Monday, 28 March 2016

Wigan Council help cover up Labour using Taxpayers money illegally


For those that read this blog regularly you may remember the story were Labour used Tax Payers money for their own leaflets. Here is that story if you missed it or haven't seen it.

The police referred it over to the town Hall and said that they need to investigate it. I have written many times asking where this investigation is up to and no answer. However i have learnt that the head of Legal Dept has not investigated it but help a meeting with the Labour Cllrs concerned .

This is completely inappropriate and against the wishes of the Greater Manchester Police.

This Council are therefore now implicit in this and cover up. Tax payers money should not be used to pay for election leaflets for the Labour Party - that's not what we pay our money for. I will now be calling for a completely independent investigation.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Standish Train Station

So on a Facebook page, Standish Then and Now, I posted a picture of the Old Standish Train Station. It has a lot of comments and likes so I thought I would write a little about it.

So the station was situated on Rectory Lane and when you go under the bridge you will see the bricked up entrance.

The station was opened in 1838 and closed in May 1948. The trains you could go to was between Crewe and Carlisle. I have called for it to be opened in the past and also in committees in the town Hall. One of those times was August 2014. The response from Wigan Council was that Network Rail will not allow for it to be re-opened because it will slow the High Speed Trains on the main west Coast Line. I can see the argument to some degree but Wigan council are looking to get Golborne Train Station opened. That is on the same line as Standish so why does that not slow trains down?

I do believe that there is a real opportunity for Station because what not a lot of people will realise is that there is an old coal line at the side of main line. This is certainly the case at Bradley too, so the trains could pull into that line whilst the high speed trains passed if the true argument is it would slow high speeds trains. We will keep pushing Wigan council to push for this train station to be re-opened. there is a field that could be bought from the land owner for a car park.

I also believe that it would well be used as well because a lot of people, like myself, that work in Manchester, have to park at either Gathurst or Appley Bridge and catch the train there. Those stations are well used and some of those people would use the Standish Station as the trains are full on that line.

We will keep up the good fight to get this station opened again.

The Week that Ended....27 Mar '16

Wow what a busy old week. I guess it is expected as we are now moving into the election Period which official starts next week. We have been out with our newsletter and it has gone down really well and thank you for all the nice comments and support that people are saying.

Also a big well done to our sports team. A big win for the Warriors beating our arch rivals St.Helens in the Good Friday Derby. Also the Latics had a good win at Swindon and with Burton drawing with Oldham it is getting better for the Latics getting automatic promotion.

Making a Different

We, Standish Independents, are making a true different to Standish. As well as defending you in the Council Chamber and voting for no houses and other measures we are making a true different.

This week we saw the first site that we have improved and brightened up. The story is here. The residents that live near absolutely love it and also people that past it have also said they like it and put forward other areas to improve and we, Standish Independents, have now pledged that we will improve those too.

Also people made comments about the litter in Standish and the progresses situation getting worse. With that we said we would do a community litter pick. We organised that for yesterday and here is that story. It was great to meet new people and getting an improvement done for the Village but we need people not to drop it in the first place and to get the council to get their staff in Standish to keep it clean. Many people who have lived in Standish for some time will remember that we had a road sweeper gentleman in the Village. He was commonly known as Tommy Brush. Tommy being his name and brush because he kept the village clean. Resident s have been saying we should get one of them back and we will be asking the Council. What a great idea by residents.


It is disturbing that both Doctors and Teachers are going to go on Strike. In 2010 the Tories that won a power sharing government with the Lib Dems and they had to cut the debt. They were always going to be tough cuts - whoever got in. However since the Tories won an outright power in last year's General Election they are now on their own path and that is to hit Doctors with this new contract and also teachers with the pledge that they will be making all schools - both Primary and Secondary schools go to Academies. Teachers, with parents, should decide if they want to go down that route and not be forced. It is very dangerous what the Tories are doing to the Health and Education systems.


Now that Easter is here those that gave up things for lent can start doing those things again. I was partial to a can of pop or two and i gave those up and now don't have any desire to start again. So well done to all those that made it thorough.

