Friday, 28 January 2011

Last Night Parish Council Meeting.

A last night Parish Council was interesting to say the least.

On a an issue about Recreation Ground Trustees it has been the norm where the Parish Councillors would sit on this body. Now all of a sudden the Parish Council want to change this and ask members of the public to sit on there for them.. When I started the discussion it came clear to me that they are trying to keep their cronies in. Just go to show they have not changed.

Also in a confidential item on a tendering issue the clerk asked to defer a tendering because there was only one tender in and she had part of another in and she said another one was due to come in. I argued that the deadline has gone and passed and no more tenders should be accepted and we just discuss the one that we have. The clerk said because she was wanting it to be deferred she had not brought the tender to the meeting. I have serious issue with this. I would ask if the clerk is inept or has the correct understanding/ability of what the clerk position is and what they have to do. Being impartial and having the bringing correct reports/ information for the meeting are important and I still have several issues that the clerk has said she will get back to me with - but to date has not. I have asked for me to be able to put a complaint in against her and no procedures have been brought to me. Disgraceful

Another issue was when I raised an issue and another Councillor said just to move on and completely dismissed what I was saying about a resident coming to me with a complaint. This other Councillor was not elected and co opted on. I pointed out that I was elected and if a resident comes to me with a complaint just because the other Parish Councillors do not like me as I question how they do things they simply can not dismiss any issues I bring. What a sham how this Parish Council operates

I hope that in May all these co opted councillors stand and be judged for the way that they have done things and what they have done I would not like them to jump ship. It is clear and some one has said that to watch my back as they are taking notes on me - bless - but I do not play silly little games. The sooner May comes round the better for the residents of Shevington.

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  1. Roy Bridge, The Oval.28 January 2011 at 23:00

    The term Brass Neck jumps to mind, unelected nobodies making the rules up as they go along.The biggest insult is that they seem to be of the opinion that the public are so thick that they can't see through the flannel.
    "Taking notes", really, pity they can't take notes on what would benefit the MAJORITY of residents, as opposed to the chosen few.


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