Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ongoing Work

Parking in Swinley

Received an yet another email about the parking issues in Swinley and residents passing out permits for people outside of Wigan. Whilst some problems have been resolved by this issue of introducing permits I wonder if there is a better way of doing this so we do not get all the problems that we currently have.

Elected Mayor Requisition

Also found out today that just short of 12000 names are needed to get a referendum on this and I have asked for the format needed as I feel this is probably the only way forward for Wigan as the current situation is not Democracy but Dictatorship.

Council Try to resolve the diabolical behaviour in the Council Chamber.

I believe that the Chief Executive is looking to get a meeting together of all the Leaders together and see if they can resolve the behaviour. Fit a web cast on the website and let the people of Wigan see what happens and then let them decide if that is the kind of behaviour they want from their Councillors. I wonder why Labour and the Tory's do not want this system in place?

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