Sunday, 30 June 2013

The week that ended......30 June 2013

The week started with me visiting the new youth zone and my full thoughts are here .Time will tell if it is worth the money or not. For me I am still cynical about it but if I am wrong it wouldn't be too bad.

Also we have another planning application in for another supermarket. The planning app for this is on Wigan council web site and a link is here . Also we have some communications that a developer is wanting to build another 130 houses in Standish and my comments on both are here, under the heading Standish under attack.

On Wednesday night I attended the call in meeting for the Council's Cabinet decision to allow approximate 1000 houses in Standish. It was clear that the Labour Chairman didn't like the fact that I had call the decision in, which meant I was happy with it, and then it was clear he wanted to try and stifle debate from me but allow others to try and muddy the water. The thing is that he can't get away from the fact the Council are looking to allow approximate 1000 houses in Standish and the people will not forget this. All Labour and Conservatives Cllrs voted to build 1000's of new houses in Standish and Lowton and Golborne. Disgraceful! With that decision allowed we will have to wait for the planning inspector final decision, which is due out in July 2013.

Today I visited the Daddy Duck race at the investment centre and it was great to see so many there and so much raised for the cause and I think Corey should be on the bbc show apprentice with his selling skills, Brilliant, he certainly wasn't frightened to keep asking people to buy the wristbands. Well done Corey, what a great idea you had thinking of this.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Update Meeting on Housing

Don't forget that on Monday night at 7.30pm we are holding an update meeting with regards the housing situations in Standish.

The meeting will be held in the Unity Club on Cross Street. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Standish under attack - again!

Standish under attack
Standish is under another house attack. Residents on and near Chorley Road, have had the leaflet below through their doors. This is saying that Jones Homes are looking to put a planning application in for 130 homes. Whilst we can't object to the Council yet, as the application hasn't gone in, we can write to the developer with our concerns and objections.

a planning application has gone in for another supermarket. This is Sainsbury's, I believe, my concerns is that a number of houses will be demolished, plus Walsh's funeral parlour plus the office building. This will open up the site. My concerns is that it will change the character of that part of Standish. Whilst I am not to concerned with some kind of development behind the current buildings I do think the footage should be retained. Have a look at the application here and see what you think.
I am guessing the meeting on Monday will be full. This meeting will take place at the Unity Club at 7.30pm and all residents are welcome. The purpose of the meeting is to update people with where things are up too.
See you there.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Visit to the new Wigan Youth Zone


When this idea was first muted back in 2008/2009 I was a councillor for Wigan Central Ward. This area covered the centre of Wigan and residents around the area of the club, Swinley and other surrounding areas had serious concerns about the proposal. I agreed with them. The land was first of all given to the people of Wigan to play sports, especially cricket. Therefore it wasn't right that Wigan Council let this land go, as it was theirs to give away. That's the first point.

Secondly there was the argument, is the idea right and in the right location. After speaking with Martin Ainscough I was behind the idea of the club but I wasn't behind the location. I even went to the trouble of trying to secure other sites for the club. None of these where considered as the sponsors said Wigan Council had agreed the land at Mesnes playing fields.

Next is the size. I felt that the idea is right but I did worry that it is a large building and therefore needs a lot of children to go through. All the other youth zones around the country are a lot smaller, so I am told.


The Council are contributing £400 000 to this venture per year. Some may think that is a good thing and good value and some will say it is not, given the cuts that are being faced. This issue is subjective and it depends on your view point. For example some other cuts have had to be made from other youth facilities to make this £400 000, so if your club is one that is not getting funding now or reduced funding then you will probably disagree with this £400 000. For me it's about value for money. If previously the £400 000 benefited say 100 children and now this money will benefit 3000 children at the youth zone it is clear that we are getting more value for money/But we need to find out what the figures are to be able to truly judge. I doubt we would get the true figures for the past, as I don't trust the Council.


The next issue is, is this club sustainably? In the original plan the cost was £1 per visit and to only cost the Council £400 000 it needed 3000 visits per week. Now that the entry figure has been reduced to 50p that would mean that more children need to go through. Originally it need 3000 visits per week now it will need more. I believe that the entry fee is only a small part of the income stream so therefore will not need to have 6000 visits to keep the figure at £400 000 from the Council. What this figure is I would expect it needs to be around 4000 - 45000 visits per week at a quick estimate to keep the cost at £400 000.

