Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Standish Crossings to be watched.

Many residents of Standish are concerned with people turning either right out of High Street into Market Street and turning left from Preston Road into Market Street. Cllr George Fairhurst has made it his personal mission to get the crossing monitored for these motorist that are putting lives at risk.

Have a look at the link of the story in the Wigan Evening Post.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas.

Can I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope santa brought you all what you wanted.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Labour letting down Swinley Residents

When I was a Councillor I paid for some alley gates in the Swinley area. Because there where popular many other residents wanted to have them. I spoke with the Council and they said that I did not have to use my Brighter Borough Money as they would pay for them out of another pot of money. Fantastic. The whole area getting the gates. When I was unsuccessful back in 2010 I had over £3000 in my brighter borough money. Soon after I left office the Council pulled the plug on the alley gates saying that they had no more money. I emailed the gentleman that won my seat Labour Councillor George Davies over 6 months ago and asked if he could pay for the gates (£1200 aprox). No response and the residents in the area are frustrated that they where lied too. I can understand why they feel like they do and I would. It is a shame that Labour are not looking after residents in Swinley and just Labour supporters in Scholes and Whelley.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Former Conservative Councillor calling David Cameron.

5 years today Wigan Conservative Councillor Henry Cadman sent a open letter to be published in the daily telegraph calling David Cameron.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Former Mayoress is cleared of fraud - what do you think?

Standish Cllr Judith Atherton who was last years mayoress has been investigated for fraud on expenses.It is claimed that she claimed mileage allowance when she did not have insurance.

When you claim mileage allowance as a cllr apparently you have to confirm that you have a car licence and have business insurance on your insurance policy. Normally and usually if you get reported Wigan Council get an external solictors to investigate and then report back. But with such a serious claim Wigan Council has apparently let a junior officer investigate this claim. When they asked Cllr Atherton for her insuarnce documents she said because it was a few years ago I do not have it and as she did not have a car she then explained she was on her parents insurance policy. Then her dad could not get a copy of his policy document again because it was a few years ago and Wigan Council juniot officer who was investigating it took her word for it. Did not ask her to get a copy of the document or a letter to confirm nothing. I do not believe that she had insurance and that is why I still think Fraud has been committed and I have now asked the Director of Public Prosecution to investigate. The DPP is the head of the CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) and I am pretty sure they will want a copy of the document when they ask her. Then I wonder where that will leave Wigan Council if the DPP finds her guilty (They might not). It will prove that Wigan Council did a bad investigation just so that they could get the right outcome for them as the Council does not want bad press - I bet.

If you want to read the Wigan Evening Post article click on the link.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ex Tory Cllr follows my lead.

Back in Sept of last year I warned that fortnightly bin collections where going to come in. Sure enough Wigan Council has said that they intend to introduce the controversial plan next Sept. Now Former Wigan Tory Cllr Mike Winstanley follows my lead and against this issue which I posted on my blog, now he has gone to the press saying that he is against the plans which is good but it is a shame he did not agree with me back in Sept when he was in office and could have done something about it.

PC Clerk block info to PC Cllrs.

It is very strange in this day and age that some people think that info can be censored. I talk about an issue whereby a local Parish Councillor has asked to see some details on the PC. One of the thinks being a bank statement of the Parish Council. Nothing much wrong there some might say but yet the clerk, who is an employee of the PC, simply refuses after many attempts and now says that she will put the request before the Parish Council and ask them if the Parish Councillor can See the information. With such actions surely her position as an employee is now untenable and the Chairman of the Parish Council makes clear that whether she likes it or not she treats all Councillors the same.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Labour try to give Peter Smith Freemon of the borough.

Labour are trying to give their Leader Cllr Peter Smith freedom of the borough, so I hear on the grapevine. If there is one person who should not be given this award is peter smith. Many will not know why he should or not but one good reason for me is he was the one that shut Mere Oaks and when the then Director of Education said that he wanted to keep it open he was told by Cllr Peter Smith that there was no way that it was being kept open as it would was to late and the Council would lose face if they did a u turn.

Giving Cllr Peter Smith this is liking the people of Libya giving Gaddafi the key to Tripoli.

He was the Greater Manchester Labour Leader pushing for congestion charges. It would be a disgrace if they gave it to him. He has killed of Wigan markets I would be very interested in any one who would say why he should get it because he has killed Wigan off. He has just pushed Labour Government policy through and got himself a peerage for it.

Say no to give Cllr Peter Smith.

Shevington Library future.

Shevington Library hours is being cut under new proposals one thing that is really interesting is that the Labour dominated Council has said that it will work with the Parish Council. This is probably because a member of the public suggested that the vast money that the Parish Hold for no reason can be used to make the difference up. This was a good idea and when I was on the Parish Council I supported this. It will be interesting to see if Shevington Parish Council puts his hand in its pocket to serve the public.

Standish Library changes?

In the recent weeks this Labour dominated Council has come out and said that Standish Library will not change but yet in today's Observer it says that it is moving into a smaller centre and hours between 35 - 40 hours. This just demonstrates that you can not rely on Labour to tell you the truth. This process should be open and transparent.

