Thursday, 5 November 2009

The day after the Day Before.

What a day yesterday with such a great reception from the children of a primary school in my ward. With some fantastic questions but equally impressive was the knowledge and understand that these children had already really good. What was so relevant that we all did not realise was one child said, "my dad says that Councillors get paid to argue." How true is dad speaks.

At last Council meeting was an absolute disgrace. Whilst it is true that I can give as good as I give it certainly true that I will not sit in a room and be personally attacked. The Council meetings are there to discuss and debate. Whilst there has to be a tolerance of political differences there is no need to be personal, disrespectful or discourteous about it.

Our group have asked for a meeting with the Chief Executive and head of Legal Services. With regards reporting members of the council chamber to the standards board for their actions.

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