Thursday, 27 June 2013

Standish under attack - again!

Standish under attack
Standish is under another house attack. Residents on and near Chorley Road, have had the leaflet below through their doors. This is saying that Jones Homes are looking to put a planning application in for 130 homes. Whilst we can't object to the Council yet, as the application hasn't gone in, we can write to the developer with our concerns and objections.

a planning application has gone in for another supermarket. This is Sainsbury's, I believe, my concerns is that a number of houses will be demolished, plus Walsh's funeral parlour plus the office building. This will open up the site. My concerns is that it will change the character of that part of Standish. Whilst I am not to concerned with some kind of development behind the current buildings I do think the footage should be retained. Have a look at the application here and see what you think.
I am guessing the meeting on Monday will be full. This meeting will take place at the Unity Club at 7.30pm and all residents are welcome. The purpose of the meeting is to update people with where things are up too.
See you there.

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