Friday, 14 January 2011

Last night Parish Council Finance meeting

At last night finance meeting the Shevington Parish Council continue with the criminal overspend on the bowling green. With them setting a budget of £17 500 in total for this, it is criminal that they spend this amount of money unnecessarily on this. A far lower budget could run this and I proposed a budget of £6500 which would have been more than enough, in my opinion.

The Chairman said that he wants to waiver his chairman's allowance, I wonder why that is? As one person of the public as commented already to me, they believe that he wants to protect his benefits. Interesting thought there.

Also it is clear that the Shevington Parish Council have two meetings one where the public and myself are allowed and one before this meeting where just the Labour Labour Cllr are allowed. I say Labour cllr as the rest of them are just that Labour. They try to go under this independent banner but I have proven that they are Labour in disguise.

Roll on this year elections and lets hope that ALL of the co oped members do stand at the elections, as I think they should and they should be judged for their actions. They where never voted on and if they jump at the elections by not standing then this clearly shows they know that they have been running this Parish Council in a disgraceful way.

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