Saturday, 23 April 2011

Parish Council Candiate withdraws

ASt last week Parish Council meeting Parish Council Candidate Brian Lomax said that he wants to withdraw from the race of being a Parish Council. Whilst it is to late for him to take his name off the ballot paper it is clear that he does not want to get in now that he has been rumbled.


in the Parish Election. People that want to win and will represnt you.


  1. I am amazed that the parish councillor who walked out of the last meeting saying "I have better things to do with my time..." is now standing for election, how bizarre. I bet that's not mentioned in the minutes.
    Roy Bridge, The Oval.

  2. Roy You are so right. Plus I bet the minutes do not show that the North Candidate Brian Lomax saying he was withdrawing from the race.

    If Carol Miles has better things to do why is she standing unless it is for her own selfish gain to climb the greasy pole of the Labour Ladder as I hear she wants to be the candidate next year for the district Council. Typical Labour person looking after herself rather than others. If she cared about the resiodents of Shevington she would have asked for an investigation on the missing £5000 in the accounts, but like she says she has better things to do meaning I do not care about shevington I only care on getting on the greasy pole.


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