Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mesnes Road Crossing cut.

Back in 2009 April I launched a campaign to improve the crossing on Mesnes Road. This is the crossing outside the Brockett.

The problem is many times when trying to cross from the Brockett side especially it can be difficult to cross because cars park across the crossing whilst their pessengers and drivers go into the shop or taxi's waiting for customers from the Brockett.

I was first promised a zebra crossing then I was promised, after the zebra was cancelled, a new pavement scheme to stop cars parking. But this has now been cancelled because of the funding cuts. This campaign was first promised something two years ago and Labour has stalled and I believe never intended to do anything here but pay lip service.

If elected on Thursday I will be fighting for this crossing to be put back on the to do list.

posters and signs going up to show support.

Whilst I was out in Swinley yesterday saw a number of my leaflets in people windows showing support. This is really good to see and there is some high profile sites having posters going up tomorrow as well.

Whilst out in the Whitley area met a number of residents who have already voted by postal vote and inform me that they have supported myself. Really good and encouraging signs, just need to keep it up and move up to the last phase.

With the last few days now and most of the leaflets out the campaign will move into it's next and last phase once the last leaflets are out by lunch time tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Twitter page

Why not follow me on Search for Cllrgwfairhurst. See you there.

Support is growing.

With the teams being out today delivering the majority of the main leaflets in various areas around the ward it is so encouraging to hear some really good comments about the first leaflet and this one too.

Whilst, I will not get complacent, it is encouraging to hear from you about the issues that I have raised and the work I have already ready done. I have responded to most of the people who have emailed me and I have spoken to everyone who has rangme and I promise to get to all those that have kindly written to me as well. The only way we can all make a difference is voting for Gareth Fairhurst next Thursday.

If any of you do want to contact me please contact me please do so.

With just under a week to go now some really encouraging signs and comments are coming forward so tell all your friends and neighbours and if any of you want to meet me please let me know too.

Thanks once again, this time next week we could have made the difference.

Friday, 18 February 2011

By Election going well.

With just under 2 weeks left before the by election in Wigan Central the response has been really positive and good. It will be an interesting election and at this time it seem that turnout will be a lot lower than last May when the general election was being run at the same time.

The first leaflet has had a good impact and the feedback positive. I have a number of residents now contact me via email, writing me letters and phoning on various issue and support.

More will follow in the next few weeks and no doubt things will hot up nearer the time.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wigan Independent Conservatives Fund Raiser

In this week's Wigan Observer are some pictures of the sportsman dinner that we did the other week at Ashfield House. It was a tremendous success with just short of 100 people there and all having a great time.

With guest speaker Alex Murphy it was a great night. Many guest commenting about how good the food was. Great location.

A number of guest have already asked when the next night is and we were thinking of a yearly event but this seems that we are going to put one on twice a year. It is good to see people having a good night out. Role on the next night.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Labour call their own work.

Labour has been out in Swinley area today - until they saw ourselves delivering our leaflets and then they quickly left. Any way as well as their main leaflet they put another leaflet saying, the pavements and potholes in the are are unacceptable. Well, it is Labour that run the Council and they are the ones that fund maintenance and approve or refuse maintenance work.

I guess what they are saying as we have not had a Labour Cllr in this area for years then we have left the area to rack and ruin. It goes to show what I have said for years Labour run the council just for their own and are not non political when it comes to the running of the Council

But for any resident in Swinley that think Labour will now be doing the maintenance of the potholes and pavements you are mistaken as Labour also say we can not promise to do the work. Another words they will be blaming the Tory Government soon, no doubt. When will Labour realise that just because they do not like the Government in power they must not play party politics with the residents of Wigan lives.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Policy Meeting ........What policy?

Last night was the policy meeting of Shevington Meeting. Not sure why they call it the policy meeting it has very little if non at all of policy just what ever they wanted to discuss including financial applications, which surely would go into a financial meeting?

The Chair, well one of the chairman as there are two - more of that later is clearly inept of running a meeting. I have tried to complain now several times to him about the clerk and the behaviour that she says and displays towards myself. The clerk is only there as a supporting role and not as running the meeting that is meant to be the Chairman's role, if he was able to do it. But the clerk continues not to inform the meeting of fact and several times said, "In her opinion" well we do not want your opinion as it is not allowed just the facts and relevant reports, if she brings them to the meeting, as she conveniently forgets when it suits, in my opinion.

Two chairs - I have often thought the the Parish Council only gave the position to Cllr John Ball for name sake but it is clearly being run from behind the scene by Cllr Barry King. Cllr King even gave the Chairman's his permission to move items on the agenda last night. Just goes to show Labour continue to do their old tricks.

