Monday, 28 March 2016

Wigan Council help cover up Labour using Taxpayers money illegally


For those that read this blog regularly you may remember the story were Labour used Tax Payers money for their own leaflets. Here is that story if you missed it or haven't seen it.

The police referred it over to the town Hall and said that they need to investigate it. I have written many times asking where this investigation is up to and no answer. However i have learnt that the head of Legal Dept has not investigated it but help a meeting with the Labour Cllrs concerned .

This is completely inappropriate and against the wishes of the Greater Manchester Police.

This Council are therefore now implicit in this and cover up. Tax payers money should not be used to pay for election leaflets for the Labour Party - that's not what we pay our money for. I will now be calling for a completely independent investigation.

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