Saturday, 28 November 2009

UKIP One issue Party

It has been reported today in the Times Newspaper today that UKIP offered the Conservative to disband if they called a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which in effect would have had to been about whether to stay in the EU or not.

What I think this shows is a number of things.

The first is that the UKIP Party only has one issue and that is the EU. It might not be a bad issue as I too believe that because of all the debate on Europe the people of the Country should have their opinion heard. This should be in the form of a referendum. But should a party be set up and run on a single issue?

Secondly it shows that, as for as I am aware, the UKIP party did not even ask its members first about should they offer this deal and possibly disband. Imagine had the Tory's done the deal and then the next morning you woke up and heard that the party that you were a member of was disbanding because they had done a deal with the Tories, I guess let down is just the start.

Finally, if a party is set up on one issue and they could be disbanded so easily why were they standing for seats in Local , General and European seats that would last for years. Again just image if you were voted in a UKIP MEP and they a month later they disbanded. Would that mean that the person voted in stood down? Would you think the person you elected had done a good job.

I think this demonstrates that there are differences between pressure groups , which are fine and Political Party.

So if you ever think about voting for UKIP think will they be here tomorrow as they have thought about disbanding so easily before.

The Times article is here:-

Friday, 27 November 2009

Home Secretary rejects Gary McKinnon's last ditch appeal against U.S. extradition.

The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson has rejected an appeal by Gary McKinnon Lawyers to stop his extradition. Alan Johnson had said that he would review new medical evidence. He has said he has done that and he will not stop the extradition. He then gave Gary McKinnon only save days to apply for a Judicial Review when the normal time scales is 3 months for this. Why has this basic right been shortened. The whole case is a disgrace.

Whilst I believe people that break who break the law should go on trial why should we not try this person in the UK has the crime was done in his London Flat?

What I find more disturbing about all of this is the treaty the Labour signed. Three main points are:-

1, it removes the requirement on the US to provide prima facie evidence when requesting the extradition of people from the UK but maintains the requirement on the UK to satisfy the "probable cause" requirement in the US when seeking the extradition of US nationals;

2, it removes or restricts key protections currently open to suspects and defendants;

3, it implements the EU-US Treaty on extradition, signed in Washington on 25 June 2003, but far exceeds the provisions in this agreement.

This treaty should be equal both ways or ripped up!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ongoing Work

Parking in Swinley

Received an yet another email about the parking issues in Swinley and residents passing out permits for people outside of Wigan. Whilst some problems have been resolved by this issue of introducing permits I wonder if there is a better way of doing this so we do not get all the problems that we currently have.

Elected Mayor Requisition

Also found out today that just short of 12000 names are needed to get a referendum on this and I have asked for the format needed as I feel this is probably the only way forward for Wigan as the current situation is not Democracy but Dictatorship.

Council Try to resolve the diabolical behaviour in the Council Chamber.

I believe that the Chief Executive is looking to get a meeting together of all the Leaders together and see if they can resolve the behaviour. Fit a web cast on the website and let the people of Wigan see what happens and then let them decide if that is the kind of behaviour they want from their Councillors. I wonder why Labour and the Tory's do not want this system in place?

Mesnes Playing field debate

This debate will probably rumble on and on for some time and with the application for village green status currently in as well it will be interesting to hear about all the history and how this fits in with Wigan.

What is important that we preserve this field for the people of Wigan not only today but for the generations to come as well.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Banks win appeal to charge for unauthorised Overdrafts

This has been an interesting argument that has been going on. Whilst if the bank lost this appeal they would have charged the rest of us for the privilege of having a bank account or withdrawing our money etc. But if some one is going to go overdrawn by say £3 and they refused that direct debit but then charge the customer £35 for them to send a letter to say that they have refused a direct debit that certainly seems unfair.

I see that this can go back to the houses of Parliament, if the MP's want it to so let's watch this space.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tory's help Labour not to allow Councillors scrutinising yet another school.

At last week's Cabinet meeting there were two potential school closures, Montrose special school and also Hesketh Meadows Secondary school. It had been decided that both the Labour Mayor and Tory Deputy Mayor had decided to not let the decision of cabinet be called in. The Mayor felt that Hesketh Meadow was to close to him and the Deputy Mayor Cadman decided that Montrose was to close to him and therefore Tory Deputy Mayor Cadman blocked Hesketh Fletcher from being called in and Mayor Aldred decided that Montrose could not be called in. What a disgrace and goes to show and demonstrate that Labour and Tory's are in bed together. Why are the Tory's helping Labour by blocking any scrutiny on these issue?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Where has Democracy Gone in Wigan?

