Sunday, 26 August 2012

The week that ended......26 August 2012

Another busy week. It started off on Monday with the Demo against the mass house building in Standish. It is interesting that people are strongly opposed the 2500 houses that the Council are looking at on greenbelt land in Standish plus also the 1500 houses on brown field sites too. 4000 houses equal 8000 cars and the roads cannot cope and that's before we get to schools and doctors etc.

Hundreds turned out and we estimate at the height of the demo we had about 500 residents there so it was well attend and the Council where left with no doubt that Standish residents do not want the houses and Standish is Full!

It is interesting that a Council Officer who was in the room given talks and info resorted to lying to me about Ashfield. When he was asked why Ashfield was not on the maps he said that, " I was misleading everyone with that and that Ashfield is protected and cannot be built on." My response is why have the Council objected to the Village Green and if it protected why are the planning dept and the Council talking with Morris Homes to build on it? I guess we all know who is lying.

I wish to thank all those that attended and the media that helped promote the issue and event too, including WISH FM who did an interview with me on Monday and then did a follow up on Tuesday, given the massive response that we had.

Also I had a meeting with officer of the Council including the Chief Executive where updates were given. The Council have now finally said what I have been saying for ages and they have got the budget figures wrong and they will have to do more cuts over 2 years longer. I would estimate that this will lead to another 500 Council officers jobs. I believe that the Council can find other savings before cutting more front line services and get rid of the leisure trust.

Then I had another meeting where the Council's Constitution is being changed. Less than 24 hours before the meeting I was given the report, over 335 pages. Ridiculous! How on  earth can anyone be expected to read this in 24 hours. When I scanned through I was dismayed that Labour are cutting debates in the Council Chamber and stop opposition Cllr exposing Labour over issues, like Ashfield. I will oppose these ridiculous changes and push for an open and transparent debate and democracy in Wigan.

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