park and Asda. That way people from Whitley can catch the bus to Asda and and Robin Park rather than using the Car.

I have now been told that this will not happen but there is some slightly good news. I was unaware that the bus service 640/ 641 that travel through Whitley and then on to Wigan does not stop at Wigan it continues out to Newton and then up to Orrell. The 641 is the route back.

I have put a link on here for the residents that might also be interested in this service to view and see if it is useful for them.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

With all the bad weather potholes are a nightmare at the moment. On a previous post I said that this would be a problem in the future after the weather as gone. There are lots of holes everywhere and the government have launched a new site,

This site is a place where you can report potholes and road hazards. It has show league tables and other information and news as well.

There is a link to the site below;

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Update for residents.

As a local councillor I always try to update the residents with issues that I might be helping with and to day after an issue has been resolved, in the sense that the alley way between Romney Way and Westfield Grove. I printed out 100 letters to residents to say that this has now been done and delivered them this morning to inform he residents.

I have a meeting with residents later tonight in Wigan after work so all go today.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wigan Tories in Trouble - Again!

Since the 9 Sept of last year Tory Councillor Peter Thompson has not been seen at a Council Meeting. I believe that his marriage has broken down and that is a shame as there are children involved and also his business as failed too. Times are hard and business will fail but what seems to have happened creditors are keen to contact Cllr Thompson over monies owed but they cannot find him. What has this all got to do with me or you? Well it is my understanding that he has been collecting his allowance from the Council as a councillor on the Council but not doing anything for it, including attending meetings. I feel that if he has to go away from the area or can not attend to his public duties it would only be right that he does not collect his money from the Council.

I will be asking the Council what, if anything they can do, and hopefully the Tory Councillors group can make him pay the money back. This is a kind of theft in my eyes. What about yours?

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Logo for the Party

When I, and three other Conservative Councillors left the Tories nearly two year ago we decided the fist thing that we need to do was not to just rush off and to find our feet on our own and make sure we continue putting our residents matter first. That is what we did and then we formed our our political party to stand under.

Today we can reveal our new logo. We have been working on this for some time and are really happy about it. It represents people coming together, i.e communities coming together, their representatives and residents coming together.

What do you think?

Friday, 15 January 2010

Trees Cut Down at last

The residents of Regency Court have had some great news this week trees that where blighting their lives have been cut down. After many months of complaining about these trees that where growing to tall and cutting out light and branches growing over their balcony the now are much happy about the situation.

The trees where on Council land but for months the Council have insisted that the land that they where on was land that was leased to Upper Morris Street Club. The club kept saying this was not the case and the lines had to be looked at for which and where the land that was leased to them was. The Council last week accepted that the trees where, like Upper Morris Street had said, were not on the land that they leased but still remained on Council owned and maintained land. I asked the Council to do this at the earliest opportunity as the hold was the Council's fault and this was completed last week, even though the weather was quite severe.

I plan to get the area now tidied up. The residents are now really happy the issue has been resolved and looking forward to their new light and open space.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tory's score a home goal at last night council meeting.

At last night Council meeting Labour agreed to sign up to the 10 10 campaign. This is fundamentally looking at reducing carbon emissions by 10% The Tory's said that this was a nonsense as there was no real way of knowing what the 10% equates too.

However the Tory Leader said that Climate change was not happening and it was basically a load of rubbish and we should all just get one with it. What's strange about this is the Tory logo has been replaced by a tree and go green. David Cameron first big speech as new leader of the Tory Party was about tackling climate change. He even cycles to the houses of commons, all be it with his car behind him with his shoes and briefcase in it. Well riding his bike is good for the pr stunt anyway.

What Labour did was mention this where the main party is saying one thing and the Tory's in Wigan another. Sounds like a split party to me!

I have put a link below for anyone wanting to know about the 10:10 campaign

What is even more surprising is the the Tory party I have just found out actually strong support this very campaign that the Tory's are a split party.

