Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tory's help Labour not to allow Councillors scrutinising yet another school.

At last week's Cabinet meeting there were two potential school closures, Montrose special school and also Hesketh Meadows Secondary school. It had been decided that both the Labour Mayor and Tory Deputy Mayor had decided to not let the decision of cabinet be called in. The Mayor felt that Hesketh Meadow was to close to him and the Deputy Mayor Cadman decided that Montrose was to close to him and therefore Tory Deputy Mayor Cadman blocked Hesketh Fletcher from being called in and Mayor Aldred decided that Montrose could not be called in. What a disgrace and goes to show and demonstrate that Labour and Tory's are in bed together. Why are the Tory's helping Labour by blocking any scrutiny on these issue?

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