Sunday, 4 December 2016

New Christmas Lights come to Standish

Cllr Debbie and George Fairhurst bring more
festive spirit to Standish.
When the Standish Independent Cllr George Fairhurst first got elected in 2004 he got local businesses involving in getting some Xmas spirit into the Village by getting little Xmas trees on their businesses premises. They were well received but things need to always move forward.

At the beginning of this year Cllr Gareth Fairhurst consulted people on having new lights brought into the Village on the lamp posts. He had seen these in other areas but wondered why the Council had not introduced them into Standish. He promised that if re-elected I would bring these to Standish.

As we know he was not re-elected but the Standish Cllr Debbie Fairhurst and George Fairhurst thought the idea was great and when the Tory Cllr would not pay for them they decided they would. So they have both contributed to paying for these and getting them into the Village.

Cllr Debbie Fairhust said, " We knew that Gareth had worked hard on this idea and when he was not elected we were not going to let Standish miss out and that is why Cllr George Fairhurst and I agreed that we would bring them in. We thought it would be yet another legacy for Gareth and also a great new addition to Standish.

People have responded positively and I am so glad that we have got them."

Cllr George Fairhurst said, " This was a great idea by Gareth and I know the people of Standish will appreciate them and also help us get a bit more into the festive spirit. I am so pleased that we have yet again brought some more cheer to Standish. Both Debbie and myself have purchased 8 and in future years we will purchase more to fill out the centre of Standish."
Gareth Fairhurst seeing his ideas light up.

Monday, 7 November 2016

The Climb for Our Pride

My eldest son plays for the great Wigan St Pats Under 15 Rugby team and as well as a great team and bunch of people, they do some other great work. Yesterday, Sunday 6 November 2016, a number of players, parents and supporters climbed Mount Snowdon. That in itself is a great challenge but none of expected the torrid weather conditions that we went with the steep hard climb.


The reason that the players, parents and supporters did this was for a great cause - Our Pride. Our Pride was set up in 2011 and was set up to support families with children with Down Syndrome. They offer support, advice and most of all friendship. They help take families away on trips and make some great memories. Currently the group are also working on creating a family pack for families that may be pending diagnosis. This was one of the reasons that the group was started because the lady who did start this didn't know where to turn when she got this news. For me she is using her knowledge and others to support others and their group grows from strength to strength.


There was just over 30 people that braved the climb. The weather at the bottom wasn't to bad but we had seen on the weather forecast there may be a bit of snow on top and a bit of wind. At the bottom of the climb none of us expected that even the road at the start of the climb would be so hard and steep. After a short while we turned off the road and went on to the track that goes up to the summit. There were stories that it would get easier in a bit. But apart from a small section later on in the walk where the track went more slight, it was all pretty much a hard slog.

Wow, what a view an hour in.
When we had been walking for about an hour we looked behind and saw this great view. Wow. We were so looking forward to the views once we got to the top if this was now. A little while later the cold came in and the heavy rain. Then it started to play on people's mental ability, as well as their physical abilities. I knew that I was not in the best of shape, especially as I had a serious operation on my spine last year and then further  complications too at the end of last year. Some of the team where flying up and full credit in their ability to do that, just goes and demonstrates the fitness these lads have.

If I break the trek up into 3 sections the 2nd of these was very uneven under foot and steep too. This is where it really got to us, How much longer could this go on for? I am pretty sure this is what we thought on this section. Once you got to the end of this section you go under the 2nd railway bridge and turn right and then climb up to the level of the train track.

BANG! What on earth! Although it had been heavy rain and a bit slushy before now we were in a full blown blizzard. A couple of people had to turn round but full credit for them to getting this point - an achievement in itself. One of the other walkers coming down said to climb on to the railway track and walk that way. The train had stopped working 2 weeks ago and because of the snow it would have been hard to follow the track but following the railway track would be more even under foot and also we had something to follow.


Following the railway track in the blizzard was hard going and the only thing in our favour was the fierce wind was blowing on our backs. As we battled and braved the elements we asked climbers coming down how much further? The answer every time - 10 more minutes, you are nearly there. We must have climbed for a further 30 - 40 minutes but everyone would say 10 more minutes. It got to the point where we stopped asking, mind you the number of people coming down was going fewer too. At one point I hit the wall, so to speak, and had it not been for the fact my lad was up at the top and I wanted to make sure he was OK and the other lads with me helping me, I seriously thought about turning around. The conditions in this storm were you couldn't see much in front of you and then another couple walking near us shouted that the closed train station was near. We nearly had done it. Soon enough there it was a dark structure in the blizzard, the train station. Then we looked up and saw the last steps up to the stone on the summit. We raced up to the stone - took some pics and then wasted no time in getting back down.
The stone at the Summit.


So normally going down means easy. Not this time. The conditions under foot was much more harder and also the snow was deeper. We came back down the first of the 3 sections following the railway track. There were 2 issues.
These were the conditions at the top section 
At this point in the blizzard I was thinking
what had I agree to 
The steep slippy descent and the snow blizzard was hitting us in the face. Some of us have described the snow and hail hitting us was like pellet gun bullets hitting us and I can confirm this. Man when would this end?
Any one that has done this climb will confirm that even without this weather the descent pulls on your legs and ankles. Sure enough though once we got to the first train bridge where we climbed down to go back on the normal trail down the snow just stopped. How could this be? I was a gentleman called Paul and he said he was going to get some of his hot drink. Great news to me let's stop for a bit. I got some drink out of my pack and we both couldn't believe that once you go under this bridge it seemed to be a different country, in terms of the weather conditions.

The rest of the climb down was slow and steady and we did up and down in four and a half hours. Not bad I think for the climb and those conditions.

No doubt we all complained at some point about the climb and the conditions but it was a great achievement for everyone. It was another great team building exercise but most importantly it was all for a great cause. Early indications are that we raised about £2,000 for Our Pride.


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dodgy Ray digs the hole deeper.