I hope you all have a great Easter Holiday and Happy Easter to you all.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Standish Community Litter Pick

Today, Saturday 26 March, we held the first Standish Community Litter Pick. A number of residents came along and it was nice to see them all.

The teams were split into 3 and one team did round near the Library, The second team did from behind the Co-op down to Ormsby Close, inc the dirty tracks. And finally the third team went down Rectory lane. In total we collected 12 bin bags of rubbish.

Pics of Team 3 on rectory Lane.

Me with Tina and Rob. Really nice people and lovely spirit too.

Team 2

My 2 youngest helping out too. Youngest getting stuck in the trees.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

New Site gets the first make over

We promised that there would be a couple of make overs in Standish. These make overs were ordered by the Ward Cllrs from Standish Independents at the request of residents.

We are pleased that the first make over has started and had a huge step forward. Below are a couple of pics of the main site on Smalley Street and Bradley Lane.

We are looking forward to get the sites completed and also get the work started on the next site. Standish is becoming a brighter place because of the request of residents and the work of their Cllrs - Standish Independents

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Egg Hunt at Haigh Hall

This Easter Monday there is a Easter Egg hunt for a great cause at Haigh Hall. Please have a look at the detail below and hope as much of you can support the cause and I hope they raise lots of money for their cause too.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Wigan Council now Blackmail the electorate at the next election

The Popular
Cllr Bob Brierley -
Hindley Green ward.
I have written many times on this blog about how corrupt Wigan Council is. It is also the same old saying give them an inch they'll take a mile. I say this because it is is fair to say that Labour clash with challenging Cllrs who expose or scrutinise their dealings.

One such Cllr is Hindley Green's popular Independent Cllr bob Brierley. In the latest of illegal moves Wigan Council have found him guilty, Sorry I should say Labour committee has found him guilty of swearing, allegedly, he denies this. In a hearing where Cllr Brierley wasn't present because of illness labour went ahead without him.

So they find him guilty - which they always were in their own corrupt bent way. However, they have now said that if he is re-elected in May they will not allow him to put forward community or environmental schemes for Brighter Borough schemes. Brighter Borough is a pot of money that each Cllrs is allowed to put schemes forward to the value of £6,000. This is now Wigan Council blackmailing the electorate - which is illegal. What gets me is that they think that they would get away with this. Vote Labour and you get them to put forward community and environmental projects vote independent and they can't.

Cllr Bob Brierley has asked for my help and we have written to the electorate commission this evening asking them to investigate Wigan Council biased and illegal dealings. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Standish Community Litter Pick

A number of people have asked about doing a Community Litter Pick. We did this couple of years ago and filled a skip with rubbish.

So maybe it's time we do it again? So with that in mind we have organised Standish Community Litter Pick Saturday 26 March 2016. We will do between 11 am till 2 pm. We will meet outside St Wilfrid's Church and go from there.

Litter pickers and bags will be provided. we have some gloves but if you want to bring your own, in case no problem.

If you can let us know if you are coming. The more the better.

See you there.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Kind words from a Fire Officer on helping them - help us!

Very nice to get some nice words from a Fire Officer for help that I did when they contacted me about the issue of the 2nd fire engine  being removed from Wigan Fire Station. This was a serious concern for me and I am glad I was able to help. I believe that even 2 fire engines in Wigan fire station for Wigan is not enough. Having that reduced to 1 would seriously put lives at risk, I believe. The Fire officers put their lives at risk saving our lives and I believe we should help them - help us - as much as we can.

Anyway here are the kinds words below.

In November 2015 the Chief Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly (CFO) conducted a live broadcast from Training and Development Centre where he set out plans to remove second pumps from all stations in response to cuts required from central government and local authorities. W54 Wigan has a second pump and it therefore follows that these proposed changes would be implemented at this station with a removal of the second pump and the introduction of a Community Response Vehicle.
Concerns at Wigan were such that Operational personnel requested the CFO to attend W54 on 22nd December to hear a business case to retain the second pump as a special case. The details of this case are set out in this document.