Keep our Library open!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Standish Conservative Cllr to stand down.

I hear that Conservative Councillor Judith Atherton will be standing down next May and not looking to seek re election. Her decision probably has something to do with a certain standards board decision that is due to come out very soon and the fact that the Conservatives did not win a seat last yr in Wigan.

I hear that Mike Winstanley will stand as the Conservative Candidate in Standish which is laughable as he was unsuccessful last year in Orrel at getting re elected even though he was the Major. If he thinks he has a better chance in Standish than what he did last year he is very much mistaken and just goes to sure that he is not interested in the people he represents but just getting back on the Council at any cost.

I was unsuccessful last yr but this year I re stood in the same ward. I wonder why Mike Winstanley will not stand against me in Wigan Central? Yet more proof that Mike Winstanley is only interested in himself and not others as he Even still goes to the Conservative Councillors meeting.

I hear that Judith is not the only candidate not looking for re election I hear that Conservative Councill Ell and Cllr Liptrot.

Cllr James Grundy will seek re election along with Cllr Clayton unless the Conservatives de select him as being rumoured due to his antics.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Labour Councillor puts expenses claim in for the last 3 Year.

Cllr Fred Walker, Labour Councillor, on Wigan Council has put in a claim for the last 3 yrs. He said he did not intend to claim but felt that because he did not claim he put pressure on future and present cllrs not to claim. The expenses claim is a massive £20 000. This is excessive and should not be allowed. Councillors should not be able to claim retrospectively. This could now open the flood gates and cllrs that do not want to bring high attention to them in the run up to their re elections. Councillors could wait till wait till after they get re elected and then put in for the last few yrs. This is a crazy system and Cllrs should only be allowed to put in claims for their trips up to say a 6 week period after the trip. This gives them a lot of time to put in a claim.

Another problem is because it is the last 3 yrs all the money is coming out of one yrs account so that will have a knock on effect and yet another reason why it should not be allowed.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

O AND S Meeting

Labour and Wigan Council continually to say that they are listening to the public and are wanting to engage with local communities and treat all equally and fairly.

Last week I was at the O and S committee hearing taking part as a witness. This committee was listening to see if the Cabinet had done anything wrong. At the start of the meeting a local member of the public was asked if he could give a power point presentation but was told no. But yet when I called this decision a few yrs ago I never called Onside, the consultants that are helping get this project of the ground, but they turned up at that meeting and did a power point presentation for aprox 20 mins. So Wigan Council are demonstrating that if they like you they will let you waffle and do what you want but if they do not like what residents are doing they ignore them and treat them as second class citizens in their own communities.

On the funding side the Council say there is a short fall but they will simply get it. If it is that simple why not make a few more pounds and save the libraries, swimming pools and staff?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mesnes playing field petition.

This cause is something that I am strongly supporting. I believe that the Mesnes playing field should not be sold for a youth club but retained as an open space.

Please sign the petition.

I am not against a youth facility in Wigan but the location is certainly a mayor concern as I believe other brown field sites are better to be used rather than a green open space.

Another issue with the Council doing so many cuts why and how can they give at least £400 000 per year to run this facility. This needs to be looked at as well.

The Mesnes Conservation Area Group have worked hard to retain this and they are right to do so.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oversight? Likely story.

I have recently learnt that the Council send out a certificate to councillors once they are not councillors no more. I thought this was a new thinking only to learn it has been going for a while now. I wondered why I did not get one last yr? I asked the Chief Executive of Wigan Council if it was because I was a challenging member of the Council or was it because me and the then Mayor did not get on? The Council has come back and said it was an oversight. Likely story.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cameron goes for runaway dads

It was a good PR day to go for run away dads. Dads that runaway and do not play a part in their children lives and more importantly do not pay for them is a must to resolve. Why should the state pick up the bill for their kids? I think the PM is right in saying this and I hope he gets them.

But what is equally important is mums that try and block their kids seeing their dads. If they pay and want to be play a part they should. I know this from a friend who pays but his ex has turned their child against him. Parents disagreement should stay that PARENTS disagreement and they should not put the kids in the middle.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shevington Parish Council make up rules again.

Our three Parish Councillors on Shevington PC have put forward a motion to hold a referendum. Given that this was what they were elected on the back off it is right that they do this. But Labour and the PC do not like this and what to stifle debate yet again and will not allow the motion on the agenda on the basis that the agenda is full. Nowhere in the rules does it say that only a certain number of items can go on the agenda.

Over 40% collectively voted for a referendum in the recent elections. The PC quango continue to stifle debate and try and hide from democracy. Our Councillors will still push for this and we wait their next move.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How long can it take? MP's have been convicted in the courts faster.

Over a year ago two Wigan Councillors were reported to the standards committee for claiming car allowance when they did not own a car or were able to drive.

With all the scandals with MP's many thought this kind of incident was just in Westminster. But this document demonstrates that it is not. What is different between Westminster and Wigan Council is speed.

