Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Former Conservative Councillor calling David Cameron.

5 years today Wigan Conservative Councillor Henry Cadman sent a open letter to be published in the daily telegraph calling David Cameron.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Former Mayoress is cleared of fraud - what do you think?

Standish Cllr Judith Atherton who was last years mayoress has been investigated for fraud on expenses.It is claimed that she claimed mileage allowance when she did not have insurance.

When you claim mileage allowance as a cllr apparently you have to confirm that you have a car licence and have business insurance on your insurance policy. Normally and usually if you get reported Wigan Council get an external solictors to investigate and then report back. But with such a serious claim Wigan Council has apparently let a junior officer investigate this claim. When they asked Cllr Atherton for her insuarnce documents she said because it was a few years ago I do not have it and as she did not have a car she then explained she was on her parents insurance policy. Then her dad could not get a copy of his policy document again because it was a few years ago and Wigan Council juniot officer who was investigating it took her word for it. Did not ask her to get a copy of the document or a letter to confirm nothing. I do not believe that she had insurance and that is why I still think Fraud has been committed and I have now asked the Director of Public Prosecution to investigate. The DPP is the head of the CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) and I am pretty sure they will want a copy of the document when they ask her. Then I wonder where that will leave Wigan Council if the DPP finds her guilty (They might not). It will prove that Wigan Council did a bad investigation just so that they could get the right outcome for them as the Council does not want bad press - I bet.

If you want to read the Wigan Evening Post article click on the link.


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ex Tory Cllr follows my lead.

Back in Sept of last year I warned that fortnightly bin collections where going to come in. Sure enough Wigan Council has said that they intend to introduce the controversial plan next Sept. Now Former Wigan Tory Cllr Mike Winstanley follows my lead and against this issue which I posted on my blog, now he has gone to the press saying that he is against the plans which is good but it is a shame he did not agree with me back in Sept when he was in office and could have done something about it.

PC Clerk block info to PC Cllrs.

It is very strange in this day and age that some people think that info can be censored. I talk about an issue whereby a local Parish Councillor has asked to see some details on the PC. One of the thinks being a bank statement of the Parish Council. Nothing much wrong there some might say but yet the clerk, who is an employee of the PC, simply refuses after many attempts and now says that she will put the request before the Parish Council and ask them if the Parish Councillor can See the information. With such actions surely her position as an employee is now untenable and the Chairman of the Parish Council makes clear that whether she likes it or not she treats all Councillors the same.