If the club makes a loss then the Council would be the ones that would need to pick the bill up, which is a concern to me as it could cost the rate payers more than first envisaged. Seeing as there is no cap from the Council then this could be a lot more than the £400 000.

So my visit

So one of the volunteers got into a discussion with me on twitter about it which lead me to be invited. I met the manager there and he kindly showed me round and talked through their visions and what they offer and I thank him for his time.

The facility is well stocked with activities to do for youngsters and also offer a lot for them to do as well. I was there for just over an hour and saw the start of their day, i.e 4pm. When I arrived there was a queue to get into the centre which is a good sign that the club is popular. When I left at around 5.15pm there was an increased number of children there too. The numbers of visits was impressive for last week too. One of the things that I was impressed with was the fact they have a gym and this is for girls only between 4 and 5pm each nigh during the week and all girls of different abilities were attending that area and apparently it is very popular. This is uncommon in the other youth zones, so I am lead to be believed. Hopefully this trend will continue.

The centre is new and it is evident that it is popular but the test is always will it test time? I am unsure either way. I do feel that it is a big club and to try and keep the momentum will be a challenge, but not impossible. Although it is evident that is popular at the moment but can the visits that the club is experiencing at the moment  be sustained? I personally would think that there will be a fall off but it is to what extent that fall off would go at. A good friend of mine tells me that his children go every night but he think it will get to much travelling into Wigan every night, so it might get less frequent. If these children are the typical and if that happens then the visits could fall to about 2500 per week but then it will be up to the club to try and get more children interested, so as some absorb some of the fall off rate.

I remain sceptical to whether it will last but I could be proved wrong. One thing I will fight for is that the taxpayers only pay the agreed amount of £400 000 and no more.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The week that ended.....23 June 2013

What a week! It started with a meeting on Monday night between opposition groups discussing their treatment that we all feel that we are having from the Council, including officers. The reason why we have an issue is that officers are meant to be impartial and unbiased but we feel that some are not. The meeting was not top secret but the press found out about it and they covered it. In my 7 years as a Cllr have I seen relations this bad before and I blame the head of the ship, the Chief Executive.


Next I have had numerous reports from parents about one particular child heading a gang are bullying other children out of school. They seem to have this sense that they cannot be touched out of school. Wrong! I have seen the child concerned and told him that I will stop his behaviour unless he decides to stop it first. The police are involved with at least one incident and if we have to go for an asbo, then so be it but this is Standish and not Platt Bridge and the community and myself will not tolerate it.

Standish High School Summer Concert

Wednesday night I was fortunate to attend Standish High school summer music performance. I am also a governor at the school. The concert was excellent and all the students played and sang really well. There was some outstanding performance too from a couple of them. Well done to all the students that took part. Standish has a history of outstanding musician  from here, including the Georgina Jackson, who I not only attended Standish High with but also played along side in The Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra and other bands. Georgina is playing in this years jazz festival in Wigan and well worth watching. Here is the link for further information.

Competitive Sports Day - Woodfold

Towards the end of the week I was again fortunate to have the pleasure of attending Woodfold Primary School sports day. This was not only a great day but the first competitive sports day too for a primary school and I believe other schools are watching this and set to follow the school. I am fully behind this and I think it is great that competitive sports day are brought back and well done to the head and staff there for re-introducing this.


I have had numerous complaints from residents about the state of the grass on Ashfield. The Council have said they have not cut it as short as they want to rest the fields for the football season. So much for them telling us it was for the residents. I am told that it will be cut again shortly.

New Business in the Village

It is always good to see a new business set up in the Village, especially when it is not a new take away. This weekend saw thebodyandbeautyclinic open up on Preston Road. Well done for that and good luck with your new venture.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Standish Young Musicians

The other night I attended Standish High School summer concert. Yet again another great night and talent. With a number of great musicians that have come up at Standish it is good to see the tradition is continuing.

The concert include pupils playing instruments to singing pop and rock songs, concluding with a rock performance by a band of pupils performing Guns and Roses Sweet Child of mine.

With another young Standish musicians at Woodfold school in a national competition, it is good to know that yet more great musicians are coming up.

I think it would be a great idea to celebrate these young musicians and working on something special. So if you are young, connected to Standish and a musician keep watching this space. Some exciting news coming soon.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ashfield Grass length

A number of residents have contacted me and Cllr George Fairhurst over the length of grass at Ashfield. We have asked the Council about this and they have come back with the grass was cut on the 11th and no one has booked the fields so no one should be using it.