I would imagine that Wigan Council will say the time is out of their hands as it is being investigated by an external body. But so were the MP's in Westminster but that did not take this long and they allegations were worse and some even sentenced to jail. But yet these two Councillors are getting away with it.

When you go to the link click on number 13 to see the report and item 2. Here you will see the two cases and the dates when first sent to be investigated.


Whilst the report does not say who the two Councillors are we can probably assume at least one of them and that is Labour Cllr Jeanette Prescott. We can make this assumption on the basis that she went to the Observer saying she was horrified that she had got mixed up. I have put a link to the story below.

One thing that she did was pay the money back straight away and apologised. But what about the other Councillor. Have they done the same thing? If they had I guess they would apologised like Cllr Prescott did.

It is in the public interest that these cases are concluded and the findings made public at the earliest opportunity to try and put some confidence back that the Council is not above the law and they do not try and drag things out as long as possible to try and let people forget what has gone on.

I will be writing to the head of legal services asking if the Council has a time frame on this matter or is it a case the Council are dragging this out on purpose.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Alex Murphy and myself at our fundraiser in February at Ashfield House, Standish. It was a great night where 100 people attended the dinner with Alex as the guest speaker.

If you ever get the chance to see him do go he is really funny.

With so many having a good night people are asking if we are doing another one which we are now looking at doing at the end of Summer.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Results are in

In the local election we lost the Shevington District seat but were able to get 3 Parish Councillors elected. All three are great people that will be very good in representing the people that elected them.

Excellent news for Standish residents as they elected Cllr George Fairhurst again with a health Majority.It is interesting that the Tories were second there last year and now been knocked back firmly in third.

Also interesting that Independents won in Hindley Green and Bryn too.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Labour Lies - Facts Matter

Well the Labour pro Parish Council machine has been out distributing their labour lies to try and scare the public to save the Parish Council and their many leaflets they say

1/ If we win there Will be a referendum n about 2 to 3 years. - Wrong f elected and we take control there will be a referendum called within weeks of being elected. And weeks mean just a few i.e 4 would be the most but very likely we would have ordered t before then.

2/ They say we want to abolish the Parish Council. - Wrong. We aim to let the local residents have a free choice whether they want to have a Parish Council or not. It will not be up to us but the residents that pay the extra tax.

3/ They say am anti notice board in Shevngton Moor when I gave them in Swinley Ward. This is true but the consistency is the people of Swinley wanted the notice board. The residents do not want one.

4/ Every one of these so called independent and so called non political candidates are all party of the Labour Party or have vested interested in the Parish Council continuing as they get huge sums of money from the PC. For Example John Ball who was a Labour candidate on Wigan Council and runs the youth club. He wants another £5000 from your money quickly before the Election. So does his mate Ira Whiteley is pout of her mind that now finally the day his here and she will lose her money from the Youth Club. But yet she spends most of her time in Uganda.

These acts are just mad desperate attempts to try and get some votes. Join the thousands of Shevington Residents that are calling for a referendum. This is the first time in over 2 decades that you have had a choice as this quango.

Vote for your three Shevington Independents candidates and get a choice on whether you want to keep this quango or not. We are the only party that will allow this the others want your money from themselves and their pet projects.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Why the Parish Council needs to go.

With the debate raging about the Parish Council and whether the residents of Shevington should have a say or not whether this unelected quango should remain.

One serious issue is that the Parish Council are made of unelected members that have no knowledge of how to do things the clerk is there is advise only. The Chairman is there to run things. The current Chairman simply should know how to do things but he does not. Here is why. At last night meeting the Parish Council put minutes to the meeting that stated that the previous meeting was not quorate but they continued a meeting. This is against the rules and the chairman would know this. The Clerk also knows this and informed the members of the public that the meeting was not quorate and would close. Last night meeting the Chairman said he had been advised of this but he did not close the meeting. Therefore he is inept and should not be chairman never mind a Councillor.

Vote for Shevington Independents next Thursday and get a proper parish Council that will hold a referendum and in the mean time will make sure the law is upheld and dismissed like this rag bob outfit do at the present.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

This is what Labour Cllrs do on the Parish Council.

This is an email that was sent round from one of the sitting Cllrs to all others cllrs. You can see that she does not have a clue but more importantly she admits that she did not have a clue in the budget meeting on figures.

"Hello All

I have looked again at the precept notice and am asking you if you feel able to support me in submitting this version. I have explained to the Clerk that I am asking for your support in this. Otherwise we can go ahead with the one approved at the meeting. It was difficult to adjust it in mid meeting. I think this one although it doesn't use the word apologise conveys the idea in the text it need to get the go ahead this week so we cannot wait until the PC meeting. "

and this lady wants to be re elected How can see represent you when she does not understand the budget that she votes on.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I have just had a phone call informing me that the Conservative Candidate for Shevington is a 19 Year old who is off to University so even if he wins he will not be able to represent the people of Shevington.

This is not the first time the Tories have done this last years they had a candidate that lived in Leeds at university.