So I wrote after the last local election about how the Tory Cllr Ray Whittingham was dodgy and how his campaign was paid for a developer and then he went straight on to the planning committee. Well a number of residents have commented have said how fishy this smells.

So I reported the matter to Wigan Council. Here is the original story. So the Council said they carried out a so called investigation. I say so called because it was either a cover up to help him or because they are incompetence to carry out anything proper.

They said that Dodgy Ray told them that the developer didn't pay him but the local Conservative Party and then they paid his election expenses. Wrong! How can I say this because I have checked the Electoral Commission website and looked at if the developer gave money to the local Conservatives and guess what? He didn't! That or they have not declared it to them which would bring their accounts into question. Mind you with his dodgy son as his agent and is an accountant too that wouldn't surprise me. So rather than just coming clean when they were caught out they have lied to try and cover their dodgy matter up and got caught again!!!

It is simply now that an independent investigator needs to take over the investigation. I have now written to the Council to demand this. If they do not then I will report this to the local ombudsman to look at the matter.

One serious thing that has occurred as well as something dodgy is because I raised the matter and informed the Council, they - the Council, didn't want to put two planning matters for Standish before the committee as this could have serious consequences for them. I have now learnt that the developer has put the applications before the Tory's Planning Inspector to hear. The probability is he will pass them and then that really will keep the flood gates open for Standish as I hear that there are a number of developers waiting for the outcome of those hearing.

Here you can see why the Corruption of this Tory Cllr in Standish has now cost people of Standish as well as him gaining himself financially.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Standish Independents Cllrs Save Fireworks Night

Cllr George and Debbie Fairhurst with Committee and player Ian Stewardson at the Club 
With Bonfire night soon approaching many residents will no doubt be going to a bonfire. One of the most popular in Standish over recent years was down at the Crown and with this being closed that is not an option.

Earlier in the year Standish Cricket Club asked the Tory Cllr Whittingham to pay for a community display with Standish Brighter borough Money. He refused to do this but as soon as the Standish Independents Cllrs were asked then they stepped up to the plate and agreed to fund the fireworks with theirs.

This will take place on Friday 4th November 2016 at 7.45 but the gates open at 6.30 and there are other attractions going on their too.

Cllr Debbie Fairhurst said, this is Standish Residents money and we are happy to support this request. Fireworks can be dangerous if people are left to their own devices and I believe in organised events as a parent. With that in mind I believe this would be great for children and families to see at the Cricket club."

Cllr George Fairhurst said, " The Cricket Club is a well used facility and whilst they obviously couldn't have a bonfire I believe that Standish Residents will be able to see a great Community Fireworks in a friendly and safe environment. By supporting the club it helps keep the residents supporting it and also the club supporting local events too. This works hand in hand with each other.".

Sunday, 23 October 2016

What's happening to Standish Village Centre?

So I have learnt that there are a number of businesses up for sale in the Village.

First is La Mamma restaurant. I hear a price tag of £260,000, if there are any takers? Next across the road is Posh Frocks. There is a note in there shop window saying everything is up for sale - business and stock. Finally the computer shop has closed too and that will be a juice and snack bar.

All these businesses are in close proximity to each other and I guess parking will be an issue for all business. I heard from another shop keeper saying he is looking to move out the village centre too due to the car parking.

I came up with a solution but Wigan Council would not engage with the land owners. Standish Village Centre is dying and Wigan Council are doing nothing but giving us more houses. They need to act on this problem.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Parliamentary Boundary Changes 2018

You may have seen or heard on the news that the next timetabled General Election in 2020 will see a  the number of MP's reduced Parliamentary Seats. The reason for this is some MP's seats have more than others. So in effect some votes in one seat are worth up to 3 times as much as other areas. That can't be fair.

So the Government are trying to change it so each and every vote is valued the same. Labour are kicking off with this saying it is not fair. The main reason being that they have the most to lose in terms of Mp's seats. They claim that claim that since the cut fate, 1 December  another 2 million voters registered for the EU Referendum and now believe because they registered after the  cut date that the numbers should be re-crunched. You can faintly see their argument but there has to be a cut off and it is more likely that the 2 million voters only registered because of the EU referendum and not both. However, saying that one should not assume but Labour should have campaigned for people to register before the 1 December 2015. It is not like they can't say they didn't know as this has been planned for some time.

The 3 seats for the Wigan areas will all remain under the proposal so we will still have 3 MP's. For me one vote being equal to another vote has to be the right way to go!

Friday, 9 September 2016

School Lane/ Green Lane Junction Box

So here we are back again after the holidays and business as usual is happening for people. Kids back in school - parents settling back into normal routine and things are getting back to normal, inc this blog.

Many things have happened over the summer but issues are still there for residents. One such issue is for residents in the Green Lane area and they have constantly had the misery of trying to get out of Green Lane onto School Lane.

The issue is at peak times people wanting to turn right have had difficulties because drivers coming from St Maries Church direction have blocked the box junction and that has then prevented drivers getting out of Green Lane. If then there are drivers wanting to turn left behind them that has then impacted on them because they can't move. Many times the lights go on green and drivers cannot move.

Now in there wisdom Wigan Council have put up large yellow signs saying do not enter the box. I can see why they have done this as they do not want drivers blocking up the box junction put my first thought when I saw these signs was they are not correct. For example you can come from St. Maries direction want to turn right into Green Lane and if your exit is clear but oncoming traffic prevents you carrying out your turn then you can in fact enter the box and wait till a safe gap comes. This signs stops people doing what the highway code says.

Removing the signs will not cure the problem either as because people will carry on doing what they are doing, in fact the signs legally do not stop people from carrying on anyway as there is no enforcement action that can be taken for those that enter the box junction. So we need to come up with a solution.

