Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wigan Council do secret deal.

On Wigan Lane two beautiful houses where demolished over 15 mths ago. After a number of letters from the Council to say that these houses were not to be knocked down the developer just did what he wanted.

At the beginning the Council agreed with myself and said that Legal action would be appropriate and it is not often that me and the Council agree but we did and that was good.

Now a secret deal has been done behind closed doors where the owner will not be prosecuted but will build 5 detached homes instead. Whilst it is a good thing that after 15 mths of neglect the site will be cleaned up it should never have taken this long to be done.

The Council did a fantastic job of making if the developer knocked the houses down they could get a good prosecution and then they back down. Just proves that they are all talk but no action to these developers, which is a shame after the Council did a good job on enforcement on the homes in Standish by Wain Homes.

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