Wednesday, 4 November 2009

School Visit and 2 Fulll Council Meetings

It's all in a days work. I was going to have a meeting this morning with council officers but with my new medication as kicked in so I had to cancel that. This afternoon I will be visiting a school giving a visit to children that have asked me to go in. This was in the I'm a councillor get me out of here, so they wanted me to visit in person which I will be doing.

After that I will be off to the Town Hall with a meeting with the Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive of the Council over a complaint that I have put in as I want some answers to some very serious question.

Then back home for a quick bite to eat and spend some time with the Kids and then back to the Town Hall for the 2 full council meetings after each other.

The first is about the Elected Mayor and if we should have one, given that 81% of the people that were in the consultation survey replies say that we should and 19% say not so the Labour Council supported by the Tory's will opt for not having an elected mayor. What was the point of having a consultation?

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