The Standish Independents Cllrs have been in contact with the council and have said to them that the lights at the main cross roads need to clear some traffic just prior to the Green Lane Lights going onto green as this will allow some space to be created and then allow those cars out. Wigan Council Highway's team are looking at this and will be working on a solution that works and this is yet great work by Cllr Debbie and George Fairhurst. Keep watching as hopefully we can get a solution soon, although Wigan council highway team did say it is all down to the shear weight of traffic in Standish - but still they allow more planning applications to go though.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Rugby Star from Wigan

Dan scoring the winning try. Photo is copyright and permission gained from EPA

Wigan has a long history of making Rugby Stars and still it goes on. The latest Rugby Star from Wigan is Dan Bibby, who last night scored the winning try in the Quarter Final's of the Rugby 7's in the Olympics.

It is rare to get a 0 - 0 score at the end of normal time but that what happened with team GB and Argentina. The game was full of drama and both teams could have won at various time but they both slipped up. As it is being reported Dangerous Dan saw a gap and went for it. All he could think was, "Don't drop the ball." He didn't and went to score the try and took Team GB to the semi Final's tonight. But straight after that is the play off for 3rd and 4th and then the final so it will be a tough night for them all but I know Dan is raring to go.

Here is a youtube clip of the highlights from the game and Dan's try. As you will see England got a man with a yellow card and both teams missed a kick to win the game, hence Dan coming to their rescue and getting the winning try.

I have been a family friend for years and first met Dan when he was small. In fact he took the mick out of my drivers I have spoken with the family and they will be watching a hoping for them to progress, like we all are.

Good Luck Dan and the Team.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Linda Fisher Sacked

Everyone knows that I am fully against bullying in the Town hall and battled to clearing up Wigan Politics. People often says politics is a dirty business and in Wigan that is certainly true.

Linda Fisher was the head of the Legal Services in Wigan Town hall and she once tried to bully me, but that failed. It is often said you will get found out and some months ago Linda Fisher disappeared from work at the Town Hall and I can reveal that I have heard from sources within the corridor of powers at the Town Hall for Bullying.

Another officer also went off sick and it is believed it is that person that blew the whistle. I am not going to name that officer as I do not believe it is right to do so, nor fair on them. Fair play for them for having the strength to stand up to such a person in such a powerful position.

I would like to think that things are moving in the right direction at the town Hall if what I have heard is true and she has been sacked for bullying. Sometime ago you would have a cover up and people would have got away with it. However, the hierarchy at the Town Hall are not saying much about  it and it is obvious that they want to keep the treatment quiet.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Wigan Council strike off 2 planning apps for Standish

Tomorrow Wigan Council was due to discuss and vote on 2 planning applications for Standish. These 2 total yet another 200 houses approx for Standish and will take it the total to nearly 2000 houses for Standish.

However, I have made a complaint some weeks ago about Ray Whittingham and if he is allowed to sit on the committee due to him getting funding from a Standish Developer in his election campaign. Wigan Council have confirmed that they are investigating this but had not come back to me yet. This morning I sent an email asking, and reminding them of this, and then this afternoon the head of planning and the Chair of Planning Committee decided not to hear the 2 planning applications tomorrow. I hear this is due to the ongoing investigation and we have asked for clarification as I cannot not see why the whole process should not be heard tomorrow.

Although the recommendation were to allow the 2 applications the Cllrs could have refused them as requested by myself and the 2 other Standish Independent Cllrs. Now the applicant can apply to the planning inspector to decide whether to allow these allow these applications or not. That would take money yet again out of Standish because if the decision is determined by the inspector the developer pays less fees.

We are against both of these applications and that is why we called them into the planning committee to decide and the planning committee were going to hear from Cllr George Fairhurst tomorrow on why to turn them down but now they will not hear that and allow the developer to go direct to the planning inspector unless they decide to give Wigan council more time.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More homes for Standish

We have had now a number of years battling housing development in Standish. Wigna Council and Labour (who controls the council) say that they restricted developments for Standish at 1000 houses but yet here we are with two more housing applications for Standish going before the Planning Committee and the recommendation is to pass both of these next week. That will take the housing coming to Standish not far off the 2000 mark, which I said that Labour and the Council will allow in the election.

This is yet again Labour and Wigan Council lying to the people of Standish and selling Standish out. and why? Because they will get yet more millions for them. this money will be taken out of Standish and put into areas of Deprivation where Labour has Cllr. This to me is daylight robbery as we need the money in Standish if we have to have all of these houses put on us.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Is the Labour Party about to split?

With the Tories now underway with their own Leadership campaign, now that David Cameron has confirmed he will be quitting, Labour are imploding. The Labour MP have all said they are against Jeremy Corbyn, apart from 40 of them.

The Labour MP's have now voted a motion of no confidence in their leader and it is looking more like Labour will be also having their own Leadership elections. The question will be, will Jeremy Corbyn be on the ballot paper as there is a debate on whether the current leader can just go on or if he also need 53 Labour MP names to support him. If he needs the later then he would struggle. So straight of there could be legal challenges by either side of the situation.

Then if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Leader election again, voted by the members of the Labour party, will all the Labour MP's quit the party? For me if Jeremy wins how could all the Labour MP just go back to Westminster and carry on as normal. There is talk that they will have to leave the Labour party and form their own Party. This has happened when 4 Labour MP's in the 80's left and started the SDP party, which merged with the liberals. So could this happen again?

One thing is for sure it is a fight between old and new Labour and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Shevington Primary Schools Consultation

So Wigan Council are now carrying out a consultation to reduce the number of primary schools in Shevington. Here is the link to that document.

Many believe it is obvious that the school that the Council will close is Shevington Community School on Miles Lane, Shevington. They believe this because the Council has put out a press release and just talking down their numbers.

At a recent meeting for parents and their Cllrs, all 3 District Cllrs, said that they were fighting to save ALL 3 primary schools (Shevington Vale, Shevington Community and Millbrook. Great news! However since that meeting Cllr Paul Collins has emailed the Parish Council and says that the Councillors are now not looking to save all schools. This is shocking! If they tell parents they are then they should do what they say and if they have changed their minds they should tell parents.

