Thursday, 8 April 2010

Will turn out be low?

My first election flyer came out yesterday, quick out of the blocks, but whilst out in the area that I was in an elderly lady said that I could keep my flyer. I asked her if it was a case that she did not like me or was voting for some one else. She then said something quite sad. I have always voted and with all the scandals with expenses I am not going to vote for the first time in my life.

What a shame that the people that create these scandals make us all look bad. In my view that is why ALL people should be exposed. I know the Labour Cllr who can not drive and claimed expenses paid the money back but she brought us all into disrepute but then you have the Tory Cllr that has done the same and they have not paid the money back. The sooner that bit is resolved the better then it is up to the Police and Standards Committee what punishment they get. I know what I would do to them. Red Card!

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