Sunday, 26 August 2012

The week that ended......26 August 2012

Another busy week. It started off on Monday with the Demo against the mass house building in Standish. It is interesting that people are strongly opposed the 2500 houses that the Council are looking at on greenbelt land in Standish plus also the 1500 houses on brown field sites too. 4000 houses equal 8000 cars and the roads cannot cope and that's before we get to schools and doctors etc.

Hundreds turned out and we estimate at the height of the demo we had about 500 residents there so it was well attend and the Council where left with no doubt that Standish residents do not want the houses and Standish is Full!

It is interesting that a Council Officer who was in the room given talks and info resorted to lying to me about Ashfield. When he was asked why Ashfield was not on the maps he said that, " I was misleading everyone with that and that Ashfield is protected and cannot be built on." My response is why have the Council objected to the Village Green and if it protected why are the planning dept and the Council talking with Morris Homes to build on it? I guess we all know who is lying.

I wish to thank all those that attended and the media that helped promote the issue and event too, including WISH FM who did an interview with me on Monday and then did a follow up on Tuesday, given the massive response that we had.

Also I had a meeting with officer of the Council including the Chief Executive where updates were given. The Council have now finally said what I have been saying for ages and they have got the budget figures wrong and they will have to do more cuts over 2 years longer. I would estimate that this will lead to another 500 Council officers jobs. I believe that the Council can find other savings before cutting more front line services and get rid of the leisure trust.

Then I had another meeting where the Council's Constitution is being changed. Less than 24 hours before the meeting I was given the report, over 335 pages. Ridiculous! How on  earth can anyone be expected to read this in 24 hours. When I scanned through I was dismayed that Labour are cutting debates in the Council Chamber and stop opposition Cllr exposing Labour over issues, like Ashfield. I will oppose these ridiculous changes and push for an open and transparent debate and democracy in Wigan.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The week that ended......19 August 2012

Wow what a busy week not had one like this for some time.

I suppose I should start with the start of the week. Monday we had the public meeting at the Methodist church and we had a fantastic turn out and I would like all those that attended. We had about 150 people squeezed in and we discussed Ashfield and the fact that we will be going to a public hearing later in the year.

We then spoke about the new plans for Standish having so many houses if the Council gets their way. It was felt that we will all be writing in to object and of what I have seen so far this is the case. Also we agree to hold a demonstration on Monday night (Monday 15th Aug) at the community centre on Moody Street near the globe. This is where the Council are holding a drop in centre for the plans. With the about of emails and discussions I have heard I am expecting hundreds there and it will send a clear sign to the Council that we do not want these houses.

So many residents have been getting involved and it has been hard trying to keep pace of where residents have done in terms of delivering leaflets and letters etc..but we are nearly there and we are having more done tomorrow. Although we are holding the demo tomorrow the letters have got to be in by the 11 Sept 12, so we have a bit more time to get these in.

I held by surgery yesterday and there were numerous residents coming in with issues and I will try and get to these next week, after the demo.

Had a couple of meetings this week, one being with the chief executive of the Council with some issues, especially how officers will not meet me and are biased towards Labour and they have to be neutral in terms of Cllrs. A couple of complaints will be going in against these officers.

I have spent the last couple of hours going through all the emails and letters today and catching up on things. I intend to write back to all those that have taken the time and trouble to write to me. If you have not had a response yet no not worry I will.

Thank you for all the support this week and look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The week that ended.......... 12 Aug 12

Well the week is not over by a long shot. I have just nipped back to have some breakfast between delivering leaflets. The responses have been great and it look likes the meeting will be well attended tomorrow.

The leaflet and some posters say the meeting is at the Unity Club  but due to the club doing a double booking we have had to move it to the Methodist church on High Street. I thank the church for helping out at short notice.

In terms of Council work Council officers, including the Chief Executive have said no to a meeting with me. What these pen pushers civil servants don't realise is that  they work for us, Councillors, who in tern work for you the public and they are at the bottom of the pile and not the top. What is interesting it is not just me but other Cllrs of other opposition too that are being subjected to this treatment.

Yesterdays surgery was another busy one with me having to extend the surgery again by half an hour so I could deal with everyone.
Next week is looking increasingly busier with numerous meetings including the public one on Monday night  plus a Council meeting on Wednesday night. Along with these I have two meetings with some residents and groups as well.

O well I have eaten my breakfast now and going back out to deliver some more leaflets.

Bye for now and hope to see as many of you tomorrow night.