In the email Cllr Collins says, and I quote, "

As a governor on the federation I was in a position of possible conflict of interest and legal issues so made an appropriate response when called by reporters at the time.  However since the article was written I have stepped aside from the governing body in order to maintain impartiality and remove any possible conflicts of interest.
My colleagues and I have held several meetings, with parents and residents from all of the affected schools and will be meeting with officers amongst other activities and methods of raising awareness and encouraging anyone with an interest to participate in the consultation. We will be taking the position not to protect all of our schools and can report back to the community once we have more information from our enquiries"

Interesting last line. I now believe the 3 District should tell all 3 schools parents what their position is and not to string them along.

I have also heard that the school to close could well be Shevington Vale. The doctors at Shevington are buying the clinic next door and knocking that down for extra car parking places and then they will move the clinic into the Shevington Community School. The Council could move the children from Vale to Community - after building 2 new classrooms, then sell then the land at Shevington Vale for houses as it is in the middle of a housing estate and probably meet less resistance for development.

The uncertain the council is now allowing to happen is worrying for these parents and children of Shevington Vale and Community and therefore it should be the case that the council now comes clean with their intention.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Make Parliament recognize EU Referendum Vote

If you believe in democracy please sign the petition

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?
My petition:
Recognise democracy on EU Referendum
The EU Referendum was a hard fought battle on both sides but Parliament now recognise that it was a legal vote and now we must accept it and move forward with no second vote or other complications to hold, or delay, this issue up for UK.

Mandate must stand!

Now we know the outcome of the EU referendum is the Country getting silly? We know are seeing numerous petitions saying to have another referendum, call for another General Election and then get MP's elected who will ignore the vote and not start the Brexit process.

The first thing we need to do is recognise democracy! Whether people like the result or not there was a vote decided. Each vote counted as one vote and now when I hear the argument that younger people are upset that the older generations took us out. So what is that saying? That younger people's votes count for more than older people's vote? That is crazy. If the younger generation were not happy they should have been working to get their generation out and vote. For what ever reason they didn't.

The SNP are saying that now they have the vote they should have another referendum. Really? Did they not know that this referendum was on the cards because the Tory's always said that it was on the cards if they won power. On that basis they knew that there could be a change and they voted to stay in the UK.

David Cameron said he will stay on as the PM for the time and then get a new leader for the Tory's. Then that person will have to work the process for Brexit through. Some are calling for another General Election and that way they could change the PM again. That is crazy again!

No matter what people thoughts are on the vote or state of the parties the people have voted and decided and therefore the mandate has been given and now must happen otherwise when people don't get their own way a call for another vote will be called and we could keep going all day long. I mean what would happen if another referendum were called and it was still Brexit? Would the remain people want another vote?

The best thing that could happen is the 1922 committee in the Tory Party to set out the time frame for their new leader and move forward with it as quickly as possible. I also believe that Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove, Nigel Farage and also Gisela Stuart to be given leadership of the negotiations on Brexit. They are the ones that surely have the mandate to start the conversations with the EU. That will also help EU know that something is happening as they are keen to get rid of us very quickly before the whole EU project falls apart. From a negotiations stand point this has to be a good point to start with us getting a great deal for the UK.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Is this the end of the EU?

Yesterday, Thursday 23/06/2016, the people of the UK went to the polls to decide if they want to remain in the EU or come out. People, inc the Leave camp, thought the Remain camp would win - just! However, I always said that people would keep quiet if they were going to vote out as they didn't want to be classed as a racist. Not that they were but they wouldn't want others to try and put a label on them. So when the polls before the vote where neck and neck I knew there was a large number of people that would not say if they would vote out and say which way they where going to vote.

One of the things that struck me is the fact that there are a number of other EU countries are now calling for their own referendum. Netherlands, Sweden and even Italy. Donald Tusk, President of European Council, said about the result of the UK referendum was that he would be meeting with the other 27 EU Countries to keep them together. It is like the captain of a ship being told that someone has jumped over and then the Captain saying stop others doing the same rather than trying to save the person that has gone overboard.

There now will be a stronger and louder voice in other EU countries for their own referendums and could well be the start of the break up. If this happened then all the fear theories that we would not be able to trade with the EU would not happen.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EU referendum Debate

With the EU Referendum in a few days and still there are people undecided. I have done  Clip on different aspects, inc, Jobs, Economy and other issues and see what the different outcomes would be whether we stay in or come out.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Save the Rec

We have been contacted today about someone has been knocking on doors in Southlands Ave, Standish asking if residents don't mind if they mind the Rec being turned into a car park. Obviously this is where Con Cllr Ray Whittingham and Standish Voice want to turn into a car park as in Ray's election campaign he said he had found a piece of land that he wanted to turn into this car park.

The Standish Independents Cllrs, Debbie and George Fairhurst are strongly opposed to this and will fight this land being concreted over.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What? Please pay for your baby????

So this morning whilst doing some work at home I had the TV on and This Morning was on. On came a section called Pay for my baby. I thought what? The section was about a woman, that had been paid to appear on the show, to discuss the fact that she has 12 kids and now wants another one and looking for a sperm donor.

It said that she was on £40K in benefits and immediately I thought this isn't true, as I believed the Government had capped benefits at £26K. This was raised and what soon became clear, due to the woman admitting on live TV, was if she works 16 hours then this gets around the law and therefore having a part time job for 16 hours gets around this and she can claim more than the £26K max. Blood boiling at this point.

Then she said that she, and her 12 kids, went on holiday and the Paps turned up taking pics and she didn't like it. Her reasoning was that although she fully understands why people might be upset at her it is not the kids fault and they shouldn't have that level of intrusion. Hmm, she may have a point - albeit a small one.

Then Phil and Holly asked if she feels guilty or if she struggles to sleep at night about it? No she says, and believes, that what she is not breaking the laws and she does not make the laws so therefore what she is doing is OK.

