Thursday, 2 June 2016

Con-servative proving to be more and more cheats and breaking the law.

I have spoken about the issue how the Conservative Candidate in Standish not only cheated in the last local elections but also broke the elections law.

Was this just a one off? Was it a rogue candidate? well yesterday it became clear that the conservatives have been caught out again. A judge, which very rarely get involved in these matters, have extended the time Police are allowed to investigate the matter of them spending too much in Thanet, where the Conservative Candidate spoent too much money, which is against the law. Any candidates for any type of election is only allowed to spend a set about and then all the money has to be accounted for. Had the Conservative Candidate put all the expenses that he spen t on his campaign, including importantly their campaign bus, then he would have gone over the limit he was allowed to spend. That would have given the UKIP candidate and others an opportunity to challenge that result and get a by-election called.

One other matter that I have learnt about was that they hired in a lady that was looking for work in her local job centre, and then put a rosette and asked to join the team leafleting. Grey area as you are not allowed to pay people to canvas for any candidate.

There are now other police forces investigating  more and more Con-servatives on similar matters and it could well be now that cheating and systemic cheating is part of the Con-servative Party.  I can see now where a Wigan Conservative Cllr once told me that the conservative were the nasty party.  

Let's see what happens with all these police investigations and arrest are made and by-elections called. It could well end up that the Conservative lose power in Westminster.

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