Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wow - what a leaflet!

I have just completed the design of the first leaflet out of the four that I plan over the election period. And I am biased but it is good. I am not just saying that as I know the Tory's watch this site and try and find out things. Maybe they should concentrated on themselves rather than worrying about others.

But back to the point I am very impressed and when it goes to the printers and get them delivered I hope that the residents appreciate the time that I have put in and once the delivery is complete I will post on the site two. I guess by that time I will be delivering leaflet two.

It is a big thing to get 5000 leaflets out each week and I thank the helpers that have agreed to help, with out them I would not be able to do it but today I have had confirmation of some exciting new opportunity for me in this election and will share shortly.

I guess from next week once the deadlines has been and gone for nomination papers we will be in the full swing but I do have a big surprise in week 4 of the election but again can't share at this moment due to the obvious reasons, hi to the tory's again.

If any one wants to help get involved please feel free to contact myself.

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