Blood boiling again but she does have a point to a degree. The Government make the rules and she is playing the system, which may be technically legal, it is ethically wrong. The Government does make the rules and when such people like this come out of the woodwork and tell how they play the system then they should stop it. How?  The Government had a crack down on people that used legal loop holes to pay less tax. They used phrases like in the spirit of the rules. Well surely this person, whilst not technically breaking the law, is not claiming her benefits what she is entitled to in the spirit how they are meant to be. Therefore if George Osbourne can clamp down on tax avoidance people then surely he and the other relevant dept can clamp down on people like this.

The worrying thing now is the cat is out the bag she has just told a host of other scrounges how to play the system and, unless the system and rules, are changed we will be paying for a host of other people's kids.

Here is the full section of the programme.

Here is a clip from the programme.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dodgy Con Cllr Ray

So people said it wouldn't take long for Ray to mess up and his true colours to surface. In the election campaigning I said Ray was being funded by a developer and he said this wasn't true.

Well the facts and evidence is now out. If you look at Con Cllr Ray Whittingham's register of interest on Wigan Council's website you can see that Ainscough Group of companies funded him.

On Question 5 it says person(s) or business that has paid a financial benefit to You, in this case Ray. His answer Ainscough Group. So when we go on to this business's website, which I know contains development and properties companies, we see development and properties companies/ Below is a screen shot of some of their companies that prove what some of them are.

When we then look further into one of them, Ainscough Strategic land, it is clear that this is a development companies 

So now we know that a developer has funded Ray's campaign and put him in office then we have to look what has Ray done since then. Below is his committees that he is on and surprise surprise he is only on the planning committee.  This is Toxic you cannot sit on the planning committee when you have personally financially gained from a developer. This is simply dodgy! There is a saying if it smells dodgy and if looks dodgy it probably is dodgy.

Now this wouldn't be the first time that a Standish Cllr has been involved in getting things from developers and also Ainscough too. Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin was offered and accepted gifts from one of the Ainscough Development Company's - Himor. 

So now we know that both Labour Ex Cllr Emma McGurrin, that was sent to jail for expenses fraud, and Con Cllr Ray Whittingham are side by side and in the pockets of developers. This is dangerous and Ray cannot now sit on the Planning Committee. I have now written to the Monitoring Officer at Wigan council with all the evidence and auditable trail that demonstrates that Ray was funded by a developer and then sits on a planning committee. Other developers will be outraged at this and will no doubt complain on this matter. 

Finally, when we look at the groupings on Wigan Council it is clear that 3 other Conservative Cllrs do not want to be in the same group as Con Cllr Whittingham as they sit in another group called the "the official opposition", meaning that they may think Ray and his dealings with a developer are too toxic for them and to be fair - you can see why when you look at the evidence above I too wouldn't want to be any where near that dodgy issue. 

It is interesting that Con Cllr Ray Whittingham sits alongside just one more Con Cllr Winstanley, who in 2010 I said had financially gained personally from Labour. He put a complaint in and after the investigation it was found that what I said was true.  Again you see why these two sit on their own and why the other Con Cllr's will not go near them in terms of groupings.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Con-servative proving to be more and more cheats and breaking the law.

I have spoken about the issue how the Conservative Candidate in Standish not only cheated in the last local elections but also broke the elections law.

Was this just a one off? Was it a rogue candidate? well yesterday it became clear that the conservatives have been caught out again. A judge, which very rarely get involved in these matters, have extended the time Police are allowed to investigate the matter of them spending too much in Thanet, where the Conservative Candidate spoent too much money, which is against the law. Any candidates for any type of election is only allowed to spend a set about and then all the money has to be accounted for. Had the Conservative Candidate put all the expenses that he spen t on his campaign, including importantly their campaign bus, then he would have gone over the limit he was allowed to spend. That would have given the UKIP candidate and others an opportunity to challenge that result and get a by-election called.

One other matter that I have learnt about was that they hired in a lady that was looking for work in her local job centre, and then put a rosette and asked to join the team leafleting. Grey area as you are not allowed to pay people to canvas for any candidate.

There are now other police forces investigating  more and more Con-servatives on similar matters and it could well be now that cheating and systemic cheating is part of the Con-servative Party.  I can see now where a Wigan Conservative Cllr once told me that the conservative were the nasty party.  

Let's see what happens with all these police investigations and arrest are made and by-elections called. It could well end up that the Conservative lose power in Westminster.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The week that ended....29 May 2015

What a glories Bank Holiday weekend and not a rain drop in sight.

So this week a number of things have happened. I guess the first thing is earlier in the week I wrote about how the Conservative Candidate not only lied during the election, which he now admits, but also he broke election laws. I have been working with a top London Law Firm, Griffin Law, on the matter and they have done a fantastic job and report for me.

It is clear that they the Conservative Candidate didn't only break one law but we identified 8. Therefore makes for an incredible case to take to the Courts to get it overturned. However, had we been successful then I would have been left with a legal bill in the region of £25,000. Not worth it. But a number of other courses of actions were identified by the law firm and one of them I have dismissed but one I like a lot. Food for thought there.

First Council Meeting of Municipal meeting.

So this week saw the first meeting of the Full Council - just as expected it only last a few minutes. No debate, no discussion but this made it quicker for the Cllrs to go and get their free food and drink.


In North Yorkshire Conservative Cllrs allowed Fracking and whilst this is not in our area it is worrying as Wigan has licences for companies to come and apply for fracking. There was a debate this week about Fracking in Wigan and we would fight this council on this issue if any company came to apply for Fracking in Standish or Wigan.


So we all know about George Orwell's 1984 book about being the Big Brother state. NO one really thought that would happen but this week it has been reported the wide, and increasing, abuse the state and this Conservative Government are carrying out. For example, ANPR cameras that look at your number plate and record where you are. There are now over 9000 of these cameras on our roads and increasing all the time. In 2012 the database was looked at 194,317. 2 years later in 2014 the records were accessed 300,758. And there was me thinking Conservatives were about little Government? How wrong!

The system was introduced in 2006 and recorded 35 million records that year.Currently the system is now recording 30 million PER DAY!!!!! That is well over 10 BILLION records now being recorded each year. These records are then held for years and the police and other services do not need permission to access them they simply go and look.