He is what the shadow energy secretary, Greg Clark, had to say: "Conservatives strongly support this campaign. Once again it shows how voluntary action can show the way, proving that a low-carbon future is an essential, achievable and urgent priority." Source The Guardian. Link:

Another quote is, " The pledge comes as the Conservative party throws its weight behind the 10:10 campaign"


Press Release of Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group. on last full council.

Last night i attended the Full Council Meeting at Wigan Town Hall, And what i witnessed was a total lack of Transparency in the Cabinets Decision Making Process regarding the proposed Mesnes Field Development, With a complete disregard to the views and input through debate from the majority of its rank-and-file Councillors who haven't got a clue on what's being discussed and decided in their name at the top table. The correct and proper place for this discussion was last nights Full Council Meeting, which was denied. Pre-Determined Commitments have already been made on behalf of this Council by the Cabinet Clique unbeknown to the rest of the council, and when Concerned Councillors request an Open Debate on this issue which is in the Publics Interest, Its then Suppressed and Stifled by the Council Leaders Iron Like Grip over his majority Quaking-in-their-Boots-Flock with his ability to subdue by personal influence. You wouldn't have believed that this sort of thing would go on in the Mother of all Democracies', people thought that this type of Government was confined to the history books and was more akin to the Eastern Bloc, Pre-war Europe or a Third World Banana Republic and not a Four Star Council of 2010. Democracy is Dead and Dictatorship Rules in Wigan O.K. Kind regards Ian Bryant...on behalf of the Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group

Last Night Full Council

Well what can I say? Where do I start? Farce could be a good start I guess. I put a motion to the meeting over the boys and girls club. This was just simply to discuss the issue and talk about the use of the field. As soon as the item came up the Labour Leader of the Council jumped up and asked not to debate the motion. I was asked by the Mayor if I agreed, No way. We then had a 10 minute debate on whether we should debate the debate, bizarre.

What does the leader of the Council have to hide? What is he not telling Council or the people of Wigan. Why will he not be open and transparent. And how many times have we heard Labour say they need to listen more to the people.

The Tories at last supported me on the issue but for what reason? Cllr Peet Tory councillor said we should debate the issue because there were people in the gallery. The residents after the meeting said something interesting. If we we not in the gallery would she have asked to discuss the item? Interesting just shows that they Tories are scared to and if it were not for the residents they feel that they would have not gone with me.

I will be looking at other options and will report once we know what is next.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Theft on the Rise

With the credit crunch money is tight everywhere and one area that is picking up is theft. I have heard of a number of cases now where people have been broken into and had goods stolen and cars broken into. Another crime that is on the increase is people going on people's roof's and stealing the lead from there.

I have written to the police and ask for stats and what they are looking to do in a proactive way to reduce crime in Wigan and how many people have been caught and put before the courts or about to go before the courts.

By safe and make sure that all doors are locked, one of the burglary's was through an unlocked back door at night, and if you have intruder alarms fit make sure they are on.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bins for collection again

The Council have said that they are now going to try and resume normal bin collection from now. They say that if they can not get down your street or estate they will send another smaller vehicle that is in the area at the same time down to collect 2 bin bags.

Good news that they are resuming normal service, although I know some of you will not like that as normal service means that you do not get your bins collected or missed for what ever reason.

My only worry which I have asked the Council for clarity is if you live alone or have all your rubbish in the bin will the bin men go into the bin for the two bags or do people have to leave the bins out plus 2 bags. And finally if they do leave the bin out with 2 bags of rubbish will the bin men collect all the rubbish there.

As soon as I get an answer I will post on the blog.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Romney Way alley

I know the weather have been quite severe at the moment and I can give the Council a hard time at times but, although, there was a delay the Council have resurfaced the alley way as promised last year at the beginning of this year.

I have kept the residents up to date with things and I have now had kind comments thanking me for my help in the matter and how it will make it easier for the elderly people that walk through that they are less fearful of falling now, which is good news.

I will get a picture at the weekend and up load for all to see.

It is not always the big issues that people want but the little ones too so here it proves that little things are also important as the big issues I may tackle.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Councillor Call for Action - Mesnes Playing Field

Over the continuing issue of Mesnes Playing Field I have asked the Council to start a Councillor Call for action. This is new legislation were by a local Councillor can have more power, the words of the Government, and resolve issue.

