Sunday, 24 July 2016

Linda Fisher Sacked

Everyone knows that I am fully against bullying in the Town hall and battled to clearing up Wigan Politics. People often says politics is a dirty business and in Wigan that is certainly true.

Linda Fisher was the head of the Legal Services in Wigan Town hall and she once tried to bully me, but that failed. It is often said you will get found out and some months ago Linda Fisher disappeared from work at the Town Hall and I can reveal that I have heard from sources within the corridor of powers at the Town Hall for Bullying.

Another officer also went off sick and it is believed it is that person that blew the whistle. I am not going to name that officer as I do not believe it is right to do so, nor fair on them. Fair play for them for having the strength to stand up to such a person in such a powerful position.

I would like to think that things are moving in the right direction at the town Hall if what I have heard is true and she has been sacked for bullying. Sometime ago you would have a cover up and people would have got away with it. However, the hierarchy at the Town Hall are not saying much about  it and it is obvious that they want to keep the treatment quiet.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Wigan Council strike off 2 planning apps for Standish

Tomorrow Wigan Council was due to discuss and vote on 2 planning applications for Standish. These 2 total yet another 200 houses approx for Standish and will take it the total to nearly 2000 houses for Standish.

However, I have made a complaint some weeks ago about Ray Whittingham and if he is allowed to sit on the committee due to him getting funding from a Standish Developer in his election campaign. Wigan Council have confirmed that they are investigating this but had not come back to me yet. This morning I sent an email asking, and reminding them of this, and then this afternoon the head of planning and the Chair of Planning Committee decided not to hear the 2 planning applications tomorrow. I hear this is due to the ongoing investigation and we have asked for clarification as I cannot not see why the whole process should not be heard tomorrow.

Although the recommendation were to allow the 2 applications the Cllrs could have refused them as requested by myself and the 2 other Standish Independent Cllrs. Now the applicant can apply to the planning inspector to decide whether to allow these allow these applications or not. That would take money yet again out of Standish because if the decision is determined by the inspector the developer pays less fees.

We are against both of these applications and that is why we called them into the planning committee to decide and the planning committee were going to hear from Cllr George Fairhurst tomorrow on why to turn them down but now they will not hear that and allow the developer to go direct to the planning inspector unless they decide to give Wigan council more time.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More homes for Standish

We have had now a number of years battling housing development in Standish. Wigna Council and Labour (who controls the council) say that they restricted developments for Standish at 1000 houses but yet here we are with two more housing applications for Standish going before the Planning Committee and the recommendation is to pass both of these next week. That will take the housing coming to Standish not far off the 2000 mark, which I said that Labour and the Council will allow in the election.

This is yet again Labour and Wigan Council lying to the people of Standish and selling Standish out. and why? Because they will get yet more millions for them. this money will be taken out of Standish and put into areas of Deprivation where Labour has Cllr. This to me is daylight robbery as we need the money in Standish if we have to have all of these houses put on us.