Friday, 29 April 2011

Why the Parish Council needs to go.

With the debate raging about the Parish Council and whether the residents of Shevington should have a say or not whether this unelected quango should remain.

One serious issue is that the Parish Council are made of unelected members that have no knowledge of how to do things the clerk is there is advise only. The Chairman is there to run things. The current Chairman simply should know how to do things but he does not. Here is why. At last night meeting the Parish Council put minutes to the meeting that stated that the previous meeting was not quorate but they continued a meeting. This is against the rules and the chairman would know this. The Clerk also knows this and informed the members of the public that the meeting was not quorate and would close. Last night meeting the Chairman said he had been advised of this but he did not close the meeting. Therefore he is inept and should not be chairman never mind a Councillor.

Vote for Shevington Independents next Thursday and get a proper parish Council that will hold a referendum and in the mean time will make sure the law is upheld and dismissed like this rag bob outfit do at the present.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

This is what Labour Cllrs do on the Parish Council.

This is an email that was sent round from one of the sitting Cllrs to all others cllrs. You can see that she does not have a clue but more importantly she admits that she did not have a clue in the budget meeting on figures.

"Hello All

I have looked again at the precept notice and am asking you if you feel able to support me in submitting this version. I have explained to the Clerk that I am asking for your support in this. Otherwise we can go ahead with the one approved at the meeting. It was difficult to adjust it in mid meeting. I think this one although it doesn't use the word apologise conveys the idea in the text it need to get the go ahead this week so we cannot wait until the PC meeting. "

and this lady wants to be re elected How can see represent you when she does not understand the budget that she votes on.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I have just had a phone call informing me that the Conservative Candidate for Shevington is a 19 Year old who is off to University so even if he wins he will not be able to represent the people of Shevington.

This is not the first time the Tories have done this last years they had a candidate that lived in Leeds at university.


Parish Council Candiate withdraws

ASt last week Parish Council meeting Parish Council Candidate Brian Lomax said that he wants to withdraw from the race of being a Parish Council. Whilst it is to late for him to take his name off the ballot paper it is clear that he does not want to get in now that he has been rumbled.


in the Parish Election. People that want to win and will represnt you.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tories Lie in Standish.

The Conservatives have put out a leaflet in Standish claiming that they have opposed all major housing developments and takeaways. However this lest bit is a lie to new heights. A Conservative Councillor has even supported an application for a new takeaway in Standish and went to the planning committee hearing to support them. Bare face liars but then again when you get as desperate as the Tories you can see why they have to go new levels to try and get votes.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Labour Candidate for Shevington works hand in hand with convicted benefit cheat.

The candidate for the Labour Party in Shevington is working hand in hand with a Convicted benefit cheat. Not only does he do this but he has asked her to be his agent for his election campaign. His agent is Dorothy Abbottt. She used to work for Wigan Council and whilst working for them she was claiming benefits. She was convicted of claiming benefits of more than £28000. This is a disgrace and what does this say about the candidate if he associates himself with people like this?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hole appears in Accounts

At last night Shevington Parish meeting iot came apparent that there is a whole of at least £5000 in last years account. Whilst the accounts for last years were meant to be signed off last night this was not possible as I walked out of the meeting which left only two others as one other had left previous due to be challenging this black hole in the accounts. With only two Cllrs left they were not quorate so would not been able to do any more business. With just days into the new financial year if this is how the Parish Council deals with its finances no wonder they get left in the mess that they did and have to raise the precept by over 46^ last year. It is time this un-elected quango was judged and if we get control of the Parish Council we will let the residents of Shevington do this by having a referendum.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Deadline passes

Today at noon was the deadline for nomination for the Local Elections in Wigan plus the Parish Elections as well in Shevington. We are standing a number of candidates in both. Full details to follow.