Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What? Please pay for your baby????

So this morning whilst doing some work at home I had the TV on and This Morning was on. On came a section called Pay for my baby. I thought what? The section was about a woman, that had been paid to appear on the show, to discuss the fact that she has 12 kids and now wants another one and looking for a sperm donor.

It said that she was on £40K in benefits and immediately I thought this isn't true, as I believed the Government had capped benefits at £26K. This was raised and what soon became clear, due to the woman admitting on live TV, was if she works 16 hours then this gets around the law and therefore having a part time job for 16 hours gets around this and she can claim more than the £26K max. Blood boiling at this point.

Then she said that she, and her 12 kids, went on holiday and the Paps turned up taking pics and she didn't like it. Her reasoning was that although she fully understands why people might be upset at her it is not the kids fault and they shouldn't have that level of intrusion. Hmm, she may have a point - albeit a small one.

Then Phil and Holly asked if she feels guilty or if she struggles to sleep at night about it? No she says, and believes, that what she is not breaking the laws and she does not make the laws so therefore what she is doing is OK.

Blood boiling again but she does have a point to a degree. The Government make the rules and she is playing the system, which may be technically legal, it is ethically wrong. The Government does make the rules and when such people like this come out of the woodwork and tell how they play the system then they should stop it. How?  The Government had a crack down on people that used legal loop holes to pay less tax. They used phrases like in the spirit of the rules. Well surely this person, whilst not technically breaking the law, is not claiming her benefits what she is entitled to in the spirit how they are meant to be. Therefore if George Osbourne can clamp down on tax avoidance people then surely he and the other relevant dept can clamp down on people like this.

The worrying thing now is the cat is out the bag she has just told a host of other scrounges how to play the system and, unless the system and rules, are changed we will be paying for a host of other people's kids.

Here is the full section of the programme.

Here is a clip from the programme.

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