At 32 square miles Wigan station serves the largest area of any station in GMFRS with 11 wards and a combined population 0f over 155,000 people as a sleeping risk. This figure rises significantly during the working day. In the last 12 months Wigan pumps have mobilised approx. 2,000  times and an additional 38 times out of county in support of Merseyside and Lancashire.
63% of these turnouts were for the second pump.

We decided to contact local MP’s and councillors regarding this change and inform them of the potential risk that removing the 2nd appliance could cause. I met with Councillor Fairhurst and outlined the issue’s and had a good chat with him, He was very supportive and immediately got In Touch with the Greater Manchester fire authority to express his concerns. I met with him on the Monday and on the Thursday we had it fed back to Wigan fire station that Wigan will remain 2 pumps full-time for the foreseeable future.

Everyone at Wigan fire station were very grateful for the work he put in and we would have no issue’s contacting him straight away in the future regarding any problems he may be able to help us with.

I would like to thank the Fire Service for all their help and service they give to us.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The week that ended.....12 March '16

So here we are again. The week start from were we last week and my trolls saying that the Haigh Hall story here was not true. If I didn't believe it or think it was true I wouldn't have written it.

Then I released details that we are working with the Council to get 2 pieces of land cleaned up and improved in Standish. Here is the story for that.

It was sad news to hear that George Martin, the producer for the Beatles dies. When you listen to your favourite songs and bands think about the people like the engineer and producers that make the music sound so great.

Also this week Parliament voted not to extend opening hours for Sunday Trading, which I welcome. It wasn't that long ago that shops closed early on a Wednesday for half day and all only retail shops opened on a Saturday. Then Wednesday became open like normal days but Sundays were, if you worked in a factory, you got double time and for a Saturday's it was time and a half. Now work forces are treated like Saturday and Sunday are normal days and they get the same pay as a week day.

A few years ago I was rushed into Hospital and 3 days on the trot I was told to go home as it was just one thing or another. The third day though I was admitted and after 3 days in hospital I was discharged with all is OK. I knew it wasn't and I knew they just wanted my bed as new people were coming in all the time. After 24 hours the pain I was suffering was so bad I was rushed back in. I was then in such a bad way the consultant told me I was having an emergency operation. I had a 6 hours operation and it was found I was just days away from death.

I was then in hospital for months. But what I saw was the amount of people that were discharged from hospital that were not fit to be released but they need the beds. Then within 24 hours they would be back in. I wondered how much this was costing.

I have found out that Wigan is the the worst in the north West for discharging unfit people and the cost for people to be readmitted, after they had been discharged, is over £2,000. If the NHS needs to save money this area needs to be addressed and then they will save money, people will only be discharged when they fit and well. I understand that it is not as simple as not release people because they need the beds. The answer is a hard and complicate situation and getting the balance right is hard for the NHS but this is one area that needs to be worked at.

We have the Government budget coming up this week so it will be interesting to see if it is a give or take Budget.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Land gets a make over in Standish

Land before any works carried out - Smalley Street
We have residents living in Bramley Court, Smalley Street and Bradley Lane have complained about the state of the land near their homes. This land is also passed by many residents going into the Village Centre. The land has been neglected, looks tired and let go.

So we have worked with the Council and this land will be getting a make over shortly. Funding will come from our Brighter Borough funds.

As well as the bank that has eroded will be returned to a safe but nice state with grass on it. Three flower barrels will be located there along with some bulb planting on there too.

We believe that this will make the area look a lot better and residents will appreciate more than the sorry state that it has been let to get in this state. We will keep you updated on this and we look forward to the work being carried out and another area will look better.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The week that ended.....06 March '16

Happy mother Day to all the mums out there.

Another week comes and goes and this has been a busy old week. So I promised that I would be announcing some improvements to Stand that we have got. The first one was we will be having Xmas lights this year in the middle of the Village Centre. I wrote about it here this week and here is that story.