What a disgrace! So the Council are trying to say we only get to use Ashfield if we pay for it.

Call in of the Core Strategy Response

In today's Wigan Evening Post you will see that I have called in the decision by this Labour dominated Council to allow 1000 houses in Standish. Full article here.

The reason why I have done this is because first and foremost I do not believe that the Council should be including Standish in their plan.

Secondly the wording that they want to have in their plan will be with us up until 2026 and it is important for the Council to get it correct and also for residents of Wigan because it will be effecting people's lives for years to come.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wigan Council new rules - gag and block the opposition Cllrs.

I have always said that Wigan Council hates opposition and democracy. Or should I change it to they like democracy when they win but when the people elect someone other than Labour they don't. But even after that point and opposition Cllrs get in the Town Hall the officers should treat ALL Cllrs the same.

Now the Council officers are blatantly being politically biased towards the ruling group and I feel that this is being directed by the Chief Executive of the Council. I qualify my remarks by in the last week a Lib Dem Cllr did something stupid by doctoring an email to try and prove that the treatment of politically bias was happening. Why he did this I have no idea. Was it stupid? Of the highest order, however he probably did it out of frustration of the treatment that we get as opposition.

The Chief Executive had a meeting with him and said that she should protect the officer who's email he doctored and tried to implicate. I agree with this, however I did say to her don't go over the top. Well she has completely ignored this and proved, to me, that she is out to get opposition Cllrs.

First of all she sent an email to all 75 Cllrs and others about the issue. Previously it was only about 6 people who knew about it, now she is telling the world. She also tells the Cllr that she will make sure it gets in the press. I did not hear this but it is the word of the Cllr concerned and I believe him. These two last actions where a bit close to the line but then the Chief Executive photocopied the article that had been in the press, and sent a letter out with the article. To me this just proves that she is on a witch hunt.

I believe she is on a witch hunt towards opposition elected Cllr's. She also has reported the Lib Dem Cllr to the police. It is not against the law to be stupid and to me she was just wasting police time yet again. I say again as she reported me to the police over nothing and wasted thousands of tax payers of pounds. What happened? Nothing! The police didn't even ring me or come round to interview me and this will happen here in this case. A serious case of wasting police time.

Now the final straw is she has block all opposition Cllrs from seeing officers of the Council unless you book an appointment first. Also she has blocked all access to the second and third floors of the Town Hall, where the officers are. As an elected member we need access to the Town Hall and officers, yet Labour Cllrs are allowed this access.

As opposition we are taking legal advice and also at the next full council meeting I will be putting a motion to start the removal of the Chief Executive on the grounds she is political biased.

In the last 12 months she has threatened numerous opposition Cllrs with legal action, including myself and she has not carried out any. Why? Because there is no legal case to answer but by reporting it to the Police she can try and get some headlines. Also she has reported opposition Clls to the standards committee and the police. It will be interesting if any internal investigation find any opposition Cllrs guilty of any wrong doing. If not, which I suspect, then she will have wasted yet more taxpayers money and resources.

Watch this space for more!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The week ending....16 June 2013.

Well to all dads out there I hope you are having a great Father's Day. I was treated to breakfast in bed by my kids, so thanks for that.

On the week that has just past numerous issues going on.

Friday saw the close of the consultation for the Core Strategy. Both myself and Cllr GA Fairhurst objected to the 1000 houses in Standish and supported the Save Standish Groups objection. We will have to wait for the planning inspector conclusions to see what he thinks.

You will see more about this next week but the Council wanted to put a response into the consultation. In this it agreed for approximate 1000 houses, what do they mean here? 1000 isn't the maximum? Because the Ruling Labour group agree something I can call it in within 5 days to look and scrutinise the decision. This is what I have done but because Labour left it till the last minute and I want to debate this then they missed the deadline for putting a response in.  We knew the deadline and the Council has more resources than us but yet they can't manage a deadline, yet more incompetence from this Labour run Council.

For a few weeks I have been asking for a report that Labour have seen and commissioned on Haigh Hall. I hear that they are looking to lease it out to a private company. But the Council say I can't see the report because it is a need to know basis and I don't need to know. What a disgrace! What the Chief Executive fails to understand is I am democratically elected by the people unlike her who is merely selected by Labour.

