Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wigan Tories in Trouble - Again!

Since the 9 Sept of last year Tory Councillor Peter Thompson has not been seen at a Council Meeting. I believe that his marriage has broken down and that is a shame as there are children involved and also his business as failed too. Times are hard and business will fail but what seems to have happened creditors are keen to contact Cllr Thompson over monies owed but they cannot find him. What has this all got to do with me or you? Well it is my understanding that he has been collecting his allowance from the Council as a councillor on the Council but not doing anything for it, including attending meetings. I feel that if he has to go away from the area or can not attend to his public duties it would only be right that he does not collect his money from the Council.

I will be asking the Council what, if anything they can do, and hopefully the Tory Councillors group can make him pay the money back. This is a kind of theft in my eyes. What about yours?

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