Parish Council Candiate withdraws

ASt last week Parish Council meeting Parish Council Candidate Brian Lomax said that he wants to withdraw from the race of being a Parish Council. Whilst it is to late for him to take his name off the ballot paper it is clear that he does not want to get in now that he has been rumbled.


in the Parish Election. People that want to win and will represnt you.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tories Lie in Standish.

The Conservatives have put out a leaflet in Standish claiming that they have opposed all major housing developments and takeaways. However this lest bit is a lie to new heights. A Conservative Councillor has even supported an application for a new takeaway in Standish and went to the planning committee hearing to support them. Bare face liars but then again when you get as desperate as the Tories you can see why they have to go new levels to try and get votes.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Labour Candidate for Shevington works hand in hand with convicted benefit cheat.

The candidate for the Labour Party in Shevington is working hand in hand with a Convicted benefit cheat. Not only does he do this but he has asked her to be his agent for his election campaign. His agent is Dorothy Abbottt. She used to work for Wigan Council and whilst working for them she was claiming benefits. She was convicted of claiming benefits of more than £28000. This is a disgrace and what does this say about the candidate if he associates himself with people like this?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hole appears in Accounts

At last night Shevington Parish meeting iot came apparent that there is a whole of at least £5000 in last years account. Whilst the accounts for last years were meant to be signed off last night this was not possible as I walked out of the meeting which left only two others as one other had left previous due to be challenging this black hole in the accounts. With only two Cllrs left they were not quorate so would not been able to do any more business. With just days into the new financial year if this is how the Parish Council deals with its finances no wonder they get left in the mess that they did and have to raise the precept by over 46^ last year. It is time this un-elected quango was judged and if we get control of the Parish Council we will let the residents of Shevington do this by having a referendum.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Deadline passes

Today at noon was the deadline for nomination for the Local Elections in Wigan plus the Parish Elections as well in Shevington. We are standing a number of candidates in both. Full details to follow.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Wigan Central By-Election Result

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful at the by election. The results were

Labour - 1165
Conservative - 652
Independent Conservative - 393
UKIP - 189.

Torys have now lost the argument of a split vote as even if you add mine and the Tories vote Labour won quite easily. I guess this was a vote against all the government cuts.

Thanks for all those that voted and supported me. Also a big thanks to all the helpers too.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Breaking News

At tonight full council meeting discussing the budget members of the public entered the public gallery and shouted down Labour and all their cuts that they are proposing. After being told to leave the public would not and it got heated and the police were called to clear the public gallery.

What this shows is that members of the public are not being fooled about who are making these cuts and Labour is firmly to blame locally in Wigan.

This brings it home even more to vote for the right candidate tomorrow Wigan Central by election.

Overview of By election in Wigan Central

Well it is nearly here now. It has been really interesting meeting some people on the campaign trial. I think Labour has tried to get its core vote out knowing that it will be a low turnout and people have said that the Conservatives are blaming everyone else for them losing last time rather than themselves and they have not come out with what they will do locally. UKIP have done very little or nothing in this by election so I am not sure why people will vote for them, although I did meet a traditional voter who said he was voting UKIP because of what was going on in Libya. Not sure why they should be connected but each to their own.

What is also interesting is the fact that a lot of Conservative voters that voted Conservative last time and now feel let down by the Conservative Government that they will not be voting Conservative this time and are thankful that they have another vote to go to, i.e myself.

I do not think anything can surprise me tomorrow night it is all down to you the public to cast your votes and I hope that you agree with what I have campaigned for on this campaign, which is all local issues not national politics.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

World phenomenon

It is interesting looking at the stats for this blog. Last Year pages looked at was about 1000 per month but since the start of the yr this has doubled in the first two months. This, I believe, is down to the by election and the Parish Council issues that have both been very prominent issues.

But what is interesting is that the people looking at the blog are not just in the UK but around world. The figures for pages looked at are
UK -1872
USA - 57
Netherlands - 31
Latvia - 27
Italy - 10
Germany - 6
Singapore - 6
Malaysia - 5
Russia - 5
Canada -3

What lead me to look at these figures because as well as getting the usual hate mail from Labour and Tory hacks I have started getting messages from people around the world and I thought I would confirm that people are looking at the blog around the world and the stats are the proof.

I thought I would share the figures with the people and show that they are not alone looking at the blog.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mesnes Road Crossing cut.

Back in 2009 April I launched a campaign to improve the crossing on Mesnes Road. This is the crossing outside the Brockett.

The problem is many times when trying to cross from the Brockett side especially it can be difficult to cross because cars park across the crossing whilst their pessengers and drivers go into the shop or taxi's waiting for customers from the Brockett.

I was first promised a zebra crossing then I was promised, after the zebra was cancelled, a new pavement scheme to stop cars parking. But this has now been cancelled because of the funding cuts. This campaign was first promised something two years ago and Labour has stalled and I believe never intended to do anything here but pay lip service.

If elected on Thursday I will be fighting for this crossing to be put back on the to do list.

posters and signs going up to show support.

Whilst I was out in Swinley yesterday saw a number of my leaflets in people windows showing support. This is really good to see and there is some high profile sites having posters going up tomorrow as well.

