Saturday, 31 October 2009

Elected Mayor - Facebook page

I have posted a fun item on face book relating to elected mayors. At present Wigan Council has to think about if they want to go down this route or stay with the same system that they have Cabinet and Leader.

So this page is if you were the Elected Mayor in Wigan what would you do?

The link is below so why not click on and say what you would do.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Busy Week

It has been a relative busy week hence no daily updates.

I have been involved with the Mesnes Playing Field where a Super Youth Club is being proposed. Like I have said I have met with Martin Ainscough the person who had the idea if this Club in Wigan and also Dave Whelan, who is also a major person behind this scheme. I like the commitment these two individuals with Mr Bill Ainscough have shown towards this but the location I have a problem with as as one resident has said this area is Wigans' Garden! I have proposed that the charity that has been set up to open this club look at and evaluate the old Town Hall Site.

At last week Overview and Scrutiny meeting it was declared that a decision had only been made in principle when the Council said at that same meeting no decision had been made as it could not have legally have done this. With this in mind I will be referring this to the district auditor next week so he can have a look at this.

Also I have been helping residents over trees that have over shadowing their property in Scholes and the Council are setting things in motion to get these trees removed all together and I will be speaking with the Council and the residents next week to finalise this issue.

All the damage bridge in Leyland Mill lane. This is were the tops have been damaged and are missing and I have asked the Council to get a quote to repair this and I will look to pay for this work out of Brighter Borough Fund.

Finally I have been putting the final steps in place to get the fence put up at the side of the Cherry Gardens and have the land cleaned up in the next beat it clean up which is in the next week or two.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Barbara Nettleton Leaves Township!

A hard working member of the community Barbara Nettleton has resigned from the Wigan North Township as chair. In a statement read to the meeting she said that she was disgusted at the way the Council has worked and how it has used her, her residents association and others for their own end.

This is because the Council have dismissed a member of staff, the town ship manager and Barbara is disgusted that this witch hunt has been allowed to go on the way that it has.

What is interesting about this is the fact that Barbara also used to be a member of the Labour Party and quit that too. It goes to show that people are having enough of Labour in Wigan and one of the main reasons is because of the way this Councils operates and works.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Victory for parking in Charles Street

As another post on the blog I was fighting the ridiculous situation with the parking in Charles Street. This was where two parking bays were opposite each other and causing obstruction. I have had word today from the Council that the parking bay on the north of the road will be removed and double yellow lines put in. Good news.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Call in date

The call in for the Youth Facility on Mesnes Playing Field is set for 22 October. I have requested that the Leader of the Council attend and answer question. He has not responded to the request by Cllr Officers and I have asked for them to chase him.

Also I think I am in the final stages of applying to the High Court to review the Dam situation I just need one more piece of info and then I think I will be able to apply.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Call In

Last week the Cabinet met to decide the first stage of the proposed boys and girls club on Mesnes Playing Field. I have called this decision in now which means that no further action can take place until a spacial meeting as met, including myself, where by we can scrutinise this decision and then send it back to be re looked at.

The reason why I have done this is because the report that Cabinet voted on is so vague and unsubstantial that I do not believe that any reasonable person could vote upon it. The meeting will take place in the next 2 weeks and it has been supported by a large number of Opposition Councillors with the except of the Tories as not one member of them have supported this call in and demonstrates true to form the joining of the Labour Party and Tories in Wigan.