Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cameron shows that Tories are in favour of building on the Mesnes Playing Field.

At yesterdays prime minister question time out new MP for Wigan asked a question on Wigan. The prime minister said that he was in favour of the new boys and girls club and he had visited the site.

Now thats what I said the Tories position was in the elections and they said that were the leaders in opposing this. This means that the local Tories were lying in the election are the Tories are split on the issue. Either way not looking good.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Labour MP with egg on face.

I know on the blog I discuss local issues really as the blog was set up as a Councillors page when I was the Councillor for Wigan Central. However yesterday saw a heated exchange of word in the commons. The chief secretary to the treasury, Danny Alexander, was discussing somethings that will be cut and Labour attacked with vigour. But Danny kept his cool and simply mention that the Labour should not be blaming the current government but their own as after all it was Labour who left the note in the draw to say their was no money left.

Good come back all quiet on the Labour Benches. I guess it is important that Labour understand that they did leave the country in the mess that it is in today.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Comments Error

I know a few people have commented on the blog. There seems to be an error where the comments are being approved but for some reason not being published. It might be me in some way but blogger has change some items so I might be missing something.

Please keep leaving the comments and I will look into the issue to try and resolve it asap.

Thank you


Monday, 14 June 2010

Wigan Council and CCTV's

Wigan Borough is one that has a large number of CCTV in the borough. So much so that there has even been TV programmes made on this. But there is an increasing number of occasions where by the cameras pick crime up but because the imagoes are so bad in quality they either can't pick up faces or identify people are to poor to use in court.

This then begs the question if the Council spends a large number of its revenues on these things and they seem to be serving no purpose why continue with them. Either pay for something that can be used and get value for money or save the money and get more police on the street. There's a thought!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

When should there be By Elections?

An interesting issue is currently be discussed and that's when should there be by elections?

Currently Wigan Central has one of their Councillors ill. They have had a stroke at the beginning of March and since then resigned being the Mayor but did not as a Councillor, which was a clear sign that hopefully they were getting better and able to return in the near future. However, I have heard that he is now being transferred to a nursing home on Wigan Lane. Whilst I am sure all will hope he gets better soon the reality is that he has had his Council Phone returned to the Council. So that looks like a clear sign that he is unable to return to his duty's or wishes to step down, which both are a shame. But currently he still is receiving his full income, I presume, and now the Ward has only having two Councillors to contact.

At the next Council Meeting the Councillors will be discussing what to do with this seat whether to have a by election or to allow him to stay on till he is up for re election which is May 2012. If there is a realistic chance of coming back to his duty's fine but when it looks so clearly that they will not be able to and still allowed to get tax payers money for over 18 months it is simply ridiculous.

I hope Henry gets back soon but will be interesting to see which way the Councillors vote on the night.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New Labour Councillor no show - except in the local paper

I was wondering how long it would take the newly elected Labour Councillor to go into the press. And so he has now gone in saying he wants a new crossing on Parsons Walk. He says it is very dangerous crossing here and with the boys and girls Club coming to a crossing is needed even more. He firstly should be against this ridiculous idea of a boys and girls club. If this goes ahead I here that the PM David Cameron is opening it up. But yet the Tories say they are against the club but yet their leader is opening the club up.

But back to George I have been contacted now by two residents over issues that they have contacted him for help with and he has not even bothered to return phone calls and emails. This is just typical from George he will be in the paper over this and that but ask for help and he wouldn't do a thing.

Now I know some people might think that this post is being written in anger has he won, but its is not it just goes to show what type of person he is and I said this all along.

I wonder if the work that he does or not do will help the candidate next May at the next local election.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Government New policy on admissions and discharge

I hear that the Health Secretary is looking to change the way discharges and admissions are paid. Currently if some one is discharged from Hospital and then re admitted then the hospital gets funding. I was informed of this whilst a Councillor and raised this with the Council and the PCT but they both said that this does not happen and they do not discharge just to get beds.

A number of staff kept me informed of this and I raised it correctly but the pct said it was not the case. Now the Government has said this kind of practise should stop and pct or hospitals should not get more money and I agree.

I hope this improves the quality of care and will watch the developments with interest.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Another Data Blunder

On the front page of this week's Wigan Observer the story is Wigan Council just throwing out people personal data in a unlocked bin. This was identified by a resident.

This is not the first time Wigan Council has lost data in recent years and one of the last times was where by 33 000 children's details were stolen because some one downloaded the information on the laptop and left it out at night.

Surely the Information Commissioner must be getting pretty sick of these blunders from the Council and I will be writing for to them saying how many times does this need to go on before some one takes action.

Why has not one been sacked or resigned over the matter. Had this been a private or plc company the chief executive would have gone no question. If the Chief Executive does not know or can not control this questions must be asked. Some one has to be accountable. I mention the Chief Executive as there seems to be blamed who does these problems, so some one must be accountable like I say.

Now if the Labour Cabinet keep getting these blunders and the Chief Executive are not to blame why are they not taking action top resolve these issues?

Heads must Roll!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Childrens human rights

I have been contacted and asked to help with a new campaign. An interesting concept. Where a couple split up and they have children it is so often the case where parents go to court to get access but what happens if one of the parents walks away and does not want to see the children. Does the child have a right to take their parent to court to say I want to see you?

So long as safety and emotional issues are taken into consideration are the first priority then so long as those are met why should a child not have a right to say you as my parent can not simply walk away.

An interesting idea and one that I think as merit in the idea and hope to see more about this and how it develops