Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wigan Central By Election set for March.

With a hive of activity today the phone has not stopped ringing and with me speaking with the Town Hall on the issue it looks like the by election will be called for middle of March, possible the 14th.

I like to thank all those that have emailed me and rang me with their support and offer to help out. One thing for sure it will be a hard by election but I think that it should have been held on the same day as the May local elections. But I am told the rules are the rules and nothing could be done.

No doubt all the parties will be selecting their candidate and I hear that the Tories have already selected the same guy that stood against me last May Robin Gibson. I have heard a name for the Labour Party but surely it can't be true.


  1. Mr . Michael Mouse??

  2. No, Roy he is already a District Cllr as well. But you are certainly warm.


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