David Cameron and his Government are saying that we are stronger in the EU and fighting for us to stay in this. But this week a House of Lords report says that the devolution process that this Government is taking the British Union for granted and it is being broken up piece meal. So if the Tories think that it is good to be in the EU why are they breaking up the UK in this piece meal way? The Lords says that it will risk economical and social elements of the British Union.

Labour was against this process. Andy Burnham was quick to say how he was against it and for once on this matter I agreed with him. He seems to have forgotten as he now wants to be Mayor of either greater Manchester or Merseyside. The first thing on this issue is that we had a referendum on this matter and the vote was overwhelming no to an elected Mayor. Tories answer tough we are doing it any way. Why ask people if you don't listen to them?

Abuse towards Women.

I see it is reported that Johnny Deep and his wife are to split, a sad event for anyone that goes through that I guess, but it is being reported that he has hit her in the face with a Phone. if true that is shocking. Mind you our Conservative Cllr has a record of bullying and verbally abusing women. He even made one cry just because his garden didn't win a local competition. These kind of behaviour should not happen, especially from elected members.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Update after Election

So it is now a complete of weeks after the last Local Elections and things are settling down. Some people have commented that I have been quiet and opponents having their like digs, which is fine. Others that know me knew that I would be be doing something.

Opponents and local rag have made comments too about me leaving before the vote was declared, which is their chose.

So you never know if you will win in an election but you know certain things. When the ballot boxes were being opened, especially the postal box things were very clear that there was something wrong.

When the numbers were there are there about I immediately left because I wanted to do something. Copy every page of a certain hate Facebook site before the Conservative Candidate delete it or closed it down.

The following day I spoke with a top London Solicitor to discuss the possibility of challenging the election result. Not because I didn't win - as that is no reason but on the grounds that criminal acts took place during the election.

If you speak with top Lawyers that specialise in this area they more often that not just dismiss you at the first phone, I would imagine. However, the lawyer was keen to see a taste of the post that I was mentioning to him. After an initial look over the weekend he came back the following week and said OK we needed to get everything to him. Everything? I did all 350 pages of evidence. Then going back and forth answering the lawyer questions and issue he finally sent me his assessment on Friday afternoon about the merits of challenging the election.

In his assessment he starts with the fact that challenging elections are difficult and complicated. However, after seeing all the evidence and discussing all of them over the last 2 weeks he feels that it is a very strong case now to challenge the Standish with Langtree Ward result as in his professional opinion the Conservative Candidate has broken election laws numerous times. Normally if someone does challenge an election result then it will be over just one issue. With this case we have more than what is needed. In fact he said lets cut down the ones that are not as strong as others and concentrate on 3 or 4 very strong issues where we can demonstrate where the Conservative Candidate has broken the law.

We now have till Friday to lodge a petition to challenge the Election result. If a petition to void an election result is successful then a by election is called and the winning candidate that broke the law will be excluded from the re-run.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Thank You

Thank you to all those that supported me in this Local Elections. I know people want to hear more from me and next week I will say more. At this time I think it is right that I thank the voters that voted for me and those that also helped in the campaign.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

We're Backing Gareth............Standish Indepemdents.

Cllr George Fairhurst says, “ Gareth is an incredibly hard working Cllr and what he did back in 2012 to stop the Council selling Ashfield Off for houses was amazing. I know he was disappointed that we did not get the Village Green status but for many residents that I speak too they are very grateful for his help.
Gareth also works hard on many other issues whether it is in the Council Chamber and committee meetings or dealing with residents small issues too.”

Cllr Debbie Fairhurst says, “I am incredibly lucky to be working with both George and Gareth. For me the team works well and we need to stop any more houses coming and Gareth is one of the leading voices against any more houses in Standish. The warmth that many residents talk to me about how he has helped them, is amazing.”

Monday, 2 May 2016

Another Reason to Vote Standish Independents

i'm Backing Gareth........

Gareth works so hard for us on both big issues and little issues. We were battling the disgraceful state of the footpath on my street and Gareth was able to help and work with me and the other residents to get the path redone. It things like this that make Gareth a Great Cllr and I hope Standish agrees with me and also backs Gareth.

Good luck Gareth.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The week that ended....01 May 2016

So this week it is mainly election election and not guilty.

So with less than a week to go before the local elections the main drive is the Local Election. Obviously my main focus is my re-election campaign and all parties first priority are the defending seats.

We have had a great response over the election campaign and we are only now moving into the last stages. The trailer is a great tool for people and the love it. So many peole have their pics next to it or just take a pic on their phones to share with their friends.

In 2012 with Save Ashfield I used Social Media to engage with a number of people and that works well for us, hence the blog with 10,000 hits per month. But also the  people that do not do social media don't know what's going on and we have had a huge focus this election with our leaflets. Over the period we have done 3 leaflets and a postal voters letter. Massive effect to get them all out but the team getting them all out is growing day by day. We are currently getting our latest leaflet out and we did 3500 in a few hours because we had a team of 20 out at one point. Massive effect but then it makes it simple to get them out. We will finish this latest leaflet off in the next day or two as the weather is not good today.

Labour absolutely blasted Standish last year and this year has done hardly anything.  Tells a story that they are not expecting to win and finding it tough on the doorstep.The Internal row with Jeremy Corbyn hasn't helped. as for the Tories people are simply disgusted at this government looking after the rich and the cuts are now going too far.

So I have this blog and I have done it for years. Labour candidate has started her own. Since 2010 we have done we're backing campaign and now the Tory candidate has copied this. Only thing he uses actors, people from outside Standish, inc developers to support him. Doesn't he realise that Standish don't want houses? Typical Tory looking after their donors before residents.

A Labour supporter reported me for some nonsense and this was investigated. To be fair it shouldn't but the Labour Supporter insisted it was. I requested an external investigator and the findings are that I did not breach the code of conduct that Cllrs sign up too and this Labour supporter has wasted over £15,000 of tax payers money.