For those that follow me on Twitter I have had a conversation about the new youth zone here.

Earlier in the week I met with a manager from the Council on site at Dominos and showed them the concerns we have and pushed for the barriers. He is now looking at the matter but importantly he agrees that we should look at getting barriers.

On Wednesday I met with residents about a house being built on Chorley Road. I am against this because it is garden grabbing. This is where a developer has bought a house and it has a side garden and they are trying to crowbar a house on the garden. It is completely out of keeping with the area and street. I have now discussed the matter with the planning dept.

Thursday saw me attending the Standish Community Forum, where I gave them the truth about the core strategy. They didn't say if they have opposed the 1000 houses in Standish.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wigan Youth Zone - my thoughts.

If you follow me on Twitter or have seen some tweets you will see that I have had a conversation with WYZ (Wigan Youth Zone). In the main they where asking why I didn't go to the opening and if I supported it or not.


I was a Councillor for that area when the idea first came out. There was a massive outcry against losing Mesnes Playing Fields which where the old Grammar School playing ground. Also important is the fact that this field was left to the People of Wigan to play including cricket. So people quite rightly said that it wasn't Wigan Council's to give away and it should be left as it is because that was why it was left to people of Wigan. Wigan Council's argument was the fact that people could still play on the site just inside the building.


The idea for the club came from Martin Ainscough and he asked Bill Ainscough and Dave Whelan to get involved. I like the idea of the club a lot and I think it has a great merit to it. I am not sure why it had to be so big, I believe it is the biggest one in Europe, but don't quote me on that  Because of the size this means more funding will be need to keep it going.


So the next point is funding. The three sponsors very kindly offered to put £1 million into the project to build the club. They said they would not fund the running of the club there after.

The original business plan said that it would need £400 000 from Wigan Council each year to break even. At that time this figure was based on 3000 visits per week each costing £1 a visit. I said this was ridiculous to think that it would get 3000 visits each week as I saw no evidence for this.

Now the admin fee is 50p and some don't pay. That would mean to me that it either needs 6000 visits per week to still only cost the Council  £400 000 per year or the Council will have to pay £800 000 each year for the running cost. Nearly a million pounds on a club in these times is not good value for money!

So the Council had to make cuts to other youth services in the whole of the Borough to fund the £400 000 if that figure rises then there will have to be more cuts made to fund it.

Current situation

So the Club is here and when you look at it and hear about it and it does sound impressive but that doesn't take away the situation that Wiganers have lost a field that was given to them and this club could cost nearly £1 million pounds to the tax payers potentially. The club have invited me to look at the club and see what I think and I will take this invitation up and see what I think.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The week ending......9 June 2013

What a week. Normally I do the week ending post on a Sunday but here I am on a Saturday night winding down from the week and decided I am going to try and have a day off tomorrow, note the word

Anyway back to the week. Monday night saw me at the new health and social care scrutiny committee. I wrote a post about that and you can see that here. That is a committee that I am looking forward to sitting on over the year and seeing how it develops. I like the mix of Councillors on there too from all parties and I think that we can have some really good debates and get to understand this issue.

Tuesday night I attended the opposition Councillors meeting. This meeting is where opposition Cllrs meet the Chief Executive and directors of department meet us and they share what things are coming off in the future. I will give you a bit of history on this meetings. In the past another opposition Cllr and myself heard that Labour had secret meetings in Haigh Hall. They were doing this so opposition Cllrs didn't learn what was happening. After me and the other Cllr gate crashed the meeting the then Chief Executive agreed that there would be no more secret meetings and we would have opposition cllrs meetings. Now this weeks meeting just turned out to be just a load of waffle and I have said if they are not informative then I will not be attending and the Deputy Chief Executive has agreed that the remit of the meetings might need changing. I hope that we can get this meeting back on track.

Wednesday night saw me attend another scrutiny Council meeting, Confident Places. Here we discussed the core strategy that the Council is undertaking at the moment. This item lasted an hour and worrying Labour voted to allow 1000 houses to be built in Standish. What is even more disturbing is the Tory Cllr on Wigan Council voted with Labour to allow these houses too. What a disgrace! I am sure that this topic will be my main focus next week.

Friday saw me presenting 10 Downing Street with a letter of objection and part of the petition that we have going at the minute. Here is a post that I have posted on the topic here.


