Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wigan Council do secret deal.

On Wigan Lane two beautiful houses where demolished over 15 mths ago. After a number of letters from the Council to say that these houses were not to be knocked down the developer just did what he wanted.

At the beginning the Council agreed with myself and said that Legal action would be appropriate and it is not often that me and the Council agree but we did and that was good.

Now a secret deal has been done behind closed doors where the owner will not be prosecuted but will build 5 detached homes instead. Whilst it is a good thing that after 15 mths of neglect the site will be cleaned up it should never have taken this long to be done.

The Council did a fantastic job of making if the developer knocked the houses down they could get a good prosecution and then they back down. Just proves that they are all talk but no action to these developers, which is a shame after the Council did a good job on enforcement on the homes in Standish by Wain Homes.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Council to make 800 redundant

It has been announced that Wigan Council has admitted finally that due to financial conditions that they are looking to loss up to 800 jobs. They have not ruled out compulsory redundancy's. What I wonder and have asked, is out of the 800 how many of these people will be people on salary's over £50 000. I would guess that this is not going to be many and the fact that it will be lower paid officers of the Council who will suffer.

It also raises questions of the number of days that senior officers spend time working for Wigan Council. An example is the Chief Executive, who is a highly qualified person, but has spent a number of days working in London for the Civil Servants, and whilst the taxpayers of Wigan did not pick up the bill for her expenses they did not pick up her wages bill which is £200 000 a year approx.

Whilst I am sure that this could be part of her CPD and could help further her career the wages that Wigan Taxpayers pay her is significant and she does need to make sure that all her time is for Wigan unless she does this kind of work on holiday leave.

This is not a criticism on her as any one will look after their own interest first it is up to her employers, The Councillors should make sure that all senior officers devote all paid time to Wigan Taxpayers, surely that is not to much to ask.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Have your say

Wigan Council is under going a review on parish councils and townships. It is important that you have your say. I know the are a large number of residents in Shevington that do not want to have the Parish Council and there is a petition going round at present on this.

But click on the link below no matter which area you live in and have your say in your area.


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wigan Council agree to pay Cllr Cadman for over 12 months on full pay.

As many will know Cllr Henry Cadman, the Conservative Councillor for Wigan Central had a stroke at the beginning of March. Whilst I am sure you will all agree that we wish him a speedy recovery I heard that he is now in a full time home. His Council phone and laptop have been returned to the Council.

Under normal rules a Council is on full pay for six months then if they have not recovered or attended any more meetings there is a by election. However the Council found a loop hole that said that if Full Council agree before the six months they can extend this to any time they like. They have now extended this in reality to next May 2011, which means that Cllr Cadman will have been on full pay for 14 months. The Councillors all except that he will not be returning but yet allow him to continue on full pay for another 9 months after his full 6 months pay runs out. But the Council are looking to cut cost and cutting over time and making people redundant and here is a man who is not able to do his job but gets 15 months full pay.

Also that means that there are only two Councillors for the Wigan Central Ward for 15 months but yet the residents are paying for three and whilst I am sure the residents would not be concerned over this for the normally allowed 6 months I think they are for 15 months. But the Councillors allowing Cllr Cadman to stay on whilst ill says that they think that the Ward, which is one of the most diverse Wards can mange with just two Councillors. So why not cut all Wards to Two Councillors and that will save over £300 000.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Labour Councillor banned from Labour club.

It is reported that Labour Councillor, Emma McGurrin has been banned from a Wigan Labour Club. Apparently she had a disagreement in Whelley Labour Club with another member. She was asked to leave and then been banned.

She has said that she was banned some time ago, but if that was true why did she go in the club? This is not the first time she has been in the middle of controversy as she stood for the Makerfield Labour Candidate but lost and when she did she said that the vote was rigged.

This latest incident is being blamed on jealousy as she is claiming that she has turned her life around and other don't like it. If this is what turned around looks like I wouldn't want to see what it was like before!

Cllr Robert Bleaklet Suspended for 6 Months

Yesterday Liberal Democrat Cllr Robert Bleakley was suspended as a Cllr for 6 mths, I hear. This was due to not showing respect to an officer of Wigan Council. Whilst I do not know the full facts of the case I know Robert to be hard working as a Councillor and is likely and well respected in his respective Ward of Tydlesley.

He will be suspended for 6 months I am not sure if he will appeal this or take it on the chin but he will be able to return in 6 months time and no by election will be needed. Whilst I am sure that Robert is glad that no lengthy ban has been imposed at least he can take comfort that he can return after the ban.

What is interesting is the fact that this has all stemmed from a flippant comment and some one did not like it. The hearing yesterday was heard at Kilhey Court Standish all at the tax payers cost and I wonder what this has all cost and was it really worth it?

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ex Councillor Bill Wilkes Dies

It is sad to repotr that Ex Cllr Bill Wilkes died over the Weekend. Bill was elected the same time as muself and also kicked off the same time too. He was first elected as cap Cllr but left a few years ago to join the independents.

Bill had been ill for some time and our thought are with his family at this time.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Residents need to stand together not with politicians!

As my time as Councillor and also not a Councillor I have been involved with many many different times of resident groups. What I like about some of these are the fact that local residents want a direct influence in their local community and want to make a positive contribution.

What is always a bad idea is when local Councillors, MP's and want to be politicians want to get on their committees are infiltrate these kind of group. They was even a leaked document from a labour a few years ago sending a clear message to their supports to infiltrate these kind of groups along with others.

Whilst the residents need the support of their local officials it is always a good idea to keep the two types of people separated for obvious reasons. The residents should run the groups and seek guidance and support from who they deem fit but not get the politicians on the committees as this can lead to disaster. What any candidate or political minded person should do, in my humble opinion, is be honest with the group and maybe say ,"I want to make a positive contribution to the local area as well but I am a political minded person with ties to one party or another." It does not matter which party they belong to so long as they are honest about the motives and that way all can work together in a positive way knowing that there are no hidden agendas.

I have seen a number of residents groups fail because for one reason or another because they have been infiltrated and I hope that all groups now and in the future say non political for their own sake.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Cameron backs Boys and Girls Club

I said some time ago that David Cameron has agreed to open the Boys and Girls Club. The Tories in Wigan has said they were leading the opposition against this. Now what the real question is, where the Tories saying the truth in the election are where they saying anything to get votes, even though they had been exposed in their lies.

With the Village Green application now been concluded the club is getting to be more of a reality and the field will be lost for ever and the Tories were in favour of destroying this field all along.