I met with Council officials today who say that they will not allow a scrutiny on the matter as it will be resolved once and for all in the Planning Application and /or Village Green Application.

I asked what is the point of this new legislation and it was said, not in so many words, as yet more red tape. and there is always ways to resolve issues without doing this process. So with that in mind it looks clear that Wigan Council have yet again decided their own rules on this and are ignoring Government legislation. The question there is did this Government just introduce this legislation to say what they have done or is it Wigan Council looking at which laws they want to act on and which they do not.

State of the roads after the event.

Whilst I know that the Council is concentrating on the ice and snow at present I have notice that where the ice or snow as cleared there are now large pot holes appearing. I am not expert but think this is due to the fact that the snow is getting in the cracks on the road and when it is freezing they break the tarmac off the road. This is what could be making the roads bad in terms of pot holes. I have sent an email asking about this theory and asking if they are going to or have started thinking about this and how they will be repairing them once the weather has gone.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Driving Tips if you get stuck.

With all this severe weather that we are having I am hearing some tips if you get stuck driving.

First one, try an take a spade or shovel in the boot of the car where possible. It might be obvious but you would be surprised.

Second hint, keep card board in the boot as well as if you get stuck you can place this under the wheels and once the wheels touch the cardboard you will start moving forward. I hear if you have no cardboard car mats works as well.

Third hint, if you are stopped and trying to move try to set off in 2nd gear and move off slowly. Once moving keep the revs high.

For some more professional advice here is a web link as well.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Grit Bins Ordered

There have been many request for grit bins. With demand high as you can probably imagine. The Council criteria is the bins can be installed near school, on dangerous corners or on streets with hills.

I have spoken with the Council and have now had two requests being looked at. The council cannot say they will 100% installed the bins until there have looked at the sites but initial agreements have been agreed. One on Ravenwood on the Whitley School old estate and one outside or near woodfield school. These bins will be able to be used for the streets that they service and hopefully people will not steal the grit out of these bins for their drives. The grit will be for the streets as I say.
The bins are now on order but could take up to 3 weeks to be delivered and installed. If the weather has gone or ended by then at least they will be installed for next winter if needed. I do not like being reactive, I would prefer proactive but I think it is safe to say no one thought this would be like it is.

If you think your street need or could benefit from a grit bin please let me know.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Dangerous Roads

With this winter being so bad many if not all the side roads have been left ungritted and many people have said that Council should do this. The Council had said that they were not running out and had planned for it but I have just seen on the TV that they are running low.

I have asked the Council for some grit bins and grit for residents estate and streets. I have agreed to pay for these out of my brighter borough. Whilst i might not get them in time at least they will be there if needed in the future. But I will be trying to get these in place asap so that they might help.

The difficult is were the bins will go and which residents will spread the grit around. So some planning needed.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Whilst door knocking I have been to help with regards some residents getting an allotment. What I hear is there is a big waiting list for these not just in Wigan but across the Country which is a big surprise to me.

I have promised to help these residents and will be looking into this next week once the Council opens. It is a surprise what might crop up whilst knocking on doors.

Door Knocking Resumes

Today saw the start of my door knocking on doors. This has gone well. I have knocked on about 120 doors and the response as gone well with people asking about why I left the Tory Party and they fully understand and think it is good that I am free to vote for the people of Wigan rather than party lines.

I will continue this tomorrow afternoon as well.

One of the biggest thing that people have been asking about is grit and it does seem that the rumour is true that the Council ran out out of grit despite all the warnings that met office has been saying. I am looking to put things in place to stop this happening again.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for the coming year. Hopefully it will be a good year for you all.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst

Work over xmas.

Over the festive period I have been dealing with a number of issues. Roads not being gritted to people wanting allotments. On going issues that I am dealing with are people that have issues with Wigan and Leigh Housing.

I will be continuing with these issues once the Council opens up next week and will hopefully resolve them.