Where has Democracy gone in Wigan? Last month a small number of people took part in whether to have an elected Mayor in Wigan or not. 81% said to have an elected mayor 19% said to keep the current system of Cabinet and Leader.

Tonight, the Labour cabinet has done it again. Last Week the Children's Scrutiny committee decided to keep Montrose school open. That decision went to the Labour Cabinet today and they voted against the Committee and shut the school. What on earth is going on? This just demonstrates that these talking shops of Scrutiny committees have no matter what they say or do the Cabinet will do what they want to I thought Labour kept saying we are listening to the people. Well if they are they don't care for what they are saying.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst, said tonight "What a complete disgrace. Where is democracy in Wigan gone, two decisions in two months and the Labour Cabinet just ignore them both and also the people. The Labour Cabinet just do what they want with no regard to what other people say. It is about time that we have a complete overhaul of democracy in Wigan and that should begin with the leader of the Cabinet resigning. Is he for democracy or dictatorship because it sure looks clear to me which one he prefers."

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Village Green Status

Last week an application for Mesnes Playing Field to be turned into a village green. If this application it will not only stop the boys and girls club being built on the site but it will also stop anything else being built on it. This would be a tremendous success for the site and more importantly for Wigan.

I will help this application all I can and will support it too. But I think it is also important to continue with having a look at the new boys and girls club to be brought into Wigan if all is okay with it. With this I mean how the Council will fund and the commitment that the Council will need to make.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Elected Mayor debate, if that is what you call it that.

At last night Full Council Special meeting of the elected mayor or cabinet with leader situation the leader of the Labour and Tory's both agreed together, bless, that it was important that we have cabinet and leader situation. Did they both agreed, did they get together first and agree their talks? Interesting thought but I think they did. However they both agree that it would lessen the position of a Councillor. I disagree. I think that it will focus the Councillors on their Wards and to make sure that their Wards are being worked and represented rather than letting party politics getting in the way.

I believe that the Labour and Tories both want to keep the current system as it is a political party machine and I believe in my humble opinion that there is no place for party politics in Wigan local issues. Lets have councillors that represent their ward with no barriers and no restrictions.

Jobs of the day

I have also been looking at a number of jobs that need doing that have not yet been carried out.

First there is the fence at Cherry Gardens. I have been chasing this up every day this week and today the Council now decide that the area is in a Conservation area and the Council need to look at the fence to make sure that it fits in with the area. To my knowledge this already been done and addressed but we will see ho long it takes to do this.

Also I have chased the alley way resurface in Romney Way, Whelly. I was told this would have been done asap in June and it has still not. I have chased this today also and I await an answer. I will post the update on this in the next few days.

The day after the Day Before.

What a day yesterday with such a great reception from the children of a primary school in my ward. With some fantastic questions but equally impressive was the knowledge and understand that these children had already really good. What was so relevant that we all did not realise was one child said, "my dad says that Councillors get paid to argue." How true is dad speaks.

At last Council meeting was an absolute disgrace. Whilst it is true that I can give as good as I give it certainly true that I will not sit in a room and be personally attacked. The Council meetings are there to discuss and debate. Whilst there has to be a tolerance of political differences there is no need to be personal, disrespectful or discourteous about it.

Our group have asked for a meeting with the Chief Executive and head of Legal Services. With regards reporting members of the council chamber to the standards board for their actions.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

School Visit and 2 Fulll Council Meetings

It's all in a days work. I was going to have a meeting this morning with council officers but with my new medication as kicked in so I had to cancel that. This afternoon I will be visiting a school giving a visit to children that have asked me to go in. This was in the I'm a councillor get me out of here, so they wanted me to visit in person which I will be doing.

After that I will be off to the Town Hall with a meeting with the Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive of the Council over a complaint that I have put in as I want some answers to some very serious question.

Then back home for a quick bite to eat and spend some time with the Kids and then back to the Town Hall for the 2 full council meetings after each other.

The first is about the Elected Mayor and if we should have one, given that 81% of the people that were in the consultation survey replies say that we should and 19% say not so the Labour Council supported by the Tory's will opt for not having an elected mayor. What was the point of having a consultation?