Our candidate has had a great response in Shevington and we have had a great effect there and we feel that we are now in a position to take that seat too of Labour. Good Luck to Janet there.

If you see me round give us a shout and if you need me you know where I am.

Thursday 5th May
Vote for Gareth Fairhurst
Standish Independents

Im Backing Gareth..........Hall & Houghton

Hall & Houghton is a local Business and I happy happy to announce they too are backing me in this years' Local Election.

i'm Backing Gareth........David Grady

Gareth is such a character and friend. When the other candidates have their personal attacks on him you just know that he gets stuck in and that is why Labour see him as a threat to them and their monopoly in Wigan.

Gareth is a straight talker and gets things done. Where other talk the talk Gareth walks the walk.

Good Luck Gareth.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

i'm Backing Gareth........Irene Adamson

Gareth, along with the other Standish Independents Cllrs , have done so much for the groups that I am in and also other groups in Standish. Whether it is funding or other help he is always there and I know the groups love him too. Good luck Gareth.

Friday, 29 April 2016

I'm Backing Gareth.....Howard Gill

A well-known ex-professional Standish Cricketer Howard Gill says, “For me both Gareth and the other Standish Independents Cllrs work hard all year round and over the years. What I have seen from the other candidates is that they copy them. I don’t want copy cats I want the original. They have done an amazing job for us on the Boars Head Central Reservation and other issues. Good Luck Gareth.”

Labour Cllr on £2,400 per Hour

People are outraged that a Labour Cllr attendance record is 33% and that means their pay is £2,400 per hour. What;s worse they have moved to Australia, which is fair enough, but they have not resigned as a Cllr and therefore getting full pay whilst they live in Oz.

This should not happen and they should resign their seat.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

More turned off from the Major Parties.

With the Local Elections just over a week away now, candidates campaigns are entering their last stages - that is if they have done one! One thing for me on this campaign is that people are increasingly turned off from the major parties.

This is something that the 2 Main Parties candidates must have come across themselves on their campaign trails, as the Labour Candidate has begged people on social media not to not vote for her because of Jeremy Corbyn. The Tory Candidate has also done the same on his leaflet, saying don't punish him for being a Tory candidate and he is just for Standish. If this were true he would have entered the elections as an independent.

To be fair that is one of the reasons that we, the Standish Independents, are about, and that is representing Standish and it seems that the 2 main political party's candidate are now asking people not to look at who they are standing for - which is ridiculous because of course people will look at the ticket they are under.

The Tory Cuts are going to far and their policies are damaging to people's health and education. This is becoming more and more apparent and people are seeing it. The wealthy people are getting richer and the normal man getting poorer. The pay gap between normal workers and the rich is so disproportionate it is untrue.

Normally Labour would have been able to use this and hit harder against this but under the leader of Jeremy Corbyn it is not a case of their is no knock out blow but there is no blow what's so ever. With people I believe they will either not turn out to vote, more on that in a minute, or will vote for small parties or independents like myself.

Elections are normally quite - how can I say - more lively, but this election seems almost flat. This is something that Journalists and other candidates have said. Labour has only put out 1 leaflet. I believe this is because if the mood is flat then Labour hope that no one will punish them for their leader and they will just turn out to vote as normal and not think too much about the choices available. I have seen this strategy before.

The only real spice as one journalist said was the Labour and tory Candidates running to the police to object to my trailer. It goes to show that they offer not only little but nothing. The Tory candidate has put out some kind of campaign - all be it negative, lies and evil. Labour candidate has done nothing, well apart from start a blog. wonder where she got that idea from :-) .

Our last stage of the election will be a big one as normal and probably bigger. The amount of support that we are getting via email, social media and on the doorsteps is incredible and rather just sit back and think this is OK we use that to fuel us to keep driving forward and harder.

Thank you for the support so far but we will be campaigning right till the end as we do not take your vote and support for granted.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Standish High Consultation Results

So a few weeks ago I announced on this blog that Standish High was looking to merge with Southlands High School in Chorley.

Here are the results.

Standish High School is under Wigan Council's control. Do you want this to continue?

Yes 58%
No 25%
    Unsure 17%

Should Standish High become and Academy in any form?

Yes 34%
No 57%
Unsure 9%

If you believe that the school should become an Academy do you think it should be with a School in Chorley?

Yes 19%
No 66%
Unsure 16%

If you believe that the school should become an Academy with another school in Wigan Borough instead?

Yes 17%
No 57%
Unsure 27%

Do you think the Conservative's drive to make schools become Academies make children's education better?

Yes 24%
No 70%
Unsure 5%

As you can see it is clear parents and residents do not want to have Standish High to join Chorley School called Southlands. 

When you look at the results it is evident that some people may be more open to an academy either on it;s own or with another school in Wigan. Whilst this is not the most desired outcome it is the more desirable for residents and parents than a school outside of the Borough of Wigan.

I knew very little of these kinds of structures before this process but i have learnt more and it is a form of privatisation of education and head teachers and the board of these schools can earn vast about of money, which should be a bad things in itself but it shouldn't be the driving force that seem to be clear.

Whilst I am no socialist in any form i do believe that some things should be run by the state and Defence, Health and Education are ones that should be run by National and Local Governments.

I will be sending these results to the board of governors and it is good to see, as you don't see it often, that the Labour Candidate has agreed with me on this matter too. Let's hope the Council uses it's influence and governors see sense and do not rush into this and hold back and look at this a bit more. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Loss of Prince is a great loss

It was sad to hear that Prince had died. He was a music genius that is not often seen. We often get great artists, nands or songwriters but few are legends and seriously mega stars in their own right.

For me price was one of those. For those that know I went to the Leeds College of Music and studied Jazz, pop and contemporary music. So I studied many artist past and present.

We know the obvious songs that Prince made as a mega hits but he wrote for others too. One little known facts is that he was a huge Jazz fan and looked up to stars like miles Davis. In fact he even wrote a few songs for Miles Davis. Below is a clip of one of those songs that was originally called 17 but re-named Penetration and performed in Paris in 1991. Great track and performance and it is a shame that we didn't see them perform together.

