Friday, 4 March 2011

Wigan Central By-Election Result

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful at the by election. The results were

Labour - 1165
Conservative - 652
Independent Conservative - 393
UKIP - 189.

Torys have now lost the argument of a split vote as even if you add mine and the Tories vote Labour won quite easily. I guess this was a vote against all the government cuts.

Thanks for all those that voted and supported me. Also a big thanks to all the helpers too.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Breaking News

At tonight full council meeting discussing the budget members of the public entered the public gallery and shouted down Labour and all their cuts that they are proposing. After being told to leave the public would not and it got heated and the police were called to clear the public gallery.

What this shows is that members of the public are not being fooled about who are making these cuts and Labour is firmly to blame locally in Wigan.

This brings it home even more to vote for the right candidate tomorrow Wigan Central by election.

Overview of By election in Wigan Central

Well it is nearly here now. It has been really interesting meeting some people on the campaign trial. I think Labour has tried to get its core vote out knowing that it will be a low turnout and people have said that the Conservatives are blaming everyone else for them losing last time rather than themselves and they have not come out with what they will do locally. UKIP have done very little or nothing in this by election so I am not sure why people will vote for them, although I did meet a traditional voter who said he was voting UKIP because of what was going on in Libya. Not sure why they should be connected but each to their own.

What is also interesting is the fact that a lot of Conservative voters that voted Conservative last time and now feel let down by the Conservative Government that they will not be voting Conservative this time and are thankful that they have another vote to go to, i.e myself.

I do not think anything can surprise me tomorrow night it is all down to you the public to cast your votes and I hope that you agree with what I have campaigned for on this campaign, which is all local issues not national politics.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

World phenomenon

It is interesting looking at the stats for this blog. Last Year pages looked at was about 1000 per month but since the start of the yr this has doubled in the first two months. This, I believe, is down to the by election and the Parish Council issues that have both been very prominent issues.

But what is interesting is that the people looking at the blog are not just in the UK but around world. The figures for pages looked at are
UK -1872
USA - 57
Netherlands - 31
Latvia - 27
Italy - 10
Germany - 6
Singapore - 6
Malaysia - 5
Russia - 5
Canada -3

What lead me to look at these figures because as well as getting the usual hate mail from Labour and Tory hacks I have started getting messages from people around the world and I thought I would confirm that people are looking at the blog around the world and the stats are the proof.

I thought I would share the figures with the people and show that they are not alone looking at the blog.