Friday, 29 April 2011

Why the Parish Council needs to go.

With the debate raging about the Parish Council and whether the residents of Shevington should have a say or not whether this unelected quango should remain.

One serious issue is that the Parish Council are made of unelected members that have no knowledge of how to do things the clerk is there is advise only. The Chairman is there to run things. The current Chairman simply should know how to do things but he does not. Here is why. At last night meeting the Parish Council put minutes to the meeting that stated that the previous meeting was not quorate but they continued a meeting. This is against the rules and the chairman would know this. The Clerk also knows this and informed the members of the public that the meeting was not quorate and would close. Last night meeting the Chairman said he had been advised of this but he did not close the meeting. Therefore he is inept and should not be chairman never mind a Councillor.

Vote for Shevington Independents next Thursday and get a proper parish Council that will hold a referendum and in the mean time will make sure the law is upheld and dismissed like this rag bob outfit do at the present.


  1. Roy Bridge. The oval30 April 2011 at 13:50

    One thing stood out for me on Thursday, and this includes yourself Gareth,not a single councillor tabled a motion for good wishes and good luck to Wills and Kate, how mean and selfish. I notice the offer of a trip to the Queen's garden party at Buckingham Palace was'nt refused. How nice it would have been for the PC to auction the tickets off and donate the proceeds to a suitable cause.

  2. Roy you are right and correct that we did not send out best wishes. Not would normally come under chairmans order. I could have put a motion on that I guess.

    With the tickets you could not have raffled them off as this would not be agreable by the lord chamberlains office. I diod have the hugh please to be invited last year and I have to say it was one of the best day's in mine and Debbies lives.

    I wosh the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a great and peaceful life together and the press do not hound them to much.


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