Whilst out in the Whitley area met a number of residents who have already voted by postal vote and inform me that they have supported myself. Really good and encouraging signs, just need to keep it up and move up to the last phase.

With the last few days now and most of the leaflets out the campaign will move into it's next and last phase once the last leaflets are out by lunch time tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Twitter page

Why not follow me on Search for Cllrgwfairhurst. See you there.

Support is growing.

With the teams being out today delivering the majority of the main leaflets in various areas around the ward it is so encouraging to hear some really good comments about the first leaflet and this one too.

Whilst, I will not get complacent, it is encouraging to hear from you about the issues that I have raised and the work I have already ready done. I have responded to most of the people who have emailed me and I have spoken to everyone who has rangme and I promise to get to all those that have kindly written to me as well. The only way we can all make a difference is voting for Gareth Fairhurst next Thursday.

If any of you do want to contact me please contact me please do so.

With just under a week to go now some really encouraging signs and comments are coming forward so tell all your friends and neighbours and if any of you want to meet me please let me know too.

Thanks once again, this time next week we could have made the difference.

Friday, 18 February 2011

By Election going well.

With just under 2 weeks left before the by election in Wigan Central the response has been really positive and good. It will be an interesting election and at this time it seem that turnout will be a lot lower than last May when the general election was being run at the same time.

The first leaflet has had a good impact and the feedback positive. I have a number of residents now contact me via email, writing me letters and phoning on various issue and support.

More will follow in the next few weeks and no doubt things will hot up nearer the time.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wigan Independent Conservatives Fund Raiser

In this week's Wigan Observer are some pictures of the sportsman dinner that we did the other week at Ashfield House. It was a tremendous success with just short of 100 people there and all having a great time.

With guest speaker Alex Murphy it was a great night. Many guest commenting about how good the food was. Great location.

A number of guest have already asked when the next night is and we were thinking of a yearly event but this seems that we are going to put one on twice a year. It is good to see people having a good night out. Role on the next night.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Labour call their own work.

Labour has been out in Swinley area today - until they saw ourselves delivering our leaflets and then they quickly left. Any way as well as their main leaflet they put another leaflet saying, the pavements and potholes in the are are unacceptable. Well, it is Labour that run the Council and they are the ones that fund maintenance and approve or refuse maintenance work.

I guess what they are saying as we have not had a Labour Cllr in this area for years then we have left the area to rack and ruin. It goes to show what I have said for years Labour run the council just for their own and are not non political when it comes to the running of the Council

But for any resident in Swinley that think Labour will now be doing the maintenance of the potholes and pavements you are mistaken as Labour also say we can not promise to do the work. Another words they will be blaming the Tory Government soon, no doubt. When will Labour realise that just because they do not like the Government in power they must not play party politics with the residents of Wigan lives.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Policy Meeting ........What policy?

Last night was the policy meeting of Shevington Meeting. Not sure why they call it the policy meeting it has very little if non at all of policy just what ever they wanted to discuss including financial applications, which surely would go into a financial meeting?

The Chair, well one of the chairman as there are two - more of that later is clearly inept of running a meeting. I have tried to complain now several times to him about the clerk and the behaviour that she says and displays towards myself. The clerk is only there as a supporting role and not as running the meeting that is meant to be the Chairman's role, if he was able to do it. But the clerk continues not to inform the meeting of fact and several times said, "In her opinion" well we do not want your opinion as it is not allowed just the facts and relevant reports, if she brings them to the meeting, as she conveniently forgets when it suits, in my opinion.

Two chairs - I have often thought the the Parish Council only gave the position to Cllr John Ball for name sake but it is clearly being run from behind the scene by Cllr Barry King. Cllr King even gave the Chairman's his permission to move items on the agenda last night. Just goes to show Labour continue to do their old tricks.

As for the Parish Precept there was a draft letter that was shown to us last night and I was able to change significant information and also remove Labour Lies. What the Chairman would not allow or discuss was the fact that certain PC Cllrs agreed more with me this week in emails about the level of precept and there was moves to change the precept to a lower amount close to mine. I did say that this was unheard of changing a precept once agreed but I would support a change to a figure to mine but behind the scenes it seems that the real chair Cllr King blocked this move. Can not wait for the elections to out this person for what he really is.

Also the PC agreed tried to do a move in private and confidential move under contractors issues and I was disgusted with what I was hearing and said that I would not have anything to do with it and I would report it. All of a sudden a certain Cllr said they were not going to take part if being threatened and then the cards fell.

This kind of behaviour demonstrates the disgraceful way this PC is runs and I have had many emails to say the PC is changing and the Chair in Name Cllr Ball said last night the PC is not changing until after the elections. Well they will change then!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Labour Lies......again.

In the by election the Labour Party has put out their first leaflet. And whilst it is attacking the Tory/ Lib Dem government they seem to mislead and even lie to you the public. This election is not about national cuts that is why we have general elections.
Who are proposing to close library's throughout the borough - Labour Council.