Also we have been getting more and more results in from the Standish High Consultation in. I don't want to say, which way results are leading to as I don't want to drive things one way or another. I want to see what you want and think. Here is the link to that survey if you have not completed it yet, or get the yellow consultation cards back to us as soon as.

I have been out and about and it's always good to catch up with friends and people in the Village and hear their thoughts. One gentleman said if Wigan Council are considering 3 new sets of traffic lights then they should put them up as temp lights first and they can see how it wouldn't work before they spend the money.

Many that know me hate the PC brigade, that's the Political Correctness lot. This week they call for Rugby to become contact less at school. I played it as a lad and my eldest also plays it, in fact he had a game today with St Pats, the team he plays for and they had a great game. One lad was badly injured and had to go to Hospital but he will be back fighting fit in a couple of weeks and the sport has contact and tackles in. The idea of making school age kids play tick Rugby is just a nonsense. Al sports come with a risk.

Mid week we had the all important Budget meeting. The Tory Cllrs said what a great Labour budget it was and voted for it. Crazy! But one thing that is strange is that Labour Cllr Nigel Ash spent the whole meeting watching the Liverpool and City game on his Council ipad. That should not be allowed. One thing that I oppose with Labour budget is the fact that they take the vast majority out of Standish and spend it in other Wards. Standish should not be allowed to a cash cow for Labour deprived area. Also I oppose the £10m that a Developer is getting to build a road/ decontaminate some land that they got for £1. The Council meetings can get quite bad with people calling others silly names but this one wasn't too bad. the next one is the last before the Local Elections and I wouldn't expect the same for that. No doubt Labour will be saying how they will win Standish. After their last Cllr Emma McGurrin who went to jail for her fiddling of her expenses, Standish will not forget  - nor forgive - them for that.

Labour had spent 000's on refurbishing the Council chamber by painting it gold. Maybe they should stop spending money like that and keep front line services.

We saw a morning of the first snow this year and whilst we should be moving into Spring the snow pops up. The Council did get out a grit the roads and the snow didn't cause to much disruption to people.

Finally I am hearing the Hotel group that was going to lease Haigh Hall and turn it into a Spa Hotel have pulled out because of the state of the Hall and how much in bad disrepair it is. Here is that story.

So on with another week and let's see what happens.

Haigh Hall Plans fail...

Wigan Council top brass hate how I get tipped off by stuff and then i expose it to you, the public. So last year Wigan Council said they would be leasing out Haigh Hall to a hotel group. As part of this deal Wigan Council would pump millions of tax payers money into the deal. This would then allow Haigh Hall to become a spa hotel.

At the beginning of the year people were complaining about the state of the Car Park as it has been ripped up and left. I then heard a rumour that the company had run out of money for the venture. I wasn't sure this was true.

However, I have been tipped off my one of my reliable sources within the Council this weekend that the Company has pulled out because of the state of Haigh Hall building itself. I am also hearing that there are no top floors left in the building as they have rotten away. Wigan Council should now put out a statement if this is true and then they need to stop and rethink the whole thing. I am not saying scrapping the hotel idea but if this is true then Wigan Council try and find another company quick that Company will get the Hall for a song just because Wigan Council will be trying desperately to save face.

I have written to the Council and asked for a full update on this matter. The thing hasn't even started and it looks like Wigan Council has failed to deliver again.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christmas will be brighter in Standish this year

So I have said that we are announcing some things that we have got for Standish.

Christmas is a time that we all can remember and the special time it is for people. A few years ago Cllr George Fairhurst got the little Christmas tree lights on the shops and they went down well. We want to make things better.

Last Christmas I had to take a trip to Bryn to the boots store there one night. I saw that Christmas lights there and thought why has Wigan Council not done the lights there in Standish?

So with that in mind we have been in touch with Wigan Council and now I am promising this Christmas that we will get Christmas lights on the black lamp posts. Wigan Council have said they will first have to test that the posts can take the weight of these lights. However, given that these posts are the same as the ones in Bryn, that should not be an issue.

Here are a few pictures of the types of lights. (Can't believe we are talking about Christmas already :-) )