Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wigan Council agree to pay Cllr Cadman for over 12 months on full pay.

As many will know Cllr Henry Cadman, the Conservative Councillor for Wigan Central had a stroke at the beginning of March. Whilst I am sure you will all agree that we wish him a speedy recovery I heard that he is now in a full time home. His Council phone and laptop have been returned to the Council.

Under normal rules a Council is on full pay for six months then if they have not recovered or attended any more meetings there is a by election. However the Council found a loop hole that said that if Full Council agree before the six months they can extend this to any time they like. They have now extended this in reality to next May 2011, which means that Cllr Cadman will have been on full pay for 14 months. The Councillors all except that he will not be returning but yet allow him to continue on full pay for another 9 months after his full 6 months pay runs out. But the Council are looking to cut cost and cutting over time and making people redundant and here is a man who is not able to do his job but gets 15 months full pay.

Also that means that there are only two Councillors for the Wigan Central Ward for 15 months but yet the residents are paying for three and whilst I am sure the residents would not be concerned over this for the normally allowed 6 months I think they are for 15 months. But the Councillors allowing Cllr Cadman to stay on whilst ill says that they think that the Ward, which is one of the most diverse Wards can mange with just two Councillors. So why not cut all Wards to Two Councillors and that will save over £300 000.

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