Friday, 30 April 2010

Election update

With one week to go for the Election I can say what a fantastic reaction I have had.

In all parts of the Ward, Whitley, Swinley and Scholes some really good responses. I like to thank all those that I have met but it is not over yet. With just a couple of streets left now for the 2nd leaflet to go out, which I have posted on the blog, I have now getting the 3rd leaflet coming from the printers coming very soon.

At the Last Full Council it was clear that the Tories were "Rattled" because of the campaign that I have put out. But to be fair I think the Tories campaign is a disgrace. All that they have put out is just photo copy type a4 leaflets that quite frankly says nothing. The Tories have mass resources but yet this is the type of campaign that they do.

I have tried to put out a good colourful campaign and it is really good that residents in Swinley and Whitley have come out and asked if they can help with the next leaflet and get involved. This is good that people are obviously responding positively and also want to get involved in the Election but what happens after and join and help our party.

With that I am now going doing more leaflets and also got a meeting with senior officers over some major issues that are going on and I will post the results soon.

Monday, 26 April 2010

David Cameron to open New boys and Girls club.

The Conservatives in Wigan say that they are against the proposed boys and girls club on Mesnes field and they have been leading the Way. The local residents do not recognise this as they have only seen one councillor doing anything against this, which is myself.

But what is interesting is that David Cameron is reportedly agreed to open the Centre should it open. So here's the question. How can the Conservatives be against the proposed development only to have their leader open it? Or is it a case that they say one thing, do nothing and mean another!

Yet more proof that there is only ONE councillor fighting to save mesnes Playing Field and the Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group are only backing one councillor and that is me.

The Torys should come clean and tell the truth!

2nd Leaflet drop

Over the weekend saw the launch of the 2nd leaflet drop, which is 1st of the main leaflets. On Saturday saw all of Scholes and Whelley covered and yesterday saw a massive effect by helpers to do ALL of Swinley so a big thank you there to all the helpers.

Some might be reading this and thinking about is this important, but to get 5000 leaflets out in a short space of time is a massive effort. I have had 2 of the 4 leaflets out now and we have another 2 leaflets to come out and we will have a short time to get them out. It really is hard work but hopefully worth it.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Tory Candidate propose to go for people in Swinley to be taxed for having two cars.

At a recent residents meeting the topic was parking in Swinley. The Tory Candidate said that people with TWO or more cars should be taxed more for taking up more spaces on the road. This is bizarre. This is a person who says that he has lived in Swinley all his life and know what people want. When I speak to residents in the area being taxed more is not something they want.

If I am re elected I will make sure that the Tory or has he likes to be known, the official conservative candidate, ( why is there an unofficially one? Would not be the first time the torys fall out between themselves.)idea of taxing residents in Swinley more. The Tory's are out of touch.

A vote for Gareth would be a vote for lower tax not higher taxes.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Support for Gareth goes sky high!!!

With support for my election at the local election growing. Now it has gone sky high! This is a picture of one of the new banners for my election on the high rise flats in Scholes Wigan. Wonder where the next one will pop up?

Friday, 16 April 2010

Wigan Independent Conservatives set trend.

When we left the main Tory party and set up a local party, Wigan Independent Conservatives we did this just because we wanted to stick to local issue as main stream national party politics should not get in the way at a local level.

However what we did not realise was our thoughts would be emulated across the Country and there are now a number of Independents across the country and more being set up. I have had calls for months now from London, the south Coast, Bromsgrove, Sheffield and Lancaster. We have helped these set up and setting up and it just goes to show more and more want to keep national politics out at a local level.

In a press release Cllr gareth Fairhurst said, " It is great that our ideas and thoughts are more and more common in this day and age and shows that a new era is coming and that is local issues matter more than national party politics. If this continues we will have Independent Conservatives all over the country and Wigan was the birth place."

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Confused about the elections?

This year when you go to vote it will be slightly different. This is because the General Election is on the same day as the Local Election. So you will be given two different colour ballot papers. One will be for who you want to be your local councillor, who will be represent you in Wigan Town Hall. The other paper will be for the person who you want to represent you at the Houses of Commons. They would be your MP.

Now if you vote for a Labour candidate in the General Election you don't have to vote for a Labour Candidate at the Local Election. This is just an example you don't have to even vote at both elections. You can vote just for the local Councillor or just the MP you want.

Don't be fooled by this strategic move. Use you vote wisely. Vote for a candidate that works for you and not a national party at the local election.