Years ago I was part of the Save Mere Oaks campaign and one of the pupil's uncle took lots of pictures on lots of different occasions and this week he kindly sent me a CD with hundreds of pictures of the campaign on it, including the march and the trip to London. A big thank you for that.

One complaint I have had was the state of Gidlow Cemetery. I took a visit and agree that this needs addressing with the grass not being cut, the road with pot holes in and the bins overflowing. This place should be looked after a lot better of this and I have written to the Chief Executive with my disgust.

This morning I held my surgery at the Library and had a couple of resident that called in to find out about the campaign to stop the houses and on that matter we now have had the draft response back in from the legal team. I will be reviewing that on Monday but there are a couple of interesting points being raised with that. Once we have the final response I will post it on here but a big thanks for all the people that have donated and helped with the campaign. Soon we will know if we have to take it to the next level or if we can persuade that Council and the Government planning inspector that Standish cannot cope with these houses.

Finally, I have had a update on the Domino shop and barriers of some kind will be going in. The Council are going to look at getting the shop to put the old ones back in as they where there on their planning application so they should stay. If they don't the Council will look to address it. Also there will tickets issued for people that block the pavement as we saw in the pictures on my original post here.

Delivering Petition and letter to Downing Street

Yesterday, Friday 7 June 2013, I delivered a letter outlining our concerns with the issue of having 1000 houses in Standish on our open green spaces. Also the fact that there is no serious plan to address the traffic problems also.

With the Consultation going on we have asked the PM to look into the situation and the planning inspector and how he has handled this by just saying 1000 houses for Standish but doesn't say where the houses should go nor does he say how the traffic problem can be addressed.

The end of the Consultation is 14th June 2013.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

Tonight, well I guess technically last night as it has gone past midnight, I attended the new Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee. First of all a scrutiny committee is a committee that scrutinise an area, in this case the Health and Social Care. So we, as a Committee, can get to the bottom of health and social care issues.

At first I wasn't sure I knew what to expect but I have to say out of the 7 years as a Cllr this was one of the best scrutiny committees that I have every attended. The main reason why I liked this one so much was because the Council have now taken over from the former Primary Care Trust, which oversees GP's and Hospital Wards etc and we had a presentation from the New Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group, the group set up to monitor this area. This was given by the Accountable Officer and the Clinical Chair of the Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group. This report and presentation allowed us to start, note the word start, to understand the new group and what they do. A copy of their report presented is here. One of the main issues that they want to understand is patients comments, both positive and negative, of what is going on at your GP or the hospital. This data will allow them to understand the picture on the ground and where things are going well and where things are wrong. So if you are asked by the Hospital or your GP after a visit whether you will give some feedback, please do so as we can get to know and understand what is going on. If we don't get the info then we don't know what is going on.

I put forward that GP's will already have your email address, should you have one, and if you go to hospital they may collect it there too, if they don't have it, and then email a customer survey after your visit. This will save on cost and time and the information can be fed back into the database. Other Cllrs said that older people will not use the Internet so we will miss their views and I agree but we need to use a number of different ways of reaching to patients but overtime as people use the Internet more and more this is the way MI (Management Information) will be collected by a number of different companies and organisations. I hope my comments are taken on board because I mentioned a recent visit a family member had at the hospital, which was good and at the end of the visit that person was given leaflets about the condition they had and how to cope with it. Then we where asked if we could receive an email where we could give feedback. My point here is if the doctor knows that you will get an email to ask for feedback the level of treatment will probably be higher because they want positive feedback.

The Chair Cllr Nigel Ash, didn't do a bad job of chairing the meeting, which is a big help as I have sat on committees where the chair is useless and you don't get much done or questions asked.

I don't claim to know much about this new area but I hope to get to learn more and more as my time on the committee and I will keep you posted on issues being discussed and don't forget to leave feedback, negative or positive so we can understand what is going on.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Update on Dominos parking issue.

After last week new arrival Domino's and the parking issues I have now had word from the Council that they intend to put bollards up but I have asked for the black railings, which are further up Market Street. When they go on the site visit this week they will look at that.

I have also had a call from the franchisee of the shop and he is going to put a sign up asking people not to park in front of the shop and has told his staff not to use the front of the shop neither, which is welcome.

As soon as I know when I the railings are going in then I will let update the blog too.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The week ending......2 June 2013.