His songs will go on and for decades to come he will be known for his music genius. Sad loss. RIP Prince.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wigan Council back Labour in Local Elections - ILLEGALLY

I have often said that Wigan Council is biased towards Labour and their Cllrs and often their Chief executive says they are not.

Here we have overwhelming evidence of illegal practice that in this years' Local election Wigan Council are putting out Press Releases in support of Labour Cllrs and also getting photo opps with them too.

It is under English Law that as soon as an election is called Purdah Rules apply. These basically mean that Wigan Council has to be none bias and not show support in either way for or against Candidates.

As you can see from the news paper article this law is clearly being broken with a officer from the Council with a Labour Candidate and also press statement too.

We have reported the matter to the Police now as this is a criminal offence. Also we are calling for the sacking of the officer concerned as he is clearly backing a Labour Candidate. We are also calling for the sacking of the Press Officer that put out the press release and finally calling for Donna Hall to be removed as the Returning Officer as she is no longer able to be neutral.

We have reported the matter to the electoral commission and they will no doubt take issue with this matter and so they should as laws are there to be abided by.

What is also needed is the Local Election in Aspull to be stopped and a by election called and Wigan Council Chief Executive to apologise to ALL NON LABOUR candidates for this bias.

It is also shows that Wigan Courier does not abide by the rules and laws and shows their bias too.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Missing Amber the Cat

Yesterday we had a slip posted through the door asking if people has seen this cat and if so to contact the owner.

Amber is a well kept and not too large cat. Lives in the Bradley Lane area of Standish but cats can move about so can we ask if you see Amber to contact the owner?

Thanks and let's hope Amber is returned soon.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Standish is closer to a new car park

So many have called for Standish to get a new Car Park. Local Businesses are upset that trade is being effected and shoppers are upset that cannot park and shop. So it is beneficial to everyone that we get this much needed car park.

We, Standish Independents', did a recent news letter and in there we talked about the parking issue and how we are working to get the issue resolved. Any way I am pleased to say that over the weekend I have had talks with a landowner that has some spare land in the centre of Standish that can hold approx 40 car parking spaces.

The Owners are a family and they have said they are happy to have talks with the council about them either purchasing or renting the land for a community car park. It is only right that the council and the land owners talk about this and agree terms but we are happy that we are pushing this forward and getting results.

Some people like having meeting and talking I like do and making it happen.

Vote Gareth Fairhurst
Standish Independents
Representing you and your views.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Wigan Council Chief Executive pesters Police

You can tell it's the election time. Every year the Council's Chief Executive gets on to the police and says go and get Fairhurst. Bless her she tries.

So this year just 2 days into the election period she pesters the police on a Saturday. And when I say the police I am talking the top brass on their day off, complaining that my advert doesn't have an imprint on. Most of you wouldn't know that on advert and other election material you need to put on who prints it and more importantly who is the promoter.

So because she is email and ringing the top brass of Wigan Police they say OK we'll go and see him. So they sent a DCI, that's right a DCI, out at 7 am on a Sunday Morning to check the my great trailer banner and as they knew already, it is legal and they were sorry to have come out but because of all the fuss she was causing to the top brass yesterday.

What this yet again demonstrates is that she is political biased and in an email she threats to remove the banner, even though it is legal. It also shows how petty she is and waste police time and your money. Fancy pestering the police top brass on their day off to send a DCI round at 7am on a Sunday - you could't make this up.

But to the public they will see her and this as wasting police time and political motivated and think she needs to get out more. As some one just said she needs to get her facts right before she runs to the Police. She even asked the police to seize it as evidence and take it down so no one else can see it. It will be making many trips around Standish.

The visit by the police as they returned this morning at around 10am to have a chat about it was jolly and plenty of laughs were had. Shame that Donna Hall doesn't believe that the Police have better things to do with their time, especially after all the hard cut backs that they have had to endure.

Anyway I guess they like my trailer. Should any one want to read more about how this woman even lied about being if a famous pop band on the BBC is here too.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Launch of my election campaign

Today I have launched my re-election campaign. It is always difficult when you are the sitting Cllr as business as usual takes priority and I have resisted till the names have been announced for the Local Elections.

So with the launch I am pleased to announce the my re-election campaign with a big banner that i will be taking around the ward during the election period. Hope you like it.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Candidates announced

Now the deadline for the Local Elections has passed we can now reveal our candidates and for which perspective wards.
The first seat to be announced is myself standing for Standish with Langtree Ward.

Next is Janet Brown for Shevington with Lower Ground. Janet has been an excellent helper and candidate in the past for us and is keen to get in the Council and represent the people of Shevington. With 4 great Parish Cllrs and the work that they do we firmly believe that this is the year Labour will lose Shevington for a while. Also she is the only female candidate in the election and Labour have 3 male Cllrs. It is time Shevington had a great Cllr and another great woman Cllr too.

Finally we are also pleased that another former candidate for us as returned and standing for us for the Orrell Ward. Paula Boyham has stood for Orrell in the past and has a long association with the ward in numerous ways. Keen to help the people of Orrell and rid the ward of scandal after scandal she is sure to be well received in the ward.

The Local Elections are held this year on Thursday 5th May and if you want a postal or proxy vote either contact the Council or ourselves to get the appropriate forms.

If you want to help or get involved please let us know too.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Wigan Council help cover up Labour using Taxpayers money illegally


For those that read this blog regularly you may remember the story were Labour used Tax Payers money for their own leaflets. Here is that story if you missed it or haven't seen it.

The police referred it over to the town Hall and said that they need to investigate it. I have written many times asking where this investigation is up to and no answer. However i have learnt that the head of Legal Dept has not investigated it but help a meeting with the Labour Cllrs concerned .

This is completely inappropriate and against the wishes of the Greater Manchester Police.

This Council are therefore now implicit in this and cover up. Tax payers money should not be used to pay for election leaflets for the Labour Party - that's not what we pay our money for. I will now be calling for a completely independent investigation.