Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dodgy Con Cllr Ray

So people said it wouldn't take long for Ray to mess up and his true colours to surface. In the election campaigning I said Ray was being funded by a developer and he said this wasn't true.

Well the facts and evidence is now out. If you look at Con Cllr Ray Whittingham's register of interest on Wigan Council's website you can see that Ainscough Group of companies funded him.

On Question 5 it says person(s) or business that has paid a financial benefit to You, in this case Ray. His answer Ainscough Group. So when we go on to this business's website, which I know contains development and properties companies, we see development and properties companies/ Below is a screen shot of some of their companies that prove what some of them are.

When we then look further into one of them, Ainscough Strategic land, it is clear that this is a development companies 

So now we know that a developer has funded Ray's campaign and put him in office then we have to look what has Ray done since then. Below is his committees that he is on and surprise surprise he is only on the planning committee.  This is Toxic you cannot sit on the planning committee when you have personally financially gained from a developer. This is simply dodgy! There is a saying if it smells dodgy and if looks dodgy it probably is dodgy.

Now this wouldn't be the first time that a Standish Cllr has been involved in getting things from developers and also Ainscough too. Labour Cllr Emma McGurrin was offered and accepted gifts from one of the Ainscough Development Company's - Himor. 

So now we know that both Labour Ex Cllr Emma McGurrin, that was sent to jail for expenses fraud, and Con Cllr Ray Whittingham are side by side and in the pockets of developers. This is dangerous and Ray cannot now sit on the Planning Committee. I have now written to the Monitoring Officer at Wigan council with all the evidence and auditable trail that demonstrates that Ray was funded by a developer and then sits on a planning committee. Other developers will be outraged at this and will no doubt complain on this matter. 

Finally, when we look at the groupings on Wigan Council it is clear that 3 other Conservative Cllrs do not want to be in the same group as Con Cllr Whittingham as they sit in another group called the "the official opposition", meaning that they may think Ray and his dealings with a developer are too toxic for them and to be fair - you can see why when you look at the evidence above I too wouldn't want to be any where near that dodgy issue. 

It is interesting that Con Cllr Ray Whittingham sits alongside just one more Con Cllr Winstanley, who in 2010 I said had financially gained personally from Labour. He put a complaint in and after the investigation it was found that what I said was true.  Again you see why these two sit on their own and why the other Con Cllr's will not go near them in terms of groupings.

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