Biggest Issue this week Domino's

I guess the main issue this week was our new occupant, Domino's Pizza, that opened in the old ATS Garage. Whilst some may not like yet another takeaway opening up I had more reasons for not liking this opening. This was because I had objected to this outlet in the planning stage. One of my main reasons was on safety fears. At the front of the shop is a zebra crossing. I knew that cars would pull up and pick up their orders or their drivers would use the front of the shop to go and collect their next delivery's. Not even I could have imagined the chaos that has now started. I posted some pictures on the blog earlier this week. You can see them here. You can clearly see that my worst fears have come true but also the pavement is being blocked and people walking on the footpath have to walk in the road. This simply can't go on and both myself and Cllr George Fairhurst have put serious pressure now firmly on the Council. Why? Because we told them what would happen they chose to ignore it and grant planning permission. The Council have now seen the problem and are looking to take action. I am calling for barriers to be erected at the side of the zebra crossing to protect people on the Zebra Crossing and also enforcement measure for those that park on the pavement.

I know this is an issue not only I have with but hundreds of residents. Whilst Cllr George Fairhurst and myself have been in the village residents have made comments to us about it. Residents have sent emails, their own pictures and comments on social media too. The post that I wrote about here is now the second highest post that has been viewed, this is behind Save Ashfield, on the blog. It is clear that people have read the post and shared it with others.

We are demanding the Council to take action in this issue as safety cannot be put at risk for a slice of pizza.

Save Standish

The Save Standish issue rumbles on and we are hoping to have our draft back from our legal and planning experts by the end of this week, but what is becoming clear is the Council are looking likely to agree to the 1000 houses for Standish. In the past they have said they are with us and against the houses but they feel they can't fight the Government Planning Inspector. One senior official in the Council said, "If we have to sacrifice Standish to allow us have our plan everywhere else in the borough, then so be it." This is wrong! Standish is not a lamb that can be sacrificed, not least by the Council.

I will speaking on the matter this coming week at a Scrutiny meeting that I sit on in the Council.

Break Ins

Shed and garages break ins are on the increase with growing numbers in Standish. Police are aware of the situation and asking residents to keep the shed and garages doors locked, even in daylight. In the main they are happening during the night but some in the day by opportunist thieves.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour has been increasing from youths in Standish, this may not be to much of a surprise given that we are getting longer daylight hours but we are asking residents to report any to us and the police and I will make sure we tackle this.

Drug use has been identified as well in and near St Wildfrid's church yard and this is a concern that I want the police to focus on to stamp out ASAP.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Brighter Borough - Change in the process

Each Cllr gets an amount of money each year to spend on environment and community projects. This is called Brighter Borough. This has happened for a number of years now and the process has been you ask your Cllr{s) for funding for xyz. They then fill out a form and send it to the Council to process. Once that has been approved the Council would send out the paper work to the group/ organiser to fill and return, with supporting documents. Once the Council has received that and checked it they would then send a cheque out. The process from start to finish can take a number of weeks.

The Council from Monday are changing the process and going electronic. So the new system from Monday is that you will ask your Cllr(s) for funds, they will say yes or no. They will then give that person/ group a web link to go onto and fill out the form on the Internet. Once that has been completed and the submit button hit that will in turn send an email to the Cllr to approve. Once they hit apply it will then send it to the Council, who then will approve and then payment will go into the groups bank account within about 10 days after.


All groups will have to register with the Council first before the first request has submitted. If you are a group that has either asked for funding before or you think you might apply at some point in the future you need to register with the Council. If you do not do this until you ask for the fund it will delay your payment, so it is worth registering now, so your details are on the Council's system. You will need to provide the groups details and show an original bank statement for the group. Also you will need an email, although this doesn't need to be a group email it can be a personal one.


I can hear some of you say, " I have applied before so why do I need to register again?"

All the details for the groups that have applied are on paper format. So the Council want people to apply again electronically.

Why do they need to see a original bank statement?

Because in the past the Council sent out cheques they didn't need to know bank details. Now that they are sending payment electronically they need to make sure the money is not going into a personal bank account.

What happens if I have an application already in?

If you have an application currently in then there is no need to worry as it will be processed inline with the current process. There is no need to register, unless you are likely to apply in the future.

For more guidance on Brighter Borough and what they can be used for HERE is a link to help with that too.