Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Is the Labour Party about to split?

With the Tories now underway with their own Leadership campaign, now that David Cameron has confirmed he will be quitting, Labour are imploding. The Labour MP have all said they are against Jeremy Corbyn, apart from 40 of them.

The Labour MP's have now voted a motion of no confidence in their leader and it is looking more like Labour will be also having their own Leadership elections. The question will be, will Jeremy Corbyn be on the ballot paper as there is a debate on whether the current leader can just go on or if he also need 53 Labour MP names to support him. If he needs the later then he would struggle. So straight of there could be legal challenges by either side of the situation.

Then if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Leader election again, voted by the members of the Labour party, will all the Labour MP's quit the party? For me if Jeremy wins how could all the Labour MP just go back to Westminster and carry on as normal. There is talk that they will have to leave the Labour party and form their own Party. This has happened when 4 Labour MP's in the 80's left and started the SDP party, which merged with the liberals. So could this happen again?

One thing is for sure it is a fight between old and new Labour and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top!

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