Labour also says that the financial mess is all down to the bankers - partly true. On the 28th October the FSA as we know it was born. This was under a LABOUR Government. These were the people who were meant to protect the public and not let the bankers run away with it. But they failed. The FSA allowed big banks to give up to 5 times joint salary's meaning that the public were being financially stretched and then the public were allowed to buy their houses with 125% of the value of their houses. This should never have been allowed as disaster was written all over the place but LBOUR LET THE BANKERS GET AWAY WITH IT.

Labour says that Henry resign due to ill health. He has to as LABOUR pull the plug on him they had the power to keep him in for a few more months so that we could have had the by election and the local elections in May on the same day. This would have saved you over £10 000. Why did Labour force this by election? Because they want to see what will happen in May and if they can blame the government and the public blames the Tories and not Labour as after all it was under Labour that got us into this mess.

How does this Labour Leaflet show if they vote this person in as their LOCAL councillor what he will do locally? Simple answer - it does not!

Monday, 7 February 2011

By Election campaign about to start.

First leaflet is now complete and I have signed the proofs off now and the printers will be printing this week to get distributed throughout the ward soon.

Second leaflet is about top be designed and get a proof done too. All go.

Tories have done their first leaflet I hear and I hear Labour has started their campaign too. I think this just demonstrates their nervousness at not getting their vote out.

Friday, 4 February 2011

UKIP to stand in the Wigan Central By-Election

So the nominations closed today at noon for the the Wigan Central By election. I put my papers in yesterday morning and I believe that Keith Jones is standing for the ukip party again.

This is not the first time Keith has stood in a by election for Wigan Central as he was standing for the Tories in 2007 but pulled his nominations just hours before the deadline because he was disagreeing with the Conservative Leader Michael Winstanley and Henry Cadman.

He has since stood a numerous times for UKIP just gaining a handful of votes only but what worries me is that the last time I was talking to him he informed me that he was looking to emigrate, poss to the USA. So if he is elected will he resign the office of Councillor for Wigan Central or will he do what former lib dem Cllr Philip Thompson do and that was moved to the usa and was contactable by email. Either way if he is still looking to move out there he can not serve the public just proving that voting is a waste and I guess that is why he only gets a handful of votes.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Complaint against me.....AGAIN!

Today I received a letter from the head of legal services on Wigan Council to inform me that yet again a person (attached to Labour) made an allegation that I was rude and insulting to them and the Clerk and Parish Councillprs. But yet this complaint comes from who shouted out from the public gallery... "Look at the soft sod spitting his dummy out." Now if they thought that when they made these kind of remarks and not get a reaction there are wrong.If there wanted a reaction they got a reaction.

Also the complainant said that I was disclosing private matters in confidential items to the public. but if they are a member of the public and a Labour Hack then how would they know what was being said in confidential items unless they were being told.

The truth of the matter I knew that Labour would get up to their usual tricks coming up to the elections and the fact that the Standards Committee has rejected it straight out just goes to show that the are desperate and will try any tactic to get rid of me. Why not stand against me if you want to get rid of me Mr Moates?

I have no doubt that the PC and it's members are concluding already on their next complaint against me. Whilst they are busy playing stupid games I will continue the way that this useless Parish Council works and will continue to fight for a fair deal for the residents of Shevington and to get them a referendum.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lockerbie Bomber!

It is a disgrace if what the Telegraph reports today about Labour being the ones forcing the release of the bomber of the Lockerbie bomber. When in the UK does life mean life. Labour did not only force or influence the release they advised the Libyans on how they could get him out. What a disgrace!

Labour yet again lied when they said they had nothing to do with it. Just goes to show how much damage they have done with all their lies.

I know this is an international story and my blog has been about local issues but this out rages me.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Last Night Parish Council Meeting.

A last night Parish Council was interesting to say the least.

On a an issue about Recreation Ground Trustees it has been the norm where the Parish Councillors would sit on this body. Now all of a sudden the Parish Council want to change this and ask members of the public to sit on there for them.. When I started the discussion it came clear to me that they are trying to keep their cronies in. Just go to show they have not changed.

Also in a confidential item on a tendering issue the clerk asked to defer a tendering because there was only one tender in and she had part of another in and she said another one was due to come in. I argued that the deadline has gone and passed and no more tenders should be accepted and we just discuss the one that we have. The clerk said because she was wanting it to be deferred she had not brought the tender to the meeting. I have serious issue with this. I would ask if the clerk is inept or has the correct understanding/ability of what the clerk position is and what they have to do. Being impartial and having the bringing correct reports/ information for the meeting are important and I still have several issues that the clerk has said she will get back to me with - but to date has not. I have asked for me to be able to put a complaint in against her and no procedures have been brought to me. Disgraceful

Another issue was when I raised an issue and another Councillor said just to move on and completely dismissed what I was saying about a resident coming to me with a complaint. This other Councillor was not elected and co opted on. I pointed out that I was elected and if a resident comes to me with a complaint just because the other Parish Councillors do not like me as I question how they do things they simply can not dismiss any issues I bring. What a sham how this Parish Council operates

I hope that in May all these co opted councillors stand and be judged for the way that they have done things and what they have done I would not like them to jump ship. It is clear and some one has said that to watch my back as they are taking notes on me - bless - but I do not play silly little games. The sooner May comes round the better for the residents of Shevington.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Brighter Borough Funding.

