Sunday, 24 July 2016

Linda Fisher Sacked

Everyone knows that I am fully against bullying in the Town hall and battled to clearing up Wigan Politics. People often says politics is a dirty business and in Wigan that is certainly true.

Linda Fisher was the head of the Legal Services in Wigan Town hall and she once tried to bully me, but that failed. It is often said you will get found out and some months ago Linda Fisher disappeared from work at the Town Hall and I can reveal that I have heard from sources within the corridor of powers at the Town Hall for Bullying.

Another officer also went off sick and it is believed it is that person that blew the whistle. I am not going to name that officer as I do not believe it is right to do so, nor fair on them. Fair play for them for having the strength to stand up to such a person in such a powerful position.

I would like to think that things are moving in the right direction at the town Hall if what I have heard is true and she has been sacked for bullying. Sometime ago you would have a cover up and people would have got away with it. However, the hierarchy at the Town Hall are not saying much about  it and it is obvious that they want to keep the treatment quiet.

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