Friday, 21 January 2011

Is it worth it?

After last week's story on the front page of the observer about Conservative Councillor Jean Peet using £4000 to pay for two small roads to be resurfaced, I have had a number of people emailing and ringing and commenting about it. This would benefit 5 houses.

Apparently it did say in the article that I tried to do the same job but refused to do it because it was to expensive and the quote that I had been given from the Council was more than the £4000.

But even at the lower price of £4000 I do not believe that a cllr should use so much of their money for such a scheme when there are so many different causes needing the money at present with the cut backs. Call me cynical but is this not blowing all her money in her election year and just before the by election called in Wigan Central too.

It is a shame that Cllr do this and they should spend throughout their term rather than saving for their election year.

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  1. How can this Councillor get away with this and why has no one stopped it?

    She, has obviously done this for her election year. With Councillors like this, no wonder I have never voted Conservative.


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