As for the Parish Precept there was a draft letter that was shown to us last night and I was able to change significant information and also remove Labour Lies. What the Chairman would not allow or discuss was the fact that certain PC Cllrs agreed more with me this week in emails about the level of precept and there was moves to change the precept to a lower amount close to mine. I did say that this was unheard of changing a precept once agreed but I would support a change to a figure to mine but behind the scenes it seems that the real chair Cllr King blocked this move. Can not wait for the elections to out this person for what he really is.

Also the PC agreed tried to do a move in private and confidential move under contractors issues and I was disgusted with what I was hearing and said that I would not have anything to do with it and I would report it. All of a sudden a certain Cllr said they were not going to take part if being threatened and then the cards fell.

This kind of behaviour demonstrates the disgraceful way this PC is runs and I have had many emails to say the PC is changing and the Chair in Name Cllr Ball said last night the PC is not changing until after the elections. Well they will change then!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Labour Lies......again.

In the by election the Labour Party has put out their first leaflet. And whilst it is attacking the Tory/ Lib Dem government they seem to mislead and even lie to you the public. This election is not about national cuts that is why we have general elections.
Who are proposing to close library's throughout the borough - Labour Council.

Labour also says that the financial mess is all down to the bankers - partly true. On the 28th October the FSA as we know it was born. This was under a LABOUR Government. These were the people who were meant to protect the public and not let the bankers run away with it. But they failed. The FSA allowed big banks to give up to 5 times joint salary's meaning that the public were being financially stretched and then the public were allowed to buy their houses with 125% of the value of their houses. This should never have been allowed as disaster was written all over the place but LBOUR LET THE BANKERS GET AWAY WITH IT.

Labour says that Henry resign due to ill health. He has to as LABOUR pull the plug on him they had the power to keep him in for a few more months so that we could have had the by election and the local elections in May on the same day. This would have saved you over £10 000. Why did Labour force this by election? Because they want to see what will happen in May and if they can blame the government and the public blames the Tories and not Labour as after all it was under Labour that got us into this mess.

How does this Labour Leaflet show if they vote this person in as their LOCAL councillor what he will do locally? Simple answer - it does not!

Monday, 7 February 2011

By Election campaign about to start.

First leaflet is now complete and I have signed the proofs off now and the printers will be printing this week to get distributed throughout the ward soon.

Second leaflet is about top be designed and get a proof done too. All go.

Tories have done their first leaflet I hear and I hear Labour has started their campaign too. I think this just demonstrates their nervousness at not getting their vote out.

Friday, 4 February 2011

UKIP to stand in the Wigan Central By-Election

So the nominations closed today at noon for the the Wigan Central By election. I put my papers in yesterday morning and I believe that Keith Jones is standing for the ukip party again.

This is not the first time Keith has stood in a by election for Wigan Central as he was standing for the Tories in 2007 but pulled his nominations just hours before the deadline because he was disagreeing with the Conservative Leader Michael Winstanley and Henry Cadman.

He has since stood a numerous times for UKIP just gaining a handful of votes only but what worries me is that the last time I was talking to him he informed me that he was looking to emigrate, poss to the USA. So if he is elected will he resign the office of Councillor for Wigan Central or will he do what former lib dem Cllr Philip Thompson do and that was moved to the usa and was contactable by email. Either way if he is still looking to move out there he can not serve the public just proving that voting is a waste and I guess that is why he only gets a handful of votes.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Complaint against me.....AGAIN!

Today I received a letter from the head of legal services on Wigan Council to inform me that yet again a person (attached to Labour) made an allegation that I was rude and insulting to them and the Clerk and Parish Councillprs. But yet this complaint comes from who shouted out from the public gallery... "Look at the soft sod spitting his dummy out." Now if they thought that when they made these kind of remarks and not get a reaction there are wrong.If there wanted a reaction they got a reaction.

Also the complainant said that I was disclosing private matters in confidential items to the public. but if they are a member of the public and a Labour Hack then how would they know what was being said in confidential items unless they were being told.

The truth of the matter I knew that Labour would get up to their usual tricks coming up to the elections and the fact that the Standards Committee has rejected it straight out just goes to show that the are desperate and will try any tactic to get rid of me. Why not stand against me if you want to get rid of me Mr Moates?

I have no doubt that the PC and it's members are concluding already on their next complaint against me. Whilst they are busy playing stupid games I will continue the way that this useless Parish Council works and will continue to fight for a fair deal for the residents of Shevington and to get them a referendum.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lockerbie Bomber!

It is a disgrace if what the Telegraph reports today about Labour being the ones forcing the release of the bomber of the Lockerbie bomber. When in the UK does life mean life. Labour did not only force or influence the release they advised the Libyans on how they could get him out. What a disgrace!

Labour yet again lied when they said they had nothing to do with it. Just goes to show how much damage they have done with all their lies.

I know this is an international story and my blog has been about local issues but this out rages me.