Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Breaking News - By election for Wigan Central.

The Full Council of Wigan Council is currently meeting and I hear from numerous phone calls that Labour has voted against Cllr Henry Cadman term of office being extended.

Cllr Cadman was taken ill back in March of last year after a stroke. Under normal rules a cllr can miss meetings for 6 mths after that they are no longer a cllr unless the council excuses them. In July of last yr that is what happen Wigan Council extended his term for 6 mths and now that is about to end they no longer have allowed it to be extended.

I think the end date is 13th of January 2011 and after that a casual vacancy will be called and that is were two members of the public can go to the town hall and ask for a by election.

Labour obviously feel confident that they can win it and no doubt they will throw everything at it. No doubt they will be blaming the Tories for all the cuts. Time will tell who is the victor.

However there is a serious issue here. I have doubled checked with the election office to see if the election can go at the same time as the normal local election in May. But this ios not the case and the by election will probably be around March. That means that schools could be closed and tens of thousands of pounds will be spent when it is not needed at these hard times.

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