Thursday, 27 January 2011

Brighter Borough Funding.

I have learnt that the Labour dominated Council are to claw back any money's not spent in All Councillor's brighter borough pot. Each Councillor gets a sum of money, just over £6000, each year and normally any money's not spent is carried over. This means that Councillors can save up for large items or projects or not spend just for the sake of it.

But now Councillors have been told that any of their money not spent by the end of March will be clawed back and the Councillors will lose that money. This is probably a knee jerk reaction against the article in the Wigan Observer about this issue.

Wigan Independent Councillor Debbie Fairhurst put to the vote to keep what ever money's each Councillor had but not to get any new funding in the financial year 2011 - 2012. This would mean a saving of about £500 000. With what Labour are proposing this means that Cllrs from all parties will probably go on a spending spree to spend before they lose the money. This means that £500 000 (unspent money) will be wasted.

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