I have learnt that the Labour dominated Council are to claw back any money's not spent in All Councillor's brighter borough pot. Each Councillor gets a sum of money, just over £6000, each year and normally any money's not spent is carried over. This means that Councillors can save up for large items or projects or not spend just for the sake of it.

But now Councillors have been told that any of their money not spent by the end of March will be clawed back and the Councillors will lose that money. This is probably a knee jerk reaction against the article in the Wigan Observer about this issue.

Wigan Independent Councillor Debbie Fairhurst put to the vote to keep what ever money's each Councillor had but not to get any new funding in the financial year 2011 - 2012. This would mean a saving of about £500 000. With what Labour are proposing this means that Cllrs from all parties will probably go on a spending spree to spend before they lose the money. This means that £500 000 (unspent money) will be wasted.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

This is one of those vans that opens the back window/ doors to catch people speeding. It is from a private company called Drive Safe. But yet they seem to be breaking the law themselves by parking in a dangerous position. They are covering the letter S and part covering the L letter in the word Slow in the road, there are Chevron's making the road narrower and most of all parking on the pavement. Whilst I was taking this picture they came out and confronted me very confrontational. When I pointed out that they are parking on the road, he said that he was, " I only nicked about 18 inches - two foot of the footpath." O well that makes it ok then...not.
I will be passing this picture over to the police for their comments. I wonder if they are going to prosecute them. What was interesting whilst the man got out of the van to confront me there was a lady in the van and I guess she rang the police as a police BMW car turned up. Just as it was pulling up it turned round and speed away with the lights flashing. I wonder if they had stopped would they have issued this van with a ticket? I am not sure if the police car was from Greater Manchester or Lancashire but it would have been interesting to see what they would have said.
This picture was taken on Pepper Lane, Standish on Sunday 23 January @ 16. 10. The date and time is wrong on the picture as it was taken with my son's camera and he has not set the time.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Is it worth it?

After last week's story on the front page of the observer about Conservative Councillor Jean Peet using £4000 to pay for two small roads to be resurfaced, I have had a number of people emailing and ringing and commenting about it. This would benefit 5 houses.

Apparently it did say in the article that I tried to do the same job but refused to do it because it was to expensive and the quote that I had been given from the Council was more than the £4000.

But even at the lower price of £4000 I do not believe that a cllr should use so much of their money for such a scheme when there are so many different causes needing the money at present with the cut backs. Call me cynical but is this not blowing all her money in her election year and just before the by election called in Wigan Central too.

It is a shame that Cllr do this and they should spend throughout their term rather than saving for their election year.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why do politicians lie?

Regardless of the national party when people say that politicians are all the same and say one thing to get in and then another once in power is getting truer by the day.

We all know about the lib dems and their promise to about tuition fees and the the Torys promised to put in a fuel tax system in place to stop fuel prices going higher and higher. Now David Cameron says that it is to complicating to do. Did he not realise this when in opposition? Why say something if he a) did not mean it or b) he did not realise what he was saying and how he could do it. If it is b then we need to worry.

If it was a wish on some kind of wish list tell people he will try to resolve the issue and ideas that he will explore.

And before Labour start rejoicing at the Torys downfall on this issue, they are just as bad and now in opposition will say anything to get back in but will not say how they will do it.

No wonder there are vast numbers of people that do not vote.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nomination papers out tomorrow.

Tomorrow sees the start of the by election in Wigan Central.The nomination papers are out and this is where candidates can go to the Town Hall and collect the pack to fill out for nominations.

The date, I believe, is the 3 March 2011 and I have now started on the campaign material so I can get them to the printers next week, so they will be ready in time for the time frame that I am looking for.

I would suspect there will be at least 4 candidates but possibly to 7 candidates in total. We will know this at the beginning of February when the closing for nominations as lapsed and the Town Hall publishes the candidates.

Busy times ahead.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Last night Parish Council Finance meeting

At last night finance meeting the Shevington Parish Council continue with the criminal overspend on the bowling green. With them setting a budget of £17 500 in total for this, it is criminal that they spend this amount of money unnecessarily on this. A far lower budget could run this and I proposed a budget of £6500 which would have been more than enough, in my opinion.

The Chairman said that he wants to waiver his chairman's allowance, I wonder why that is? As one person of the public as commented already to me, they believe that he wants to protect his benefits. Interesting thought there.

Also it is clear that the Shevington Parish Council have two meetings one where the public and myself are allowed and one before this meeting where just the Labour Labour Cllr are allowed. I say Labour cllr as the rest of them are just that Labour. They try to go under this independent banner but I have proven that they are Labour in disguise.

Roll on this year elections and lets hope that ALL of the co oped members do stand at the elections, as I think they should and they should be judged for their actions. They where never voted on and if they jump at the elections by not standing then this clearly shows they know that they have been running this Parish Council in a disgraceful way.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wigan Central By Election update

Wigan Council voted last Wednesday not to extend Henry Cadman sick leave any longer, after doing this in July of last year.

