Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More homes for Standish

We have had now a number of years battling housing development in Standish. Wigna Council and Labour (who controls the council) say that they restricted developments for Standish at 1000 houses but yet here we are with two more housing applications for Standish going before the Planning Committee and the recommendation is to pass both of these next week. That will take the housing coming to Standish not far off the 2000 mark, which I said that Labour and the Council will allow in the election.

This is yet again Labour and Wigan Council lying to the people of Standish and selling Standish out. and why? Because they will get yet more millions for them. this money will be taken out of Standish and put into areas of Deprivation where Labour has Cllr. This to me is daylight robbery as we need the money in Standish if we have to have all of these houses put on us.

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