Vote Gareth Fairhurst

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Big Thank You.

Today saw the big launch of my first leaflet of four. Wow what a team. After 11 hours of hard work we managed to do the whole of Whelley and 95% of Swinley in one day. Great work team.

A big thanks. We even had time to go over and help the Shevington team out which has now not only put us ahead of schedule in Wigan Central Ward but Shevington Too.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Will turn out be low?

My first election flyer came out yesterday, quick out of the blocks, but whilst out in the area that I was in an elderly lady said that I could keep my flyer. I asked her if it was a case that she did not like me or was voting for some one else. She then said something quite sad. I have always voted and with all the scandals with expenses I am not going to vote for the first time in my life.

What a shame that the people that create these scandals make us all look bad. In my view that is why ALL people should be exposed. I know the Labour Cllr who can not drive and claimed expenses paid the money back but she brought us all into disrepute but then you have the Tory Cllr that has done the same and they have not paid the money back. The sooner that bit is resolved the better then it is up to the Police and Standards Committee what punishment they get. I know what I would do to them. Red Card!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fire Fighters need our support

My thoughts are with the families of the two firefighters who lost thier lives in Southampton over night.

Whilst this might not have happened in Wigan there are 5 high rise flats in my Ward and the bravery the firefighters show when tackling fires shows how much we should appreciate them.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sometimes you just need to relax.

Whilst not only a councillor but am the party leader to I have been running round over the last few weeks with not only my Council duties but making sure that all the other candidates are in place and election material is done and sent to the printers.

So over the weekend I decided that with being so busy and it was going to get worse I would have a family weekend. Fantastic. A few outings and some quality time it suddenly came to me that I had not got my nominations papers filled in for me. With these being to be in for later this week I thought I would be running round. With a few quick calls I set out and got the papers signed which took all of 40 mins from leaving home to getting back home. But it was so interesting that people rang in saying that I had been to so and so house to get the papers signed and if I wanted I could go there and they would sign. It was really nice to know that there is m ore support out there than what I first thought. So thanks to all those that signed and wanted to sign.

But what came to me was if I had not relaxed would I have remembered, I hope I would. So if you are running round like I know many people are with their lives that just try and relax. It does help as I found out.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Charles Street bay to be removed as a priority

I have been campaigning to get the single parking bay on Charles Street North side removed. You can see from previous posts on this blog that this is such a small issue in the grand scheme of things but important to local residents.

The Council are conducting a full survey in Swinley and this will take time to conclude. With any changes there are costs and rightly so the Council wanted to do all the changes at the same time to keep cost down. I would agree with this but have asked for the bay to be removed as a priority as I feel it is a hazard and the Council now agree that they can remove it as a priority. Good results but there is a bit further to go with making the area better for the future with maybe some enhancements.

I will keep working with the residents to get the best results for them.

Labour join the Torys in watching this Blog.

I have learnt today that senior Labour figures are watching this blog and running tell tales to the Council. Someone has told me something today that they knew of a letter from the Council to myself. They would have only known about this if they had been close to the source so yet confirmation that the Tory's, Labour and even the senior officials of the Council are taking an interest in this blog.

Whilst some of you that may not know the significance on this but it shows and demonstrates that they are keen to learn of what I am doing and getting involved with. They do this to try and trip me up to get me removed of the Council which they all continue to do.

If they want to get me out why not listen to the people of Wigan and work for them and get their trust back. But they think that that the smear campaign that they are planning is the answer.

No wonders the majority of people do not trust politicians and do not vote.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wow - what a leaflet!

I have just completed the design of the first leaflet out of the four that I plan over the election period. And I am biased but it is good. I am not just saying that as I know the Tory's watch this site and try and find out things. Maybe they should concentrated on themselves rather than worrying about others.

But back to the point I am very impressed and when it goes to the printers and get them delivered I hope that the residents appreciate the time that I have put in and once the delivery is complete I will post on the site two. I guess by that time I will be delivering leaflet two.

It is a big thing to get 5000 leaflets out each week and I thank the helpers that have agreed to help, with out them I would not be able to do it but today I have had confirmation of some exciting new opportunity for me in this election and will share shortly.

I guess from next week once the deadlines has been and gone for nomination papers we will be in the full swing but I do have a big surprise in week 4 of the election but again can't share at this moment due to the obvious reasons, hi to the tory's again.

If any one wants to help get involved please feel free to contact myself.