What was going to happen Wigan Council was going to cause a casual vacancy on Friday and that would create a by election however last night Henry Cadman resign his position as Cllr so now it needs two people from Wigan Central to go to the Town Hall to call the by election.

Labour has obviously been planning this for some time as they have their candidate in place and Labour selection process is quote long so they have had this planned since last year.

I would hope that the election can happen on the same day as the local election as that makes sense but I doubt this will happen. The Tories candidate is going to be the same guy from last year.

Just taken a call from a resident who has pledged their support and offered help, which is gratefully received.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

20 tickets left

What a response to the sportsman dinner. We were aiming for 100 people and the venue says that we can only have a max of 110 people

So far 90 tickets have been sold so it looks like we will beat our target of 100 people but also we will get to the maximum. It should be a great night for all.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Tickets going well for the sportsman dinner

As I mention we are holding a fund raiser on the 4 February 2011 at Ashfield House. Price is £22.50 per head and this includes a 3 course dinner with Guest speaker Rugby League Legend Alex Murphy.

If you do want to come please contact me and I can reserve you some tickets as tickets are selling fast now and it looks to be a great night.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

shadow chancellor interview on sky

Just watched Sky News whilst getting ready to do the taxi run taking my eldest to his Rugby Match. Alan Johnson, who is the Shadow chancellor, was talking about how Labour would not have put VAT up but National Insurance Contributions instead. So Dermont Murnaghan, who was the interviewer, asked what the current NI rate is and what they( Labour) would have put it up to. After going backwards and forward the Shadow Chancellor got it the NI figure wrong.

So hear is the issue, I guess Dermont was trying to make the point that the shadow chancellor , should know the basic figures when discussing an issue on finance. To be give the other side point Alan Johnson said that the rate that Labour would have put it up by would bring in so many millions and that was the figure he should know and not the individual rate.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wigan Central By Election set for March.

With a hive of activity today the phone has not stopped ringing and with me speaking with the Town Hall on the issue it looks like the by election will be called for middle of March, possible the 14th.

I like to thank all those that have emailed me and rang me with their support and offer to help out. One thing for sure it will be a hard by election but I think that it should have been held on the same day as the May local elections. But I am told the rules are the rules and nothing could be done.

No doubt all the parties will be selecting their candidate and I hear that the Tories have already selected the same guy that stood against me last May Robin Gibson. I have heard a name for the Labour Party but surely it can't be true.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Breaking News - By election for Wigan Central.

The Full Council of Wigan Council is currently meeting and I hear from numerous phone calls that Labour has voted against Cllr Henry Cadman term of office being extended.

Cllr Cadman was taken ill back in March of last year after a stroke. Under normal rules a cllr can miss meetings for 6 mths after that they are no longer a cllr unless the council excuses them. In July of last yr that is what happen Wigan Council extended his term for 6 mths and now that is about to end they no longer have allowed it to be extended.

I think the end date is 13th of January 2011 and after that a casual vacancy will be called and that is were two members of the public can go to the town hall and ask for a by election.

Labour obviously feel confident that they can win it and no doubt they will throw everything at it. No doubt they will be blaming the Tories for all the cuts. Time will tell who is the victor.

However there is a serious issue here. I have doubled checked with the election office to see if the election can go at the same time as the normal local election in May. But this ios not the case and the by election will probably be around March. That means that schools could be closed and tens of thousands of pounds will be spent when it is not needed at these hard times.

Councillor Defection - more information.

I see that the news that I reported a few days ago has come out about the Labour Councillor who quit the Labour Party.

She says that she left for personal reason, although I did initially hear it was because of bullying, which I can believe happens in the Labour Party. Labour response was she was deselected so would not be able to stand as a Labour candidate at the next elections. I wonder if she wanted to stand as a Labour Councillor next time any way, because Labour did not say that she applied to stand for them. Labour simply could have chosen some one else as she decided not to stand, she might have but who knows.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Eyesore In Wigan

It has been reported that the old Police Station on Harrogate Street, Wigan will be soon pulled down and redeveloped. This would be good news for Wigan but one thing that worries me is why the Council are not helping the developer of the Old Town Hall site. If Wigan is serious then the more sites that are redeveloped then the better prospect for Wigan.

Lets hope that more and more eyesores around Wigan can be redeveloped and Wigan Prosper.

How many more?

It is always interesting when you start something you never know how much will come out and what will come out. I had a feeling about the residents views towards the Parish Council but since the latest newsletter I am surprised at more residents coming forward with information on the Parish Council.

One new residents wants to meet and is upset at how the PC works and the cliche that it is. How true residents are and I wonder once I meet with these new residents what else can come out about the Parish Council.

One thing for sure the feeling about the Parish Council is getting stronger and stronger and with more residents wanting to sign the petition and take petition forms for them to collect signatures it could be a rough ride.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


I have heard on the grapevine that a Labour Councillor has left the Labour Party on Wigan Council. What a new year for Labour!

Happy New Year.

Can I wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. It Will no doubt be a busy year, especially in the first half of the year.