Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christmas will be brighter in Standish this year

So I have said that we are announcing some things that we have got for Standish.

Christmas is a time that we all can remember and the special time it is for people. A few years ago Cllr George Fairhurst got the little Christmas tree lights on the shops and they went down well. We want to make things better.

Last Christmas I had to take a trip to Bryn to the boots store there one night. I saw that Christmas lights there and thought why has Wigan Council not done the lights there in Standish?

So with that in mind we have been in touch with Wigan Council and now I am promising this Christmas that we will get Christmas lights on the black lamp posts. Wigan Council have said they will first have to test that the posts can take the weight of these lights. However, given that these posts are the same as the ones in Bryn, that should not be an issue.

Here are a few pictures of the types of lights. (Can't believe we are talking about Christmas already :-) )

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